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Originally Posted by OvenSeeksBun View Post
I just ran 60 minutes straight without stopping

When you're winding down from a good run, do you ever get the feeling that you could conquer the world?
I see we have another junkie. :nana

JenLove, YES! I am dh-less after 5/6, so I imagine those last 2 weeks of May will make me crazy. Let me know if you're looking for a farm scene to make nicer, friendlier and prettier with your presence.

Squeezed in a 30-min workout before baby shower shopping for my SIL and bro. Went with my sisters, which made a terrible job way fun, and we went in together on gifts which allowed us to buy stuff on the registry we otherwise could not have afforded.

I am in awe of these mamas. The engorgement issue from my first mama appears to have resolved, and the second is just peacefully camped out in the maternity pen with her three (2 boys, one girl). Plady, I shudder thinking your farmer friend may be right. I'm hoping for a lot of boys, since we're not looking to grow the flock too much.

My hope is to run 6 before work tomorrow. It is going to be a killer day, starting at 6:30 and probably wrapping up ds's soccer game at 8:00 PM, and milking after than. Mondays are going to suck like this until July.
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hi everyone. happy to report a successful singlespeed mountain bike race today. Despite the rain which turned the trails to mud I rode really strong and finished in 1st place. I was racing in the 'sport' category, which is prizes not money, but it's still totally awesome and i won a bunch of really good stuff and a cool trophy. i'll put some pics on the blog tomorrow.

finally got home and got the mud scrubbed off, ate again - nearly 3 hours at that pace makes me a hungry girl, and now it's time to stretch out a bit.
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Woot! Go Mandy! I was a little concerned after reading your FB status re: gears, but ! I hope you're feeling awesome, cause you are awesome!
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Originally Posted by Tara2 View Post
what is that saying? That I do 'slow' miles too fast or the fast one not fast enough?
Most likely both. A very common mistake that so many runners make (myself included!) is doing the slow miles too fast so that when it's time for the fast miles you're too tired and/or sore to do the fast miles as fast as you could. Be sure that you're keeping your easy miles Easy. Like so easy that you could easily carry on a conversation.

plady - to your mom. Hopefully they'll get there right quick and start working their magic ASAP since they don't have far to travel.

Gaye - congratulations Auntie!

ash - fantastic run today! And, OMG, that cheesecake (I just typed cheesesteak, I've got junk food on my brain) sounds wonderful!

Mandy - congratulations! What an accomplishment!

rr: 20.33. I think my legs are just done with marathon training. Felt like it would never end. Had plenty of time to think about whether or not I ever want to run another one. Came to the conclusion that I don't and that I must have been completely out of my mind to even entertain the thought of an ultra.
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
I'm trying to connect some of the newer dingo names with fb names. who is the Ashley that just ran 22 miles and eating cheesecake? (awesome run by the way!!!)
I have, in my possession, a super-secret Facebook Dingo cheat sheet. Want it?

FIL showed up and we ate pizza, then he and DH retired to DH's man-cave to watch something on the new TV. Plasma or something. I am infuriatingly unimpressed by the TV, but I think FIL gave it the proper admiration.

My kids, who are 5.5 and 4, had a rare afternoon of getting along with NO intervention from me. Really, with a short break to come in and eat pizza, the two of them were out in the yard by themselves from 2 until 7. With nary a screaming match. I read a book. It was SO. Awesome.

Tomorrow DD has a playdate after kindergarten. DS is not invited; he will be grouchy. I need to figure out a fun thing for us to do, since we'll spend the morning at the grocery store. My kids have the meanest mom ever, who always makes them do boring things.
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kerc--good luck this week

Nick--ick ick ick about the bug! I've swallowed one before, I think, but without the resulting stomach issues.

Penelope--hope this week is better for you.

1jooj--the granola sounds yummy! I need to make a batch and the coconut oil sounds like a great idea.


plady-- for your mom.

ashcav--22 miles and cheesecake? Awesome!

modmom--fingers crossed that mr. modman gets the job

grnmtnmama--congrats on first place!!!

Went out for another run today with R tagging along, also running. It's the first time we've run together--with her actually running too, that is. She did really well. We alternated running and waking over about two miles, running about a mile of it at a 12:30ish pace, so I was impressed. When she's moving, she gets up to about a 10:30 mile. Maybe she'll be running the Bolder Boulder with me next year, or even the 5-miler this July. Is 5 miles too much for a 5 yo? I can't remember. I think the plan is for her to bike it (it's a family run and lots of little kids just ride along in the race) but maybe she'll want to run instead. J, naturally, will be in the jogging stroller, and DH is planning to start C25K soon and get himself back in shape. R has hung out with my parents for the last two races, but I don't know if my parents will be at the trailer for the Fourth and whether she'll want to stay with them or come with us that morning.

