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from VT! the kids and i are on a last minute ski vacation for the first part of spring break. we decided more skiing was in order, after our mt closed for the year. unfortunately, dd and ds are so far apart, skiing-ability-wise that they are testing.my.patience. it's one thing for me to take them both alone at our mt - dd takes the spare cell phone, she knows her way around the mt, and i know she can ski the whole mt comfortably, so she goes off - and about 50% of the time, we meet friends, so there are usually enough kids/parents to split up nicely. but we're having a good time nevertheless - sunshine now, hot tub, indoor pool, and a local movie theatre with great kid new releases - so even if the skiing doesn't last as long as i'd prefer each day, we're still all good. mama decided naps were in order today for all!

this also means no running for me. ah well - had GREAT runs this past weekend, and earlier this week. the weekend was a ten miler at 7:55! and a six at 7:50! i'm baaaaaaaaaack!

jooj - so cool about the poppy-kid-kids and the jeans!
bec - congrats to you all on the job!
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Resuming dingo participation here after being gone for a while - it has been a rough couple of weeks, work-wise and home-wise, and I'm a. not running as much as I need and b. not sleeping much either... hopefully Easter break will be an actual break.

Ds turned six yesterday, which is amazing but also makes me wistful for the baby he once was. My parents are in town which I'm hoping will be really constructive/supportive, because I need it...

Really glad spring is here.
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Pen, I hope you get what you need and stat.

kate~mom, You are speedy!

This whole thread is getting speedy. I just can't push it right now, not sure why. I am logging the miles and trying some other stuff so maybe that's it; my body can only do so much at once.

JayGee, how is your leg? Is it still bothered by the walk?
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I'm here , not running, or working out but it IS spring break week. I will get back into it next week, really I will. I did some squats, lunges, tricep dips and push ups yesterday. counts for something. today I washed the van and rain x the window, the rest of the day been enjoying the sun.
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Just back from the Y for a swim, picking up my skis and boots (took them in to be adjusted), renting DS's skis for tomorrow, and stopping for milk. It's kuhrazy windy here today...as in I saw a giant tumbleweed flying across the middle of a major intersection. In the city.

DS is testing my nerves a bit. I'm almost regretting taking him with me to Detroit next week. Of course, he DOES get dropped with grandma while I'm actually IN Detroit, so that will help considerably.

rr~2000 yds in the pool. I am slow, but I got it done. I tried to pick up the pace for my last 50, and my feet decided they didn't like it and wanted to cramp, so no go on that.
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Bec, such great news! my Dh, as you know, is in a similar position in that he doesn't like his job. It's a miserable time for all, so very glad that your dh has some great choices! And companies fighting over him

Jaygee, I forgot to say that I would LOVE to meet you! NH is only a few miles away... let me know when you're planning on being in the north east. Sorry to hear about the walking Have you tried to row at all?

Penelope 2

kate-mom you are speedy, speedy!!

mommajb, what did you do differently to fuel?

Mel and Poppy, you are so lovely both of you! It sounds like you had a fun time meeting.

A busy week here, and no FM except for a yoga/pilates class. I saw my chiropractor today and he is really helping me keep my body less injured, and he's also very good about making me feel better He told me to quit the negative self-talk when I told him I wasn't very good at doing the exercises he showed me He also talked me out of running another half marathon next week. But, I am thinking of doing this:


I was contemplating the half iron man. What do you think? Is this nutty? I don't really work over the summer (except research) and DS will still go to the nanny's for a few hours a week. Also, DH is going to cut down his hours at work so that we have more of an 'anchor' at home (thank you Jo and Nemesis for that concept.. it's really helped us reach a couple of decisions) - so I will have lots more time.

I woke up in the middle of the night for the trillionth time, and felt sort of cross that my entire life right now feels as though I go from responding to different people's needs all day and all night long. I feel like I am losing myself. I realized that the half marathon training - however infrequent it was - has been a way for me to keep a part of myself separate from the bedlam. Even just thinking about it and planning it has been very therapeutic, so I thought a really big goal - before the semester begins again, would be something to keep me sane.

But maybe I'm insane, actually, to even contemplate this!

Would love your thoughts
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Thanks, Zub, someone else here is responsible for the term, but I think Nemesis and I were able to give real-life examples of how it plays out. And fwiw, dh mentioned quitting my job again yesterday. I guess it is time to ratchet it down again for summer.

