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Nemesis - That is heartbreaking

I haven't caught up on the past couple of pages, but thought I'd check in and say I did a bit of shoe shopping today and I'm finding it hard to decide on a pair. Does anyone here use the Nike+ system (the chip you put in your shoe and it sends info to your iPod) ?

My knee is feeling better, I think I'll try some light running in a couple of days.
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Oh, Nemesis. What heartbreaking news! Poor puppy. I hope you all at least get the rabies all clear.

So, after my swim, I sat in the whirlpool, and had the jets blast on my calf. It has made a WORLD of difference! I can barely feel anything now. I've got my fingers crossed that this means good things for Thursday's 15!
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lofty - I'm so sorry.

nemesis - that's awful. Why can't they just quarantine her and test her?

jo - were you by chance wearing your SFM shirt when you were so stinky? For some reason that is the smelliest shirt! I think I've gagged on my stench in that shirt when I was running outdoors.

rr: 11 miles. My PF is acting up and since I haven't actually registered for my marathon yet, I'm wondering if I should pick a fall race instead. The price doesn't increase for a couple more weeks, so in the meantime I'm trying to see if I can salvage all the training I've put in, but I certainly don't want to make the injury worse, either.
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oh, Lofty, I just cannot imagine. Your poor friend. And what an amazing amount of stress at what should be a happy time. You are being a wonderful friend just being with her and the babies.

Nemesis - I feel so bad for your family and doggie. That is just terrible. Give your kids some extra hugs from me tomorrow.

bec - I was giggling the other day when you talked about how hard kite flying was. We'd spent that same afternoon having a similar experience trying to get a kite in the air! Of course for a while I just sat on the stoop and watched my 12 yr old try to help his 6 yr old sister and her 7 yr old friend. Then I went to "help" them, and was a spectacular failure! The kids had a great laugh, though!

Oy, standardized testing. Makes me crazy. My kids actually test great, and learn very little at school.

Geo - Good thing you are in OH, if you ran next to 1jooj, she wouldn't realize she needed to shower! I'm envious of your running partners and workouts these days. We'll have to do another half together so you can dust me

RR - had a down week. I'd intended it to be a light week anyway, but between being on call and putting Easter together, it ended up being more of an off week. I ran 4 easy on the treadmill tonight, but hadn't run since Wed before that. I did get to take an extra guts and butts class on Fri, though.

NRR - Had a stressful and wonderful day all in one. My hospital has had a de facto VBAC ban for a while. Then our new OBs wanted to start doing them again, so we wrote a new policy to allow them, but making it pretty hard on everybody (OB, anesthesia and a surgery team must sit in house while a VBAC labors.) I haven't been able to do them for a while, since my OB back up doesn't exactly want to sit around for hours while my patients labor (and it's hard to blame him, really - he can't even bill for it, so it means hours of sitting in the hospital out of the goodness of his heart.) I had a client, though, transfer to me late in pregnancy when she moved into the maternity home I do care for. She was already 34 weeks, and had previously had a normal vaginal delivery, then a cesarean for fetal distess after abdominal trauma in late pregnancy, then a successful VBAC. She really didn't want a repeat cesarean (and who could blame her, as she had no indication for one.) So my OB back up agreed to back me up, although he requested that I induce her during the day if possible. (In my opinion, not the greatest idea, especially since it slightly increase the risk of uterine rupture.) So, I discussed it with the client and she refused induction, which was fine with me (and fine with the OB if it was the client's choice.) Then, her due date came and went. And went. And I'm getting ready to go out of town. Now I hate the induction because the doctor is out of town thing - but, no one was willing to cover her for me. So, finally the client and I had a big talk, and decided on induction for today if she hadn't had the baby. She was 9 days over today.

