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Kerc: Totally holding your hand in a virtual way. I'm sorry the hunt is so crappy. It is the beast that is an academic job hunt, it is not you.

RR: 3 decent miles on the 'mill at a pretty good pace. I'm itching for a really good long run outdoors, though.

Life Report: I found out yesterday, a block or so from my house, that one of my tires was flat. I have a 10:00 class, 30 minutes away, where I'm being observed, and it's now 8:35...

Man... I called dh, he did the "what do you expect ME to do?" dance, I called my kids' afterschool sitter to see if she or her dh could swing by and get the kids to school, and her husband came, gave me his keys so I could drive my kids to school, unloaded his big jack, and had the spare on by the time I got back. I could have wept, I tell you. I brought them bread I baked this morning as a thank you and she said, "Bread? Oh, you're so brave!" which made me laugh really hard, because the yeast really does all the work!

It felt good to be taken care of, though, wow.

You've gotta just laugh, some days. At least we could afford a new tire.
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Not busy today. That was just Crazy Monday, Plady. Looks like my mtg got tabled for the day, which means I might just get out of here (work) early and do something all on my own for my mental health. How you like me now? Good luck with the bday. I have not had anyone plan me a celebration since my German host family did when I turned 16. I'd love a well-planned bday surprise.

Penelope, thank goodness for helpful friends, at least. Glad you got help.
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Jo, I'm probably dreamin' but I turn 40 in two more years nd I wanted to set a nice precedent.
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Plady ~ now that's a fantastic birthday present for your DH! I'm impressed.

Penelope ~ I'm glad you got the sitter's DH to help, but I seriously want to smack your husband over the head.... .

tjsmama ~ two weeks after a 1/2 IM I'd vote for sprint distance

bec ~ don't run today. How's that for a change of Dingo pace ! Let your leg heal.

kerc ~ calm, calm, relaxed thoughts

I had an interesting PT this morning. The therapist really wants me to get compartment testing for exertional compartment syndrome. I was supposed to get tested last fall, but didn't because Tricare wouldn't cover the one doctor who performs it in Indiana. But, after my 3 mile walk/run on Saturday, the pain in my lateral compartment was awful and it seems to get worse with activity. During the 5 weeks where I didn't run or bike, it felt great! So, I'm going to fight with Tricare again for coverage, and if they won't, we'll pay out of pocket for the test. I almost hope it is compartment syndrome, becaus then I can get the compartment surgically released, rehab it, and be off on my happy, running way again .

Oh, and I do have sesamoiditis in my toe too .
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penelope~I'm on your behalf, too. Glad it all worked out, at least.

jaygee~I think that sounds like a good plan. If there's only one doctor who performs the test, how can they refuse to cover it? Work the appeals...I know Tricare is kind of sucky, but there's no reason you shouldn't be able to have that paid for.

Whiny McWhinerson has possessed my child today. Good lord, he's driving me . Every.Single.Word.Is.A.Whine. And the morning started off so well, too. At least I had 45 minutes of peace while we ran, but he promptly started back up with the whining as soon as we got home. Being the helping parent at preschool this afternoon should be a real treat considering I'm already completely frazzled from the whininess of ONE preschooler. So let's add 14 more, whee!

rr~A really nice 4 miles through the neighborhood with the dog and the stroller. It's a GORGEOUS day out, the trees are blooming, everything is greened up from all the rain last week. Aaaah. It felt really good, although my left quad is still sore from Saturday's 8 for some reason that I really can't figure out. I have some ice on it now, so hopefully that helps a bit. And hopefully the run will keep me sane through what I'm about to go through at preschool.
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Jaygee~ for something that's healable/rehabable (are those words?!). Good luck mama!!

RR: taking another day off to heal the laryngitis. I can talk today but notice that the more I do it starts to hurt and swell. So I am "trying" not to talk. (too much....) Yesterday it was really swollen and no voice at all. Amazed at the healing. Now that my tv is hooked back up to the TM and the garage is cleaned out, I am ITCHIN' for a run. I even cracked open a Runner's World today that the neighbor gave me months ago (I let my subscription run out last year). Okay battery is going to die.