I had the suckiest 5 miler in a long time. It suuuucked. It was between 75 and 80 out there, mid-afternoon, peak heat and out I went into rush hour traffic on the highway. Also, my iPod was pulling my pants down and a lot of people are burning brush so breathing wasn't great. I averaged 11min/mile and I walked a lot. Afternoons are really hard for me. It was my only window today, though, and I decided that today, a bad run was better than no run. Plan for tomorrow is to go out in the morning.

But somehow I also have to squeeze in shearing 13 sheep with dh. He's turning soil again, and we might have a fire and roast marshmallows tonight.
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Nemesis--I'm so glad you don't have to worry about rabies anymore; what a stressful thing to have to think about!

I did manage to sneak out for a run this evening, which was nice. It was great to get out there in the sun and the warmth. I wore shorts! Only ran my short 3.2, but that was my own fault for not dragging myself out of bed this morning, and not making more time this evening to run longer. This weekend I hope to get some longish runs in, as the weather should be good.

Gotta go; Survivor is almost over, which is my cue to call my parents. Back later, maybe.
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Thanks for the hugs. I found out today that a half marathon I'd hoped to run in May sold out - I'm totally kicking myself for not registering earlier. But I did register for two others in May, so I'll be fine, but I'm still annoyed with myself.

My parents are here and are cleaning, which is helpful, and I get a couple of days off of work for Easter, so I'm hoping to run and clear my head and get stuff done.
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bec, for your dh's new job!

mommajb, nice run! Good luck with ds heading to school. I hope the counselor listens to you.

Nickarolaberry, nice speedy run!

Nemesis, I'm so glad you don't have to worry about rabies, whew

JayGee, . I'm so sorry about the injury and how it's affecting so much of your daily activity.

kate~mom, sounds like a nice vacation. Enjoy skiing! You are sooo speedy!

Penelope, . Sorry you didn't get into the half you wanted.

RM, enjoy spring break!

zub, glad the chiro appt helped! The tri looks good, I want to do one sooo badly but I can't afford a gym membership with a pool right now for swimming.

Jo, yuck on the crappy run. That's hot and I'm sure the smoke didn't help.

La4, glad you got out for a run! It was gorgeous out this evening.

rr: 9 wonderful miles, it was beautiful out and I enjoyed my run so much. Except for the boys who insist on honking and making me jump while I run. Seriously, grow up. I hate it and it startles me so bad.
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Here's the race list for the April thread. Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list

Eaglevoice - Big Rock Olympic Distance Triathlon - April 17
mommajb - Flying Pig Half Marathon - May 2
ashcave - Marine Corps Honor Run 5K - May 8 (and ashcav's mom's first 5K!!)
memiles - NARAL Run for Your Rights 5K - May 8
Penelope - Papillion Half Marathon - May 16
Nemesis - Fargo Marathon 5K - May 21
Nemesis - Fargo Marathon 10K - May 22
see mama run - Dandelion Half Marathon - May 22
Penelope - Council Bluffs Half Marathon - May 23
memiles - Monkey Run 5K - May 23
ashcav - KeyBank Vermont City Marathon - May 30
tjsmama - Bolder Boulder 10K - May 31
doctorjen - Streator YMCA Memorial Day 5K - May 31
bec - US Women's Triathlon Series - Naperville, IL - June 13
bec - Grandma's Marathon - June 19
kerc - Grandma's Half Marathon - June 19
tjsmama - 5430 Sprint Triathlon - June 20
tjsmama - Slacker Half Marathon - June 26
CathToria - Aflac Irongirl Atlanta Triathlon - June 27
Realrellim - Rendezvous Run for Independence - July 3
tjsmama - Boulder Peak Triathlon - July 11
Penelope - Missoula Half Marathon - July 11
poppywise and crew - Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage - July 23-24
tjsmama - Ironman 70.3 Boulder - August 8
Penelope - Omaha Half Marathon - September 6
Mel38 - Ragnar Relay Washington, DC - September 24-25
tjsmama - Rock-N-Roll Denver Marathon - October 17
kangamitroo - Philadelphia Half Marathon - November 21

The Preggo Dingo List

Realrellim - It's a girl! Welcome baby Julia!
VeganCupcake - It's a , welcome Li'l Cupcake!
Jenlove - It's a girl! Welcome baby Valentine!

Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post.
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Dingos 2010 Race Results List
Running Mamas Do Amazing Things!

mommajb - Hang Over Classic 10 miler - January 1 - 1:23
tjsmama - PF Chang's Rock-N-Roll Arizona Marathon - 4:53:54 (very first marathon!) - January 17
tjsmama - Chilly Cheeks Winter Duathlon - 1:21:03 - January 23
grnmtnmama - Singlespeed USA - February 6- Women's Champion!
cornflakegirl - Surf City Half Marathon - February 7 - 1:47:07
Nemesis - Frozen Feat 5K - February 13
ashcav - Hyannis Half Marathon - February 28-1:49:02
bec - Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathon - March 7
Nickarolaberry - Sarasota Half Marathon - March 14 - 2:18:57 (PR!)
Eaglevoice - Newport Spirit 10K Run - March 21 - 1:01:38
doctorjen - Spring Valley Walleye Club 5K - March 27 - 30:33
doctorjen's ds2 - Spring Valley Walleye Club 5K - March 27-39:54
bec - Des Plaines River Half Marathon - March 27 - 2:23:ish
poppywise - Oakland Half Marathon - March 28 - 2:49 (PR!)
zubeldia - Run for the Border Half Marathon - March 28 - 1:58
bec and bec's dh (very first!) - Reach Out and Run 5K - April 10 - bec 35:10, dh 35:04
eksmom - Komen Race for the Cure 5K - April 10 - 33:05
Plady - Whidbey Island Half Marathon - April 11
mommajb - Flying Pig Half Marathon - May 2
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Dang it, I missed the first page with the race list. Was up much of the night, and was so tired and over caffeinated that I didn't think to check in until tonight.

On the plus side, I was up much of the night because my dear friend Misty had her baby at 5:24 this am. She's the friend whose little boy Lucas passed away in January. Her pregnancy has been anxiety filled and definitely colored by her grief, and it's been hard not to worry that something would happen to the new baby, too. (Her little boy who died had severe cerebral palsy from placental abruption at birth.) I'd seen her in the office on Tues, 2 days past her due date, and she was thinking about having my strip her membranes, but she decided to wait another day or two. She'd been having a lot of prodromal labor, and not sleeping great, but she was sure baby would be here soon. I talked to her dh last night, and he said she was having more irregular contractions, and had gone out to the video store, hoping that would start something (she'd made a trip to the video store just before baby #4 was born.) I was up late finishing some charting, and finally went to bed around 12:30.

At 2:45, Misty's dh called to say they were leaving for the hospital, and I got up and got dressed and headed there to meet them. (She was anxious about being there at night and having relatively inexperienced nurses she didn't know, so I'd planned to meet her.) She ended up beating me there by about 3 min. She was in good spirits, and contracting every 3-5 minutes, and still feeling pretty good. Baby looked great on the monitor, and her nearly 8 year old dd was happily bouncing around the room and making us all laugh. I checked her and she was 5-6 cms dilated.

We moved to a labor room, and continued the party. They called a friend (also a client of mine, and a family friend to us as well) to join us to officially take care of their dd (who, frankly, knows more about childbirth than most adults!) but also because they just wanted her to have the chance to witness the birth. Misty likes to labor upright, so she walked in the room, and bounced a bit on the ball, and knelt on the rocking chair facing the back of the chair. I listened to the baby every 15 min and we were having a good time chatting. Baby continued to look great, and Misty was happy that she didn't have even so much as a drop of bloody show (she'd had a lot of bleeding during her placental abruption and since then bleeding makes her understandably nervous.)

Finally, she started to need to breathe more with contractions, and was having a harder time choosing a comfortable position. She went back and forth to the bathroom a few times, and then decided to kneel on the bed. During her last birth, this had been almost the exact same chain of events - except that time she her water broke shortly after she knelt on the bed and the head was basically born as her water broke, and I barely got half a glove on to keep baby from splashing off the end of the bed. This time, as she got comfortably kneeling, with her upper body draped over the raised back of the bed, her dh said "you might want to get your half a glove on now!" and I decided to be really prepared and put 2 gloves on!