So, she came in, and was fortunately very favorable, 2-3 cms dilated, 50% effaced, so I just broke her water. My OB back up was settled in for the day in surgery and his office and happy to cover. Then anesthesia pitched a fit, not wanting to pay a nurse anesthesist to stay possible a few extra hours becuase the last case in the OR might finish before she delivered. Then the managers of surgery and OB got in a fight. Then then called the chief nursing officer. All of these people are having a fit, and meanwhile, I'm trying not to let my client know anything is going on at all. Finally we all sat down and agreed that she was already here, already in labor, and we had to accomodate her. Anesthesia calmed down, and just asked me to not start any pitocin if needed until they were done with the biggest case they had that day.

Unfortunately, by after lunch, she still wasn't having any contractions, even though her water had been broken for 4 hours. We decided to start some low dose pitocin. She had with her several women from the maternity home, and a doula who is just starting and is doing her certifying births and offered her services for free. The doula and the client walked the hall for hours. I canceled my afternoon office hours once she started having contractions and stayed with her the rest of the afternoon.

It took about 2 hours before she could even feel contractions, but finally by about 3:30, she was saying she had "period cramp" type pain. She was still mostly walking, sometimes rocking in the chair, and still smiling. The new doula had brought a whole bag full of goodies - massage oil, etc, and she never really got the chance to get much out. Around 4:45, she talked about maybe having some pain medicine, but really, she still wasn't breathing with contractions and we couldn't even really tell when she was having one unless we looked at the monitor. I was afraid, actually, that I'd check her and she'd still be 3, so I encouraged her to try to hold out a bit longer and she felt she could make it for a while. She went for another walk in the hall, and then parked herself on the toilet.

Once there, she didn't want to move. Her nurse and doula sat in the bathroom with her and she rocked and finally started to breathe through contractions. She was able to empty her bladder and move her bowels, and then things really seemed to kick into gear. After 30 min or so, the nurse came and got me and said she really wanted an epidural. I came in and we all helped her finally get up from the toilet and make it back to the bed so I could check her and call for her epidural. She couldn't stand to lie on her back, so after several false starts we managed to make it to lying on her side. I told her I could just check her on her side, but every time she'd try to lift her leg up for me to check her, another contraction would start. After 3 or 4, she said she thought she needed to push! We'd shut the pit off by then, trying to get her a longer break between contractions, and finally she was able to let me check her.

I told her at this point that I had good news, and bad news. The good news is that we were having a baby! The bad news was that it was too late for an epidural, or any pain med. Her doula and nurse tried to help her pick a comfortable position, and we got ready for a baby. She couldn't make up her mind between lying on her side and half on her back, so she sort of rolled back and forth from back to side. She only pushed a few times, with no coaching, and the head was crowning, and her baby boy was born into my hands at 5:53 pm, not 5 hours after the pit was started and only about 2 hours of regular contractions. He was 8 lbs and 4 oz, and born over an intact perineum. He came so quickly in the end that I didn't even get my sweater off, or a drape under her. My nurse turned to me as I put baby on her bellly and said "sure glad the whole hospital got in an uproar over that!" meaning that the birth itself was so simple and undramatic.

So, lots of stress and I think anesthesia is going to push for us to go back to a no VBAC policy, but my client never really knew about it, and she had a lovely birth with a brand new doula (who was pretty flabbergasted at how little I do at a birth. she couldn't believe a doc would just sit and knit all afternoon, and then just sit on the edge of the bed and catch. I don't generally do any of that breathing coaching, or counting baloney while a mom pushes, or tell her to hold her breath, or get mad, or move over here and open your legs or whatever.) Baby definitely looked postdates - no vernix and already peeling everywhere, but tolerated labor just fine and looked like a million bucks once he was out. I left the mom and baby happily snuggling and the doula still amazed at the whole thing (she's only attended births in big hospitals before this.) I always say docs have to have broad shoulders, so I guess I can put up with the stress to help a mama have a nice uncomplicated birth and avoid a surgery she doesn't want!
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well, my foot finally is ready. i was home in boston for a week, and walked lots of hills. previously, more than a 15 minute walk really left me in pain. i think that, with ibuprofen and heat for help, i am finally ready....with caution....to aim for 10 miles on the trail by autumn.

for now, i'm ready to be left in the dust on the thread. you all post almost as fast as you run.
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Jo, BTDT, and Wendy is right about running outside. there is more air to disperse the odor.