Also, R thinks girls run faster than boys based on the fact that I run faster than DH and she runs faster than her only male cousin. So today, we're in the backyard (which has a jogging trail right behind it) and a guy ran past going really fast. R looked at him and said "wow, he runs like a girl."
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Evening mamas,

Real - I like how she thinks!!

La4 - Congrats on the book reading! How nice!

CFG - I'm sure the disgust with all this running stuff will pass but I remember feeling that way now and then (not just after marathon training either).


Nic - Have you ever tried one of those bandanas that you chill before wearing around your neck, they are supposed to keep you cool. I'd be going into panic mode if it was getting hot in April.

Modmom - Continuing for Mr. Modmom. I keep getting that song from A Chorus Line in my head thinking about it.

OSB - You caught the high we're all always chasing!

Ashcav - Mmm, cheesecake. That's almost enough to make me go again!

Who was talking about running with vs without music? When I started running I felt like I needed music to keep myself from hearing my horrible raggedy breathing. I was so dependent that I'd bail on a run if my battery died or I forgot it. But then one day I forgot to bring it and I just ran anyway and somehow it was fine. And now I usually run plain, only on long runs do I try to remember my podcasts, and that's more about not having any other uninterrupted time to listen to This American Life than about covering up my running noise. But maybe if running too hard is an issue that is related to music you could change to a different genre (or a podcast) to help rein it in.

I just ran 3 this morning which was just right. I did a really hilly out and back right near my house and it was just fine. I'm really trying to work on form that keeps me safe on the downhills. I'm thinking that shorter faster steps seems to be helping. I'll see tomorrow I guess!

Time to close up the chickens! and .
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plady~ for your mom!

mandy~ Way to kick butt!

real~R is one smart cookie! It's interesting that you bring up the age/distance thing as it's a conversation I've been watching on another board this weekend. I think 5 miles might be a bit much for that age, but I think 5k is fine. JMHO. That's so awesome that she's getting into it, though! I'm thinking about signing DS up for the Colfax marathon kids race in a couple weeks...

We had a really, really nice day here. We met some friends at the zoo and the weather was perfect and fun was had by all. Came home and did some snuggling/movie watching. We had a great dinner (awesome salad for me, scrambled eggs, wheat toast, avocado, mango, strawberry, and milk for DS!), and finished the day up with working on some reading with DS. My mom got him a set of phonics books for Christmas, and we've been reading one per night. I'm kind of astounded at how he's picking it up! He totally gets sounding words out, just doesn't quite put them together yet, but is all over the sight reading. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised because I was reading at 3, but it just kind of snuck up on me.

And now the weather has turned to crap. Again. Rain/snow mix at the moment. After this morning and afternoon's nice weather, I was all psyched to go for a bike ride in the morning, but now I have a bad feeling it will be off to the Y to squeeze something in before work in the afternoon...
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real, your dd R is right on! We have a community race here next month and used to only offer 1 mile to the kids. Someone found some info that suggested k-2 grade run only a half mile so now that is the direction we are supposed to steer our runners. On the other hand Girls on the Run starts a 5K for 3-5 th graders. I think we are supposed to keep it fun, train them to make it safe, and make sure the motivation is internal and not from parents, etc.

gaye, Isn't the reading amazing? Linus likes to be read to so much and has memorized most of his books. When I wear out I have Charlotte read to him. I adore working about the house listening to the two of them on the couch. He annouces has has to use the bathroom and she just trails him without missing a beat. I should get video of them so iwhen they are 22 and 24 I can show them how much they loved each other.
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mommajb, I think the same when I set mine to reading together!

I have realized I have more to do than I had even thought. So why am I here? I want to tell someone about it, because you're the only bunch that really has the whole picture of my life. Is that sad or happy? Anyway, I should already be in the barn, but at least I have ds in the shower and if I make breakfast and lunches really fast, I can get milking done before 7:30 and maybe, maybe for once I'll be out of here before 8:00 AM. Time to get packing.
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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post
So today, we're in the backyard (which has a jogging trail right behind it) and a guy ran past going really fast. R looked at him and said "wow, he runs like a girl."
She's one smart girl!

mommajb ~ I love when my kids read to each other. Kay has become a great reader this year and loves to read to Kirsten.