By the second contraction kneeling on the bed, she was pushing. Her dh stood behind the bed and held her hands and whispered in her ear, the friend rubbed her back from the side of the bed, and I sat behind her on the bed with her dd almost leaning on me to me close enough to see everything. We realized we had no nurse, and put the call light on, and there was a comical series of the nurse asking "Can I help you?" and then not hearing us, and so not coming, and we kept putting the light back on. (For pete's sake, if you're the labor nurse and you have a grand multip in labor with a history of rapid deliveries, maybe if the call light keeps going off you might come and check wants going on.) Misty's water broke with her first push, and with the next one the head was crowning. The nurse finally walked in as she pushed the head out (and complained that we didn't tell her what was going on.) Misty took a couple breaths and couple little pushes to push the shoulders out, and then baby boy #4 splashed out into my hands, with his sister immediately calling out "Oh, it's not a girl!" (she'd been hoping for a sister finally.) Baby was instantly pink and sputtered a bit and started to cry. Misty turned over and we passed the cord under her leg, and she scooped her new son out of my arms and snuggled him up to her face. Her dd snuggled up to them both on the bed and said "Oh, Mommy, I'm so glad he's hear - I don't care if he's a boy or a girl!"

I think we were all so relieved to have baby safely here, and the long pregnancy over with. Her dd cut the cord, and the placenta was born, and she had no tears and needed no stitches. Baby went to breast, and the dd called grandma and grandpa, and after a few tries the nurse gave up trying to take the baby from her for weighing and such. We all sat around and watched the baby nurse and looked at his huge little feet (if that makes sense!) and talked about how happy we all were. After an hour or so, we finally weighed the baby (8 lbs 5 oz) and the dh and dd held him for a while, while Misty (who looked like she'd never had a moments work!) took a quick shower. They opted for early discharge, and went home tonight to sleep in their own bed. Such a bittersweet day - filled with joy over the new baby, but also with memories of their lost little one.

So no running today, but I don't have to work tomorrow, and am hoping to take my Guts and Butts class and get in a short run as well. I still have 2 mamas overdue, so either could of course throw a wrench in those plans!
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the birth story, drjen! Oh, and can you take the Platte half off the race list for me?

alex~Hmm. Have you ever done a tri before at all? Because if not, I would be really hesitant to do a half for the first one. I know a lot of people jump straight in with a half, but I personally wouldn't. Could you maybe train for a sprint or Olympic in early summer first, just to make sure that you even *like* tris? I know you're a lot faster than I am, but my half last summer took me 7 hours. That's a lot of time swimming, biking, and running, so you better really want to be doing it, ya know? Just my .02. If you decide to do it, that's awesome, I'm just a lot more cautious.
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Jen ~ I loved the birth story! Thank you for sharing!

Today was filled with errands, selling our futon, and playing with our new Kindle. Yay! The days here are ending quickly and filling up with to-dos. I am hoping to continue getting in a little bit of yoga, jogging, or walking but we'll just have to see how it plays out. My goal is to start C25K when I get back to MI, sign up for a race or two, and get some Vibrams. Goals - I got goals I tell ya!
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Jen, what a great birthstory. Congrats to your friends.

Ashcav, my first marathon was Vermont City and it was a great one. If Burlington was easier for me to get to, I'd go back again this year.

Jen, can you put my half on the results list It was March 14, 2010 - Sarasota Half Marathon, 2:18:57. (PR)
Thank you.

Had an annoying experience yesterday...took the kids to our community/clubhouse pool because dd1 wanted to swim in the deep end (we have a little pool in our backyard but there is no real 'deep end'. We got there and there was an older couple lying out on lounge chairs bumped up against the shallow end of the pool. My kids got in, and were swimming around and talking to each other, and the woman gave me a dirty look and told me 'hush them up.' I nearly decked her. I mean, really, at a clubhouse pool? It's not like they were yelling and splashing. She kept giving us the hairy eyeball and then more families started to come in, and they got ready to leave in a huff. On the way out, the man (who had said nothing) came over and starts talking to my ds (who is 4) in Italian and then ... pinch tickles him!!!! A perfect stranger. I was totally beside myself. I took ds on my lap and wrapped my arms around him and turned my body away, not wanting to get into a verbal confrontation. I was so mad! What person just goes up to a young child and touches like that in public?!

Probably I should have said something and I wussed out. Sigh. I don't like to start scenes. Of course I didn't start it, but still.


On the agenda today: M&M science project, spring break homework, etc.

FM: 3 slowish miles this a.m. in the fog.
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JenLove ~ YAY for goals! I like those too .