I did weights this morning and now I am late for a shower that I need!
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oh Nemesis, that is horrible. I don't understand why they have to put the pup down, though. Is quarantine an option? I know that it is in this state. Many s to you...

DrJen, another wonderful story

Aha, Jo, me too! I took a weights class followed by a yoga class, and shile I changed my shorts I wore the same Tee shirt and I was so smelly

When are you you dingoes going to get bored of me talking about my lack of sleep? Well, I'm take the chance that you can hear it one more time as DS has been up ALL (yes, ALL, literally ALL) night. He is very poorly. A fever of 103, projectile vomiting, and just all around discomfort. His temp is down now we've given him Tylenol and DH just took him for a drive as he can't seem to get comfortable. I wonder if he has an ear infection, or something, Trying to work out what to do with my classes today.

I wish I liked coffee
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DrJ, great birth story!
Nemesis, so sorry about the pup.
Zub, with projectile vomiting I'd probably give the pedi a call this morning.

ETA: Jo, right there with ya! I have a couple shirts that are always stinky and I have nearly bowled myself over with my own stench a couple times especially on long runs or the treadmill. My stinkiest shirts are the 'smooth' tech fabric kind for some reason. The ones that are meshier don't seem to do it as much.

I am scheduled for my first mammogram tomorrow. SMUSH. Coincidentally, my appointment is at 9:30 a.m. and my LLL meeting is at 10!

Quick 3 this morning. I was intending to get up earlier and go out and do 2 on my own before meeting RP but when that alarm went off.... I just could not do it. So, 3 will have to do it today.

I am feeling like a teacher again! Did a great lesson plan (including plans to do a mini model congress with the kids), got out my lesson plan notebook, and promptly got very aggravated not being able to find my favorite school bag. . I did get my first paycheck the other day. Not much, as I'm being paid as a substitute right now, but any $$ is good $$ and it felt great to have that check.
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CFG, for a second when I read your post I thought, "OMG was she there?!" Yes, it was my SFO shirt, but...um, I think the shirt was fine. It was really me.

Yes, Zub, with 103, I'd probably have him looked at.

Today, the plan is to hit the Y hard. Kids are at my parents' so I am going to have to pick them up in the afternoon, but the morning (and part of the afternoon) is mine.

I just got to my first yogurt experiment. Hope it works.

Plan for the Y today: run as long as I can stand it, then do whatever else my body feels the need to do.

Nick, um...have fun? Just FYI on the subject of lactation, the does prefer oats after milking. As in, over other grains.
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Jen - I'm glad I'm not alone in kite flying deficiencies! And, what a wonderful birth story. I still find it appalling that VBAC is not about what is best for the mother, but about the business of running the hospital. It is so reassuring that you are out there, fighting for the mothers!
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Still catching up... Thank you all soooo, sooooo, sooo much for the hugs. It has meant a lot to have this place to share. It helps so much.
Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Guess who was actually stinky?
I love how you can make me laugh while there are tears streaming down my cheek. Such a good feeling.

Originally Posted by Penelope View Post
Oh, Lofty, I'm so sorry. What a mama your cousin is, and what a mama she must have had, to give her that strength. Holding you all in prayer.
Penelope, thanks for those words. I am going to quote those today. I think they are very helpful.

Nemesis, I just can't believe what your family has had to go through for a sweet little pup! I'm so sorry.

EKSMOM, Way to go for signing up for the Disney. I have such a hard time committing and tend to wait until the last minute, so I think it's so brave to sign up and commit. I'm looking forward to reading about the whole Disney adventure already.

Dr Jen and MeMiles, I just love your birthing stories! I'm so glad you both are out there helping women like you do and sharing the stories here. It helps to remain connected to what's really important in life.

Nicka, I'm so glad the job is working out for you. How wonderful to be using your skills and being rewarded (paid!) for them!

