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Dingos are all Barefoot Marathoners! April Running Thread

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April Fools!

Okay, carry on!
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Bec--congrats to your DH please send of those job vibes this way.

As long as he is away from that negative work environment things wil be better for all. Good luck with his choice
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subbing, happy April to all!

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Hooray, Bec, for your DH's new job! What great news.

Nothing to report. Yesterday I watched the sky all through dinnertime to see how late I could theoretically run. Having that in my brain contributed to my not getting out of bed this morning again. Hopefully I actually will use our extended daylight time to run tonight. DH has been riding the exercise bike every day this week, which is a major thing for me. He keeps saying how fat he is, but won't do anything about it. I'm beyond thrilled that he's taking the first step.

Maybe tonight I'll be able to brag about my evening run.
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Morning, Dingos!

I could use some for our family. We just found out that two dogs from our shelter were put down because of rabies and I am trying to contact the shelter now to find out our risk. The sick dogs were there the week we were looking/adopting Sassy.
We were there three separate times and each time we visited all the shelter dogs, they licked our hands, etc.. I am just sick.
I also have some pretty wicked needle anxiety and the thought of several shots is sending me into nauseous panic. Ugh.

Sorry to be such a downer! Hopefully I'll have some good news to report by tonight or tomorrow.
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Nemesis - Major but don'tyou have to be bitten with actual punctured skin to contract rabies?

ND - So good to have you here!
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Nemesis ~ Oh no!

Bec ~ Congrats to you and Mr. Bec!
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I hope you hear back soon with an all clear Nemesis.

I had a great 8.33 miles this morning before taking the girls to school. I also called the jr high about enrolling ds1 for fall. It makes me all anxious to think about it but it will be fine. They suggested going straight to high school and I explained why I didn't think so the counselor and I both have more work and brainstorming to do.
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According to what I've looked up this morning, biting or any saliva in open wounds (scratches, etc..) or saliva in eyes/mouth/nose. So.. Since I have kids that were being licked and don't mind dogs licking their faces.. I am not sure.
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Nemesis - and
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Hopefully getting 9 miles in tonight after work.
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Hi all!

Bec, congrats to Mr. Bec! I can definitely relate to good jobs !

DrJ, don't forget to put me down on the race list for the Irongirl 15K on April 9th.

Had an awesome 6.2 miles this morning...very fast for me. Super hot and sweaty 1:00:27. I needed to push myself and the weather is gorgeous but definitely getting hotter. Did my w1D2 of the 100 pushups afterwards which really hurt.

Going to shower off and take the kids to the pool. Have a great day Dingoes!
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Whew! Good update!

The infected dogs weren't out for adoption until the day after we adopted ours, so we wouldn't have petted them or had any contact with them. Good news for us!

Thanks for the good vibes!
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Oh Nemesis, that's terrible. fwiw, I had a few rabies shots, and I know a few others who've done the full course. It's not as bad as it used to be. Still.

Spring break is here. I am trying to figure out whether/how much to work and how to deal with communication on projects. Hm.

Gorgeous weather. We're making sandwich lunch and having cousins' playdate, then I have two nieces for an overnight, and maybe maybe will take 4 kids to a park and run laps around it. Must consult with my sister and nieces before deciding. Otherwise, I guess it's just a yardwork day. Or I'm going to have to kiss and make up with the TM here at home.

Plady, love the thread title.
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OMG, did I get in on the first page????? This would be a first in a loooong time.


hippiejennie, I'll be following you shortly... @chickpastor if anyone is interested, although I'm not much of a tweeter, more a re-tweeter.

waiting for my lunch to appear.....and the best thing about working outside my house is that it actually WILL

RR: Ran M and T, skipped yesterday, jury's out on today. It is heartbreakingly gorgeous here and I am trying to skip out on work bc I have to come back tonight (Happy Holy Week!). So am plotting my escape....

Jaygee, I didn't read what happened but sounds like a major injury and I'm so sorry, mama.

Jo, congrats on the twins AND the holy grail jeans! feeling good in your skin is soooo awesome.

take care mamas.
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Glad to hear the good doggie news, Nemesis! How scary, though!

Gearing up to head out for 9 miles in a minute!
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Congratulations Mr. Bec!!!! Nothing like a positive, satisfying job .

Nemesis ~ I'm glad to hear that there is no way your family could have been infected. How scary .

mamabeth ~ same old injury that just refuses to get better. Hey, have you read Here if you Need Me by Kate Braestrup? I just finished it and thought of you (as she is a chickpastor). Very interesting reading, I thought.

I met a friend and walked 5 miles this morning. By two miles in the entire lateral edge of my calf from knee to toes was totally numb. Sheesh, can I not even WALK??? Anyway, DH is getting me some personal training sessions with my buddy Walter (Mr. Boot Camp) for my birthday. Maybe some strength training will help, and will at least keep me somewhat toned in the downtime.

And DrJen, while you're updating the race list, can you take me off for whatever I've previously scheduled. Thanks!
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