DrJen ~ fantastic, wonderful, awesome birthstory. I just love reading every single one. Your patients are so fortunate to have you .

zub ~ I've considered doing that very tri SO many times (but it's hard to get to Maine that time of year for me). I have to say that I agree with Gaye's suggestion to try and sprint or Oly earlier in the season if you decide to do the half. Just to see how it feels to do that kind of sustained effort.

RM ~ enjoy that spring break !

mommajb ~ unfortunately, my leg alternately ached, burned, and was numb for the rest of the day yesterday. Even little things like walking up the street while DD2 was on her bike and trying to play wiffleball in the yard last night were too painful. This is definitely more of a quality of life thing, not just a I-can't-run-but-I-wanna thing, if you know what I mean.

Friday! Yay ! I'm going to go do weights at the Y this morning and then take DD2 to open gymnastics. When she did her usual 2:30am "come get Mama to sleep with me" routine, she said, "Is it almost time for gymnastics?"
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Ew, Nick.

Jen, I love your stories. For a second, I wondered whether you know exactly which parts are going to put lumps in Dingo throats.

We did marshmallows around the fire last night, which was nice, but I have 5 big mosquito bites on one foot. Guess spring is here.

Dh has the day off today, so I should be able to get a workout in somehow. Not sure what I will do, exactly, but something. He's going to work more on the garden (duh, like he does anything else March through October), and I suppose I'll think up something for the kids. Spring break. Pressure's on.
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Don't know if this is kosher, but before I list a bunch of stuff on the trading post I thought I'd throw out there to the Dingo mamas that I'm getting rid of a bunch of clothes/sandals if anyone wants (LE sports sandals, skorts, skirts, boys clothes 3-4, etc.). PM me or go to yahoogroup if you're interested, all the prices are super cheap.
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My mind is mush. just mush I say. I have finished all the projects for my class and now I have to catch up on all the reading for the past month. I have a week - why am I worried. Oh yeah, I fell asleep about 2 sentences in yesterday. I wish I could work during the day but I can't concentrate well in snatches of time at the sandbox lately.

If my mind is mush my body is dead. I ran yesterday morning, worked in the pool for an hour last night - I can't quite call it swimming yet, and then lifted this morning. I tried hard but... Tomorrow is supposed to be more rainy than Sunday according to dd so I hope to make it a recovery day before a longer run.

It does seem the jr high is going to listen to me. They have so far suggested just high school, high school for certain subjects, and some other ideas. They are also listening as to why I am not so sure about a grade accel. Time will tell. Ds also has to prove himself in this environment, it can't all be based on what I think he has done in the past. I say so - this is me telling him no coasting which I may have allowed a bit of this year.

zub, I usually don't eat before my morning workouts but the runs have been difficult so I gu'd is all. I would have preferred a banana in that situation but the gu worked out well. I flop back and forth. I feel like the fruit is a better choice but they aren't very shelf-stable.

My summer plans are not coming together. I need to figure out how I am going to keep everyone just the right amount of busy and the right amount of r'n'r. I have a wedding I wanted to take the family to the same weekend as GenCon and World Breastfeeding Week festivities. It won't all happen, mostly because dh isn't interested in my family wedding. it is very close to his sister's home so I am trying to sell it as a visit to her but the boys would prefer a weekend on dungeons and dragons over my plans. At least Alice is straight forward: She doesn't really want to do summer running but will do swim team if I don't make her go to meets. She also wants to go to horse camp and learn to decorate cakes the "Wilton Way" as she calls it. Ian wants to do swim team but only if it doesn't interfere with soccer and lacrosse. Where oh where is my money tree? Helen will do swimming if water doesn't go up her nose, Charlotte if I let her do her own sunscreen. They all have their issues with swimming. Luckily Linus is still too little this year as his will be oddest of all.

JayGee, I am so sorry to hear it is a QOL issue and not "just athletic." I hope some extended recovery time and perhaps the MRI/MD/whatnot solve it once and for all. Maybe you'll pick up some tricks from the trainer? That is the pits.

jooj, I am not ready for mosquito bites! not at all!

nic, I am fuming for you here.

drjen, as usual you bring me to tears. As to race results, I ran a 10 mile Hang Over Classic on Jan 1, 1:23 was my time.

I am just too wordy and avoiding housework this morning so off I go.
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