Gaye ~ Kirsten is really picking up on the phonics/sounding out words stuff too. I'm pretty impressed .

Mandy ~ congrats on the 1st place. Looking forward to your blog entry.

kerc ~ thinking of you this week

I'm going to the YMCA this morning for a swim. Last night was awful. Kirsten has been giving us a really hard time about bedtime and didn't fall asleep until 11:00 last night. Then she woke poor DH up at 5:45 this morning and never went back to sleep. We've been trying to get her to fall asleep without one of us laying next to her, rubbing her back, and singing songs for 1+ hours . It's not working. Tell me, do your 4 year olds fall asleep on their own, or do they need you there with them? If she'd fall asleep in 15 minutes like she used to, I'd be fine with it, but spending over an hour in her room while she flips and flops around is no fun at the end of the day.
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Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View Post
I have, in my possession, a super-secret Facebook Dingo cheat sheet. Want it?

Yes please.

RR: would you run or work out if you had laryngitis? from what I look up it just says rest your voice and that exercise is good. wwyd?
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RM....I wouldn't. Sorry mama but when I had it (with little to no other symptoms) I think I ran and then I also *felt* bad. So I'd watch it for a couple days, as much as I hate to say it!

I am in sort of a work funk. I get that way, my job is so roller-coaster-esque, but I think maybe I'm just coming down from having such a great first year, KWIM? we're also having financial issues at work and that is a giant pain, esp since we're responsible for it sort of as the bosses!

anyway, I RAN this morning which is what I came here to say, and it was great! Need to get to the chiro as my hip is acting up a bit, but I swear it's from inactivity. oh well, hoping to be at the dingo cafe a little more often now that Easter's over! Take care mamas.
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RM - I wouldn't, either, but I tend to feel really wiped out when I'm sick and prefer to save my energy for fighting the bug.

jaygee - both DDs still needed (wanted?) someone laying with them to fall asleep at that age, too. They both reached a point, though, where us laying with them was keeping them awake longer and longer. We finally had to tell them that we would lay down for X minutes and then we were getting up even if they were still awake. DD1 didn't care very much but DD2 was actually scared of the dark so we'd put her ginormous stuffed bear in our spot on the bed next to her and she was fine. Good luck!
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Hey, Dingos! I am behind on the thread, but will try to get caught up today.

Home from my trip, DH is home, and I've been having dreams about running. My goal is to get up early tomorrow and run, today I have to till the garden! WooHoo!
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Urgh. I am having a frustrating morning. Sifting through mounds of paperwork, trying to get all my financial aid stuff sorted away so I can have some idea of what my financial state is going to look like this summer. And not really getting anywhere with it.

I've been on the phone all stinking morning, too. Financial aid office, my doctor's office, etc. The doctor's office charged me $30 more for my follow-up visit for my sinus infection than they did for the original visit, which makes zero sense to me, but I got absolutely nowhere arguing it with them. Apparently the follow-up required more care and generated higher billing codes. Which, really? Ok, so she *talked* about referring me to ENT and getting a CT scan, but really, she didn't (at least at that point).

And adding to my current irritation about thehealth insurance situation is the discovery that I have no choice, I *have* to take the student health insurance through the university rather than keep my current plan which is significantly cheaper. The school requires that your insurance plan have no higher than a $1000 deductible and a whole bunch of other (IMO) kind of silly requirements which my plan doesn't meet. So my health insurance costs are going to almost double. At least I'll be covered for that CT scan I'm pretty sure I'm going to need since the infection doesn't seem to be getting any better. I just have to wait another month.

And no exercise this morning. I really thought it was going to happen, but by the time all the phone calls got made, I need to leave for work in two hours and I still need to fix us lunch, take a shower, fix DS dinner to take with us, etc. Sigh.
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Jaygee .... one of my kids is totally distracted from the task at hand: sleeping by laying next to her. The other: well she'll snuggle for every last minute she possibly can. With Erin (first option) I found that snuggling, then telling her I would sit and write (with my laptop) in her room or in the hallway just outside the door usually did the trick. With leah (4.5 currently) unless she is OVER tired then it helps to just let her lay down next to me with me doing something else beyond the first 5-10 minutes.
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I've actually seen several of those, and I don't think they're all so bad!
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thought some of them were pretty funny and thought I'd share it. Like the huge penis.
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