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So this morning I decided not to roll out of bed on time to run. I figured that since DD had a playdate this afternoon a mile away, I'd walk and that would count as my FM. So I load her and DS into our wagon (because horror of horrors, who could expect them to walk that far? ) and we're on our way. Booking it, since we left later than we should have and I forgot that my kids are HEAVY. I arrive to drop DD off at the playdate, all sweaty and gross. The other mom glanced out the window, saw no car, and seemed puzzled.

Anyway, then I pulled DS home in the wagon. A mile, up a hill, down a hill, up and down again.....

Now I'm sitting here, eating sweet potatoes and broccoli smothered in butter and wondering if I want to do this again in another half an hour, when DD needs to be picked up. Am I a wimp for only walking (not even running!) two miles today instead of four?

I'll end up walking; it will just take some effort to talk myself into it. I promised DD the fun of eating a snack in the wagon on the ride home, in exchange for her promise not to harass the host's mom about food. Tiny vulture.
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Jay, I've had 3 very different sleepers. M went to bed by himself from the time I met him (he was 4) without protest. DH does suspect that biomom had him cry it out while he was out to sea, but by the time he came back (about 9 months old), you put him down and he was quiet.

DD1 coslept until she was almost 4, then fought going into her bed. We'd have to lay down with her, she'd talk and whine and complain that she wasn't tired...and to this day, she likes to stay up far later than I do.

DD2 coslept until about 2, then easily transitioned to her own bed. She likes to snuggle for a while somewhere other than her bed (couch or our bed), and she either falls asleep there within minutes or easily gets up and goes to her own room once she's tired. She's also happy to lay in bed with music or books and go to sleep on her own if we can't snuggle.

FM- 2.5 miles done. I could feel the 5 from yesterday- my lungs were fine but my legs just didn't want to be there. It didn't help that it was far warmer than it looked so I was overdressed and that a weird gusty wind started up as soon as I left the house, so I felt like I had a headwind the entire time. Anyway, done and done in 26.08 which is far faster than it felt.
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blog posts from this weekend are up. Rest day today, boy did I need it. Catching up on laundry and the housework. On Thursday I'm heading out for a mountain bike race in NC this weekend. It's a crazy race where you get a map at the start of the race and have to ride all over to these different checkpoints. They say to expect between 50 and 70 miles of riding. I'm doing it with a really fun friend, so really looking forward to some girl time and spending all day in the woods riding bikes.

Reading along, but trying really hard to be focused on working and home before i head out again. Happy running everyone.
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I survived. I milked two hours early, gathered eggs @ 830 at night, and I may have enjoyed co-ed 6yo soccer.

But I'll need a better system for Mondays for the next two months. And my legs are sore. I ran 3.3 on the tm, then 4 something on the elliptical, then worked until 3, booked home to meet the kids, drove in to buy soccer snack, home again and cooked dinner, let the sheep out on the pasture, milked the goats, fed my own kids, drove in to dd's practice/game, coached, ran to car, drove to ds's game, distributed half-time snack, booked home, watered sheep, gathered eggs, returned phone calls, ate a snack, and now it's 9PM.

Not sure what tomorrow's plan is, but it will involve laundry and it will likely feel leisurely, even though I do need to go to the office.
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Ok, I'm too far behind to catch up tonight. I'll try tomorrow!

But, I got a great leg strength workout earlier today, with about 35 minutes of non-running cardio (stair master, elliptical, and rowing machine). Then, this evening, we were swimming in tri-class. It was tough, some speed work, and some practical work for the actual event like learning how to swim around a buoy without losing too much speed (definitely need work on this), passing (Hah!), and dealing with people tapping your feet (annoying). I'm tired now!
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Oh, and if I skip the marathon (looking more and more likely), I am definitely going to do This!!!
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Originally Posted by bec View Post
Oh, and if I skip the marathon (looking more and more likely), I am definitely going to do This!!!
That looks awesome! I just signed up for updates on the NW version
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A woman I know is leaving town -- her dh is changing jobs because he was laid off and they are leaving this friday: 5 weeks after he was laid off. EEK! Anyhow we had a sending off event tonight and it was totally lovely.

