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really sore from my work out saturday (telling me I need to get back to being regular about my work outs). spending today with a friend, then running, lifting tomorrow. gotta get kids to school, 9 and 8yo are grumpy. 9you turns 10 on Wednesday (wish he acted more his age ).

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RM - Spending a lot of time with the 9 year old set, I am frightened to say that I think they are acting their age! Maybe I wish they would act more like 7 year olds!

Leg hurts, but going to try to run at noon today. Then tri class tonight. It's a strength training day tonight.
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Mandy, that sounds like a great weekend.

I feel like I was hit by a bus, but not in a great way. I ate nothing but crap, crap crap yesterday at my parents'. I felt bad already on the way home, and then couldn't sleep...anyway, it's a new day and a new week now, and I am home with ds and dd and will have to figure out how to do a lot of things.

My goals for the week in terms of fitness are to get in a daily workout. That's all. Don't care what, when or how long, but I need to do something daily. Food-wise, just need to stay away from junk, period. Vegetables and beans are my friends.

Other goals for the week, since my work time will be limited due to spring break, include thrifting for stuff we need on the farm (which theoretically should be a lot of fun), raking the crap off the grass, stocking the pantry and kitchen with good staples, getting the kids their soccer gear, and probably shearing sheep. I talked to the shearer over the weekend and he'll be coming at some point during the week. I just hope dh can help, too, since R and I are both smaller than the sheep.

I'm also going to have to put together a plan to wind down working over the rest of April and May, so that June-July-August-Sept are basically leave of absence for me. This is the only way to prevent my quitting altogether.

ashcav, hope your dear Dad's feeling well.

and Penelope, thanks for the dh wisdom. At a moment when I needed it.
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Good Morning! Sounds like everyone had a great weekend, even if it might have involved some overindulgence!

Jo, I like your goals for the week . I think I'll come up with a list of my own.

ashcav ~ how scary! I hope your Dad is doing better .

RM ~ I hear you on the "sore". I lifted for the first time in a loooong time on Saturday morning and my entire chest/shoulder/upper arm region is screaming at me .

I'm headed to the Y for a swim this morning, then the library followed by an afternoon of decluttering. DH got all spun up yesterday about how cluttered our house is. I *know* it's just him trying to control something he can (ie. the house), because he's really worried about something that is out of his control (ie. finding a job). But still .
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Hey everyone! Sounds like some nice weekends! We had beautiful weather here. My friend and I ran 4 miles on Saturday, then she told me that she'll be working every day for the rest of April, so we won't be running together again until May

My knee was worse again on Saturday, so I decided to give it a rest for a few days and monitor it. I've been putting ice on it, massaging it with arnica cream and applying a "swedish bitters" compress as suggested by my mother. It's feeling a little bit better, I'm pretty sure it's just bruised. I took my pup for a 2 mile walk this morning, which she appreciated, and tonight I'm going to begin my search for new running shoes. Any brand recommendations?
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OSB ~ rather than recommend a brand, I suggest you go to a running store (NOT a big box store) where they will assess your gait and recommend shoes based on how you run, your mileage, and your body type. That said, I am partial to Brooks !
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Morning Dingos,

My keyboard is acting up so I'll be brief. Good to hear that everyone sounds like they had a nice weekend. I did my 10 miler on Saturday morning and it was pretty brutal by the end. But whatever, we all have no-fun runs now and then.
My cousin and her dh and sons were here for the weekend and it was nice but the weirdest thing happened. For two nights in a row they didn't sleep in their beds. All four of them slept on the couches in the TV room. And we had two guest rooms made up for them, fresh sheets, their own bathrooms, doors etc. The first morning I was sneaking down to do some Easter bunnying and I noticed that their rooms were empty. At first I wondered if they'd left in the night and then I saw these piles of entertwined limbs on the couch. Then I thought, oh no! Did I not make it clear that they had rooms made up for them? So I apologized profusely when they woke up and was mortified all day but then this morning same thing! No one in their beds, sheets unrumpled etc. How weird is that?

Okay, today is all about culling for Goodwill and resetting the house for my Dad's arrival tomorrow. I guess at least I don't need to change the sheets in the guest room again!
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DS is at X's and I got to sleep in today! It was awesome.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and I think I am heading out for a trail run! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, there's tons of stuff I should be doing around the house, but screw it...I want to be outside!