So after my story yesterday, I really needed a fresh air run, so dh & I left our boys with his aunt & uncle and went for a beautiful, soul-satisfying run along a golf course, lake, etc. It was hilly and very windy and I felt very wimpy, but it was so nice to run with dh - something we did in our early days together and as good as a date - and something we almost never do now b/c we tag team. It was just so nice to be running alongside him (well, a little behind him at times) and talking and laughing and crying. Very healing and I felt very fortunate. Even though I was running barefoot (yes!) but with a blister (no!)

Zub, I know I keep wishing sleep on you but I know it's so hard to do, too. Still, I'm sending healthy vibes for health and vibes for sleep anyway.

I'm off to the burial and funeral and then a reception. Will possibly stay a night. Cousin is pumping so that maybe someone can bottle-feed at night so she can sleep. Any post-doula advice? MEMILES, I think you are right on in watching for the PPD. and LALALALA, thank you so much for the offer to visit. I will pass it on to her. Do you know of any post-partum doulas in your area? I am carrying your warm hearts, happy smiles with me today. Have a wonderful day, y'all!
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Originally Posted by bec View Post
I still find it appalling that VBAC is not about what is best for the mother, but about the business of running the hospital. It is so reassuring that you are out there, fighting for the mothers!
I remember after my first VBAC (in the hospital), I got a huge bill for anesthesia. I called the hospital and explained that I never GOT any anesthesia and they said they still had to bill for it because the anesthesiologist had to be there for all VBACs, whether they were used or not . So glad it worked out for your patient though .

Nemesis ~ I'd find out about quarentine options too. That's heartbreaking .

Lofty ~ oh, how incredibly sad. You are such a wonderful friend .

I'm a stinky runner too . When the Dingoes run in a pack you can probably smell us coming if the wind is right !

Alex ~ I'd take him in. That's sounds miserable for all involved .

bec ~ that whirlpool sounds lovely. Our Y whirlpool has been broken since we started going there (3 years ago... ). It's hot, but no jets... and apparently they don't have the funds to fix it.

Speaking of the Y, I'm headed there with DD2 for some elliptical and weights .
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Thanks, everyone.

Since this is being handled by the state animal control, quarantine would have to be done at some place that can certify it- which is way out of our financial abilities. The quarantine is 6 months and we would all have to be vaccinated in the mean time.

Unfortunately, they still do the testing on brain tissue so they can't test her until after she's been euthanized.

Anyway, we'll take her in this afternoon. I've talked to the kids and so far, no big meltdowns. I'm sure they'll come. Poor girls, poor puppy.

I am not sure about FM today. I've been biking a bit lately, but have completely fallen off the running wagon. I kind of wish I could cancel my 10K, I have no chance of running it now. I am just hoping to finish with running and walking!
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So, 4 hours of sleep last night. One of these days, I'll figure out how to start doing laundry and packing earlier than 9 pm the night before we leave. And of course, I woke up to 4 inches of fresh snow this morning. After I had decided to pack our coats in our suitcases since it's supposed to be 75 in Detroit today.

All right, need to finish up packing quickly. X is coming in 15 minutes to take us to the airport. See? He IS good for something occasionally.
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Hello, mind if I join? I'm going to run the Nashville half marathon on April 24 and I'm seriously contemplating running the Detroit marathon in October (with my sister).

I was a competitive swimmer through college (but that was almost 10 years ago!), and I loved the challenge, but there isn't a pool nearby, so I started running a few months ago to lose the last of my baby weight. When I started I was struggling with 1 mile and last Saturday I ran 11 . I'm not a fast runner (at all!), but I find the mindset of swimming and running to be very similar and my runs are a great way to escape and unwind.
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VBAC, a subject near and dear to my heart. Jen, thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting that fight. My preceptor is one of very few in our area who will attend HBAC. The stories we hear are heartbreaking, and we get a good portion of our HBAC mamas who are birthing at home not because they prefer it, but because they can't find a provider who is willing to attend them in a hospital. We currently have a client who has had to leave her family 100s of miles away to stay with her aunt, just so she can have a vaginal birth. All the research shows that vbac is safe, especially with women in spontaneous labor, but even most of the midwives around here (and their governing body) seem to think that a scarred uterus is a ticking time bomb....not physically, but from a liability standpoint. And that sucks.