Someone there asked me how I was doing (in regards to the job situation and all) and I just burst out totally crying. Life is *barely* held together for me in the day to day, but I do feel supported by all you lovely ladies chasing the naughty dingos and by all the mamas in town. I feel so very lucky to have found you all. And candidate #2 is in town tomorrow, #3 comes wednesday. Everyone put your good vibes together that I will not cross paths with either. Please. It's the small things, I ask.

Running question:
yesterday was my long run. I walked about 0.5 miles afterward (5 mile run). Today I have a total cramp in my foot. As in I was rubbing it on a tennis ball and it was so incredibly painful I could almost not do it. Suggestions?
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Kerc the good vibes are there--I know the anxiety of which you speak.

Jo-Wow....what else can I say that's a lot of stuff for one day.

Had a lack luster 5 mile run today felt clumsy, this happens from time to time oh well.

Dh talked to contact at potential employer--they will not be informing until next week. The waiting continues.....

Well good night and good miles to all.
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Kerc does it feel muscular? I had a couple "hot" spots in my foot a while back and I had to just massage them out. Is there any swelling or bruising?

I'm sorry I'm not around much anymore mamas...I just find that if I even turn the computer on I'm sucked in way more than I should be. Even now, tonight, I turned on the computer at maybe 8:30/8:45...and lost over 2 hours. But I think about you all the time and I second Kerc's sentiments that the Dingo's are part of who I am now, the love and support I have received from you all has carried me through tough times. I have felt better for the times when I could help carry. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to do that.

Kerc - letting out the stress is a good thing, and if it's through tears that's okay and a good thing too. Nurture yourself and remind yourself you'll be here on the other side of this difficult time and you will remain surrounded by love, support and a deep faith in your abilty to survive and not only survive but truimph! Much love to you mama.

PS I am running...up to about 12 mile long runs and ~30 miles a week (needs to be a bit more, I keep skipping about a run a week).
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kerc, you are supported by all of us. in your direction

bbm, it is so good to have you pop in. I hear you on the getting sucked into cyberspace. that you can do that much running.

jo, your life is crazy busy. You do need to make some sense of Mondays.

mandy, congrats on what appears to be one very muddy race!

bec, I hope the marathon works out for you, most especially because it would mean that the injuries are a thing of the past. Those other races look like so much fun!

I missed this mornings run. It may happen later but I had a feeling it would have been over doing it and then it was raining, and... I am in a running bra and tech top, would just need to switch pants to go if I get a clear spot.
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kerc, do you have access to a jacuzzi jet? YMCA? (Would be a nice place to sit through candidates 2 & 3. ) I've had good luck with that. I have to wonder whether holding it together is wearing on you and stress is looking for ways out of your body. Please hang in and feel supported and loved.

BBM :smooch

Oh, yeah, today is going to feel downright chill.

I'm thinking about the Bellin 10K in Green Bay. It's a nice event, they have nice T-shirts, and dh might be home to help out. Those reasons sound incredibly lame.

Feeling like swimming but I think my suit butt is transparent. Not feeling like shopping for swimsuits.
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Totally OT, but my MIL's boyfriend (seems like a weird way to describe him, because he's far more permanent than boyfriend implies. Partner?), anyway, he works at Bankstreet College. They are a college specializing in educating educators, so it's sort of a unique environment. Anyway, they put together a cool list of children's books, arranged by age and subject. I thought I would share it with you ladies! Book List
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Originally Posted by bec View Post
Oh, and if I skip the marathon (looking more and more likely), I am definitely going to do This!!!
Oh, bec! I wish I could do that race, too! I have big plans for next year, I hope to do that and maybe the muddy buddy you told me about.

grnmtnmama- how cheap is too cheap for a beginning mountain bike? Can I salvage one and just add some necessary bits? I am fairly handy, but have been focused mostly on "city" style granny bikes (3spds and the like) so far.

There's a spring primer for a fall race and a friend needs a partner. I am considering it, although I don't know if I can do it this year. I think next year would be more realistic. It looks fun and I've never considered a bike race before!
Does this look too difficult for a newbie? http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/e...06947556006005

I cycle often, 50-100 miles a week during the summer, less in the winter. I've never done any mountain biking type riding, though.

kerc- This is such a tough economy.
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I just caught up on the thread. It's busy around here... after unpacking the RV and putting things in the house (I didn't say organized completely), we have a showing this evening. Time to rally the troops and get this place in order. I, like Jo, pop in here to explain because well... I know you all will think of me and those vibes will help.

