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How exciting!!! Go mama!!! Can't wait to read your birth announcement!!

I am having tons of pre-labor stuff going on here!! Baby dropped, pressure in my bum, and BH coming every 5 min. Guess it go on for a couple more weeks tho, but STILL!! I'm super excited!!
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and , just in case that helps.

I've been lurking and checking in for birth announcements. Any day/week now, mamas! Yay!!!
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I head a baby is here! Haven't heard much more than that... Ann posted on another site but I'll let her post the details!
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just poppin' in to say hello. i mostly lurk but have been hangin' around for a few months on the boards. i'm due any day now w/ baby #4. he/she is my 4th homebirth, 2nd UC. the anticipation is killing me, was "due" the 17th. can't wait to hear about all the other april babies
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