Stink: I have this pair of nike running pants that I got at Goodwill. They didn't seem particularly scented when I bought them, probably because everything there is washed in some kind of scented detergent. Get them home, wash them, and the first thing I notice when I open the bag is old lady perfume smell. No matter how many times I wash them, it will not fade. I wear them for outside runs as I can't smell them on myself there, but I don't dare wear them to the gym for fear of being the stinky woman on the treadmill.

Planned FM: 3'ish miles outside. It's gloomy and cold but not raining. The warm, dry gym with a zumba class at 9:30 is taunting me....
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Originally Posted by sewaneecook View Post
Hello, mind if I join? I'm going to run the Nashville half marathon on April 24 and I'm seriously contemplating running the Detroit marathon in October (with my sister).

I was a competitive swimmer through college (but that was almost 10 years ago!), and I loved the challenge, but there isn't a pool nearby, so I started running a few months ago to lose the last of my baby weight. When I started I was struggling with 1 mile and last Saturday I ran 11 . I'm not a fast runner (at all!), but I find the mindset of swimming and running to be very similar and my runs are a great way to escape and unwind.
Welcome. I wonder if I know you from college....oh wait, I was class of 1997, that was more than 10 years ago, LOL. But I was a competitive swimmer (and my sister was too, more big time than me).
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Back from the YMCA, with a fast walk, some weights, my dynamic stretches and 30 minutes on the elliptical done and DONE!

I saw a friend there who is 39+ weeks pregnant. She's having a scheduled c-section on her due date. She said, "If I go into labor before then, they'll just do an emergency section." That seems so off to me ~ to surgically birth a baby when the Mom is in spontaneous labor and there are no contraindications to vaginal delivery (except for that previous c-section). I asked if she'd considered VBAC and she said her doctor told her it would be too dangerous . Okay, rant over.

Welcome sewaneecook! Best of luck for your upcoming 1/2 marathon. I also find running and swimming to have a similar "zen" when I get about 2 miles into a run or about 500m into a swim. It's those first 2 mile/500m that I hate though .

Off to volunteer in DD's kindergarten class. Give me strength. Some of those boys her her class are NUTS !
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Seriously, only you guys would believe this!

Out on a walk with the girls and the dog, walking in alleys trying to get out of the sadness funk (2 hours till our appointment) and we are all mauled by the biggest damn German Shepard I have ever seen! OMG.
Sassy met him head-on about ten feet from us and I tried to get the kids near something (a tree? anything, just not in the middle of the road) so I could rescue Sassy. We were jumped on and jostled a bit, but ok. Luckily, this dog was lovingly mauling us, and Sassy was just standing in the way. They ran around the block, a neighbor came out to help us and try to find out whose dog it is and guys I am not lying: This dog recognized a neighbor and jumped on his back playfully and his head was at least 6 inches above this guy's head! Huge dog!

So.. everything would have been fine, except Sassy instigated a fight with a dog about 150X her size that was just coming to say hello. We did find his home, btw. He was on a logging chain and had broken it. Jeez.

Just had to share. If this hadn't happened to me, I wouldn't believe it. Scary, hilarious, unbelievable. I'm glad he was a loving dog, or we would have been easy snacks.

ETA: Sassy was on a leash, but that got dropped as soon as the dog started mauling us.
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Geeze, Nemesis! Scary stuff! Even with a friendly dog! to you and Sassy on this tough day.

Welcome, sewaneecook!

So, I got through zumba all right. And went to run 3 miles on the treadmill. It was not coming together, and my leg was hurting. I could have pushed through it, but decided to save it for tomorrow's 15. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I really hate that thing! How do you keep your feet from not going numb? I am going to head out tomorrow with 8 in my mind as firm, and go the extra 7 if things are feeling good. If they aren't, well, I don't know what then.
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