Off to make some hummus!
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RM, will you post your hummus recipe? My last few batches have not been so yum, and I have chickpeas and tahini waiting in my kitchen for when the mood strikes me to make some...
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Penlope, 2 I often feel like my dh is the last person I can ask for help in a pinch. Mostly because he's simply unavailable (like, doing surgery in the OR will make a person unavailable) but also because he is just so. difficult. to get on the phone and then actually talk to. He doesn't usually answer the phone at all. The truth is he would help (and usually) does if I need it albeit sometimes with grumbling. But it's such an effort to ask, I usually don't. I wish I felt secure in asking for help.

No FM yesterday or today. Yesterday was a rest day, today I have all 3 kiddos home (dd1 is sick, dd2 wanted to come with me and ds on the field trip to the Children's Garden, so we all went trooping along...it actually was a terrific little field trip). So I doubt I'm getting out today.

I am feeling so incredibly sluggish and tired lately. IT's an effort to get up at my normal (non-early a.m. running time) and almost impossible to get up to run. I am going to bed at a normal hour. even during the day I'm tired and need a nap in the afternoon. I am definitely not eating properly. I am probably not well hydrated either. So it's all my fault. So why can't I kick my a$$ into gear and deal?! Ugh.
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Not RM, but this is one of the best hummus recipes I have ever had. Just don't overblend at the end and let it turn pink. Pink hummus is kinda gross IMO.

Olive & Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

From Eat, Drink & Be Vegan by Dreena Burton

2 cups cooked chickpeas
3-3½ Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 Tbsp tahini
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 medium clove garlic, sliced
½ tsp sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
3-5 Tbsp water (to thin dip as desired)
¼ cup pitted Kalamata olives
¼ cup pitted green olives
2 Tbsp sun-dried tomatoes (packed in oil), drained, patted dry, and sliced

In a food processor, combine chickpeas, 3 Tbsp lemon juice, tahini, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and 1 Tbsp water. Purée until smooth, gradually adding remaining water and lemon juice to thin dip as desired, scraping down sides of the bowl as needed. Once smooth, add olives and tomatoes, and purée briefly, keeping olives and tomatoes a little chunky. Season to taste with additional salt, pepper, and/or remaining lemon juice. Serve in a large bowl and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.
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Originally Posted by Penelope View Post
RM, will you post your hummus recipe? My last few batches have not been so yum, and I have chickpeas and tahini waiting in my kitchen for when the mood strikes me to make some...
This recipe was given to me from Shanti:

1 can white kidney beans, drained and rinsed (I use chick peas)
2-3 cloves garlic
1 TBSP tahini
1/2 tsp each of salt, cumin, coiander, pepper and hot sauce (I change these up depending on my mood)
1/4 cup lemon juice
2-4 TBSP olive oil

totallly YUM!!
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Kerc, thinking good thoughts for you today. I hope you are tucked away somewhere that you don't even have to think about running into anybody.

JenLove, for your showing! It's tough to have to live with the house always needing to be ready.

Penelope, to your DH, but glad you made it for the observation!

Plady, sounds like an awesome trip for your DH. Maybe right before your 40th you can pull out pictures of his trip or something to jog his brain.

I wanted to say thanks to whoever recommended the Daily/Pocket Dockets, etc. DH has been using them and it seems to be helping him. DD is using the chore chart too.

I also wanted to say thanks to whoever (was it on this thread?) recommended running with your hands like you are holding plates to help with shoulder hunching issues. I have trouble with that and whenever I turn my hands palm up I can feel those shoulders drop and it is so awesome!

Mandy, thanks for sharing your blog posts. I always love reading about your races and rides.

Mamabeth, great to see you!

Today's a rest day for me; will run tomorrow.
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I was really beat this morning, but I am now glad I sucked it up and worked out! Tomorrow the kids will be home by noon. Maybe somehow I can rig up a plan to get out with them, but I can also take a rest day and not feel bad about it.