Jo ~ When is the Bellin? Is it only a 10K or do they also have a 5K?

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My run is done if a little short. I'll be running this afternoon with Girls on the Run and then the Running Club at the elementary school so it will balance out. I need to shower again as I am not planning well today. After that I'm off to buy popsicles for the runners this afternoon even though it is 50F and rainy.

bec, I plan to check out those links today too. Thank you.
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So, my leg is feeling tons better today. I can barely feel it. Please, ladies, I don't want to re-injure it. Tell me all the dire things that will happen if I run on it! I'm just ITCHING to get a run in. A good, solid run. Tell me my leg will fall off if I do! I am planning some gym time, so I think I'm good for today. Phew, I just had to get that out.
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Jennie, I think it's 10K only. June 12. Starts at 8AM. Online registration is $17, mail-in is $20, until 5/31. $25 at the race. I ran it a couple years ago when I had not been running much (and was also heavy) and lost my RP after I told her to run ahead and enjoy her pace. It took me like half an hour to find her at the end. Should have brought our cell phones.

But it was such a lovely morning. Would be nice to run it and then have lunch at Urban Frog or something.

Two loads on the line, yogurt in the Nesco, and I am heading out to hit the Y and work a couple hours. Looks like I have a brown bag lunch meeting, so I guess I need to find something to bring along...
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DS got to bed half an hour late last night because I was working, and go figure, he slept till a "normal" time this morning. Maybe I'm going to have to put up with crazy kid at night for a little longer than I would like so I can get a little more sleep in the morning.

I've got batch number one of banana muffins in the oven for preschool this afternoon (I'm the helping parent), batch two ready as soon as batch one is done (I really need to get another mini-muffin pan!), and as soon as batch two is out, we're out for a run. I need to look up my neighborhood route, it's been so long that I don't remember how long each route is. The good thing is that, even though I don't get my adult conversation time today, the dog will get a run and I think he really needs it!

My legs are still sore from Saturday's 8, which is weird. Especially since we really didn't run very fast/hard. I need to get back in the swing of things, though. Desperately. I was thisclose to going ahead and registering for the Bolder Boulder 10k last night, but didn't. I'm pretty sure I'm going to run it, screw the $, just because it's so darn fun. I really really want to PR it, too, though. We shall see, I guess.

Did I tell you guys that I won a free entry to a local tri in August? My friend had free entries on her blog, and I won one of them. It's two weeks after my half-ironman, which is fairly good timing other than there's another race (sprint distance) the next weekend which I was also contemplating AND I'll really need to be ramping up my run training for the marathon in October at that point. There's a sprint and an olympic distance and I can't decide which distance I want to do. I'm not sure how soon I need to decide either. Pretty cool to get a $70 race entry for free, though!
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Kerc - that you'll be way out of the way when the other candidates go by, hopefully in a hot tub.

Jo - Oh my. I am just in awe of your schedule.

BBM - I hear you on the computer suck. I'm actually toying with the idea of going offline 6 days a week. I hesitate only because I feel the same way about the dingos and I hate to miss out.

Bec - Maybe you just needed to think seriously about bailing on the full for your leg to get back with the program? You know in the way I say things to my kids like, "well, since you don't want to put your diaper back on I guess we'll have to think about missing dance class today"

Gaye - Sweet!

Urg. I'm feeling kind of sleepy this morning although I've been up for hours and am on my 2nd cup of . I. must. focus.
I just went ahead and started inviting people to a potluck birthday party for my dh's 40th. We're going camping on the island (the surprise present from the dds) and so I'm having the party at the park instead of at the house. it doesn't rain and isn't too cold. Anyway, I hope he doesn't mind. The following weekend I'm sending him to Las Vegas with his three best friends as a surprise. Of course, the surprise was kind of blown by the ticket agency calling and leaving a detailed voice mail to confirm the reservation which he heard (!!!!!!) but we never mentioned the message and I'm hoping he wasn't listening as hard as he appeared to be. At least he doesn't know that he's going without me and the kids or that he's meeting his buddies, so that's something fun.

Anyway, all this to say what? I'm still not as busy as Jo or most of y'all so why am I so incapable of accomplishing anything each day? Maybe I should look into those pocket docket thingies? In the meantime, I'm going to ignore the permanent installation of dishes in my sink - both clean and dirty - and go for a run.
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