Anyone need some new Sigg bottles? The Clymb is having a Sigg event right now, bottles are $8.98-11.98, depending on size. I just picked up 3. Hey, I figure that I'm going to need them to take to school with me, right? And one's for DS. If you need an invitation, go here.

Alright, time to get this show on the road...
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I just got my acceptance to midwifery school!
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Originally Posted by memiles View Post
I just got my acceptance to midwifery school!
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Hooray, memiles!!!! Congratulations!

Back from my trail run, and it was nice! Sloppy, snowy, muddy, steep, hard, but fun. I only bit it once, and I knew I was going to fall on that section, too. The uphill was really tough, but man was the downhill fun! I ended up doing just under 5 miles. I think that was enough for my first "real" trail run.
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
OSB ~ rather than recommend a brand, I suggest you go to a running store (NOT a big box store) where they will assess your gait and recommend shoes based on how you run, your mileage, and your body type. That said, I am partial to Brooks !
I couldn't agree with this more! It turns out, I'm an Asics girl, myself. Fit is everything, brand is nothing!

Originally Posted by memiles View Post
I just got my acceptance to midwifery school!
Hurray!!!! That is awesome news, for you, and for the babies coming into the world!
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WooHoo, Memiles!

I'm a slacker. Debating putting on running stuff for the first time in a week. Pft. I would have the motivation, but I ate mostly junky junk today. When will I learn?? Jeez.
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Don't think, just run, Nemesis!

I forgot to mention my run, earlier. I did 4x400 at the track today. It was at the high school, and there were a bunch of kids there, but we ran anyway.

Tri class tonight. Something about strength training outside. There's a sled hill at the park district that I am thinking we'll be running up. She also said something about getting dirty, so I have no idea what that means!
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Woo-hoo memiles!

Nemesis, I am with you...but there will be more exercise in this house tonight than milking a goat who doesn't like being milked.

Did I mention how delicious this fresh, raw goat milk is? OMG. And I checked pricing on eggs...I think I may need to ask for bigger donations.

Also got email updates on the animals we sold. All are doing well.

My mom asked for my kids for an overnight this week, so I think tomorrow afternoon I'll give them to my dad, and I'll get them back Thursday morning early. Which should get me a nice run tomorrow afternoon and another good one Wednesday. Very good.

OSB, just another "yeah that" to JayGee's point. I am in Nikes now, but plan on returning to my Brooks once these are worn enough to justify a new pair. There is nothing like a perfect fit. When your shoes fit, you just feel great. We have a Fleet Feet around here, and they really spend the time getting it right.
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Yee haw, Memiles! That's such great news!

Nemesis, sometimes just getting changed into my running kit propels me out the door. it can seem overwhelming to go through so many steps to get out, and putting on my shorts and t-shirt makes one less obstacle. Did you get out?

Jaygee, you have NO idea how much I needed to hear your words. We are not prepared to let DS CIO, and yet that's what most people suggest I'm feeling fortunate that DH is really on the same page with all this, too.

Jo, enjoy the child free time and get that run in!

Plady, yes, that is honestly a bit odd Did they explain why there were dissing the beds?

So tired today. I ran 4 miles this morning and kept stopping for breathers My leg is hurting (groin, hip flexor stuff) and then went to my chiropractor for ART. This guy is so cool.. he is really into barefoot running and ultra distances. He reminds me of some of you good dingoes. Tomorrow I'm aiming to go to my weights class followed by yoga... even though it wil involve an incredibly early day.

I am very homesick. A job just came up at a university in London which my old supervisor just emailed me about. very tempted to apply... though it would be hard indeed to give up a tenured job with long breaks off in the summer... in Maine

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OSB, I can also rec getting fit. On my own I never would have chosen some of the shoes that have fit wonderfully. Go to your local shop if you can.

Swimming is getting better. I do several laps with a kick board, freestyle with a snorkel, then some more with the kick board. I spend about an hour in the pool. I wonder when I 'll work on breathing. I like it right now and I don't imagine liking water up my nose. In any event I am cross training in the pool and there is nothing to read into that.

Now I need to get busy reading for class and putting the kids to bed.

I forgot to mention that I finally got some feedback in all my class projects and it was "fabulous." She wants to incorporate some of my work into the syllabus and use it in future classes "with full attribution." Go me!
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Great news, Memiles!!!! Congratulations!!!!

I also managed to get to the pool this morning. Swam 2000m in about 50 minutes, and it felt good. I may learn to love swimming yet...
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Yes, go you, mommajb! I hear a little of that humor of yours (which I love) creeping back in.

So I just did a few of my on-the-floor moves (as jb said, nothing to read into it ). Didn't have time for anything else. But I found an excellent glass carafe with cover for my goat milk in the fridge, and also picked up a thermometer to make yogurt. I am excited to make yogurt. Maybe that is silly, but it's so cool that dh can drink this milk, and the kids love it, and I so enjoy the goats and milking...it's lovely. Also, I think work is slowing enough that I am going to be able to dial back my hours very organically without having to stress about how. I had a word about it with one project manager today, and I'll just continue as the weeks go by.

Now off to fold three loads of laundry. At least they smell like the outdoors.
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Good evening!

Memiles--Congratulations! You must be so excited about your acceptance. I'm so happy for you!

1jooj--I love reading about your farm; I'd love to be able to do much more from scratch, but can't see myself being able to have farm animals. Just the thought of you being able to produce your own milk and yogurt and such is an inspiration. I'm glad I have a farm stand nearby to get at least some fresh and local stuff.

mommajb--Hooray for "fabulous"! We could've told everyone that about you!

zubeldia--I'm sorry about your homesickness. I can't imagine making a life in a new country. It would be really hard not to think how things would be more perfect in your homeland, especially when you are in the midst of a difficult year.

Nemesis--I've eaten so much junk, too. DH got home and I started to doze on the couch; I just don't have the energy for the evening after eating so many peanut M&Ms and jellybeans. Ugh. As DH was reaching into the kids' Easter basket he was saying "I can't wait until all of this candy is out of the house." If we both feel that way, WHY can't we stop eating it?

tjsmama--Sounds like an awesome trail run! I don't think my knees could handle the kind of downhill it sounds like your trail had, but I'd love to run on some of the flatter trails near here. Oh, and thanks for the advice on the body glide a few days ago. I'll have to pick some up to keep the chafing at bay. Or, ideally, keep waking up early enough that it's cool enough to keep wearing my long tights.

Plady--Weird guests. Actually, on Christmas Eve my father-in-law stayed at our house. He knew in advance he was going to stay here; it wasn't a spur-of-the-moment thing. He didn't bring anything. No pajamas, toothbrush, anything. He slept on the couch and I don't think he even used the blanket I laid out for him. He declined a shower in the morning and wouldn't even accept a toothbrush (new, still in the box) when I offered him one. He didn't eat breakfast, which I expected. I did manage to serve him some coffee, so at least that was one success. I felt a bit deflated, like I had planned on being a good hostess and making him comfortable, but he purposely was uncomfortable, sleeping in his clothes and skipping all morning personal grooming. He's kind of oblivious to my attempts at hospitality, though, so at least I didn't spend the day sobbing that he hates me or anything. Just weird.

OvenSeeksBun--I'll go along with the advice to go to a running store. I went to one a few weeks ago and the guy there watched me walk a little bit, then brought out half a dozen pair of shoes that had the right support for my particular issues. I liked the Nikes the best and am still loving them! In the past I've been happy with Asics, other Nikes, and New Balance.

Wow, I have a lot to say.

I didn't think this morning, just ran. I increased my distance a tiny bit, up to 3.7 miles. I almost talked myself into finding a way to get those last three-tenths of a mile, but then decided it wasn't worth it and I'd rather just go home. Knees felt decent but all across my shoulders hurts. Um, craziest running injury? I ran 7 miles on Saturday, which is a lot for me. I think that maybe I spent too much of that run with my arms tensed. Drop the hands! Drop the hands! They kept wanting to creep up and pump up by my chest. So I think my shoulders got more of a workout than I intended. Ugh. Someone needs to give me a back massage. But then someone will think asking for a back massage is a come-on.

Maybe I'll just go to bed early tonight instead. And STOP. Eating. Candy.
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