RM, when I run, I like to sometimes use an open-hand palm-up sort of prayer position (think of Jesus pictures or a Catholic priest leading Mass). Also keeps me from making tight fists.

I also tend not to rely on dh for crises. I have several other people I'd call first. Dh, if he is in the state/country, is usually in a classroom or the shop, not at his desk. My dad works in town here, my sisters live close by, and they answer their phones.
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Penelope - Rough start to the week but that that's the end of it. Sorry about your dh.

Eks and RM -

I ran. Twice even. I think I'm going to try and make my new running thing on Tues and Thurs dropping off Alison and then running home to do chores and then run back to pick her up. Round-trip is just over 5 miles and I've read about how two 30 minute workouts are more beneficial than one less intense but longer workout. So we'll see. I packed on some heft between that half and now so I'm trying to focus and get back down, I was feeling really good. .

Now back to cleaning, I did declutter two bags worth of clothes that no longer fit the girls. And I took care of clean and dirty dishes. There are more now of course but the originals are all gone.
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Ok, I resisted, and didn't run. But, I did put forth a big physical effort. I swam for 45 minutes (I kept losing track of my laps, so stopped worrying about it. I'm guessing I swam over a mile, just based on time). Then, I biked on the spin bike for 30 minutes (doing 10 of endurance ride, trying to maintain the same cadence, 10 of a hill, and 10 more of endurance), then to the elliptical for 10 minutes (have I mentioned how much I hate that thing?). It felt good to put it all out there!
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Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
Oh, bec! I wish I could do that race, too! I have big plans for next year, I hope to do that and maybe the muddy buddy you told me about.

grnmtnmama- how cheap is too cheap for a beginning mountain bike? Can I salvage one and just add some necessary bits? I am fairly handy, but have been focused mostly on "city" style granny bikes (3spds and the like) so far.

There's a spring primer for a fall race and a friend needs a partner. I am considering it, although I don't know if I can do it this year. I think next year would be more realistic. It looks fun and I've never considered a bike race before!
Does this look too difficult for a newbie? http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/e...06947556006005

I cycle often, 50-100 miles a week during the summer, less in the winter. I've never done any mountain biking type riding, though.
well, it's hard to tell from the race description but it doesn't sound like it's going to be difficult terrain for the mtn biking. You'll probably be just fine with that sort of weekly mileage under your belt.

Can you borrow a mountain bike for this event? I wouldn't recommend getting a cheap one for actual mountain biking, though you can sometimes pick up a decent used bike for a few hundred dollars. Seems silly to buy one unless you know for sure that you'd be into it for multiple rides. I would borrow (or even rent if there's a decent bike shop nearby, is this one near you?).

If you like mountain biking adrenalin rush and workout -- then look into getting a decent enough bike with components that will enable you to have a good time.

Snowing here today. We have wet 1-2" on the ground. Over it.
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those hummus recipes are making me

penelope! i can't imagine not being able to rely on the one person you should really be able to rely on in a semi-emergency like that! glad it worked out, through the grace of others (you are clearly loved)

plady - i turned 40 first so, if you recall, i had to tell DH exactly what i wanted his 40th will be next year. that double run thing sounds like good ragnar training

jo - did your ds ever get to lay his eyes on flat ty? man, i hope so

mandy - snow at the end of april is just all kinds of wrong

i had to go to see my OB today...i think i have some complications resulting from my ovary/tube removal of two years ago. Drjen, if you're reading, he agrees w/you: adhesion. when the problem rears itself, it is just. so. painful. i decided to finally get myself to a doctor to start solving the problem. he referred me to a general surgeon so we'll see what happens after that. it will be outpatient laparoscopy style, so that's good.

the weather turned to absolute crap here today, and i'm still dealing with some aforementioned abdominal pain, so i bagged my run. like this

tomorrow is track workout, though.
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Sir Cum is available for me to pick up at the library! :

I love ordering books and having them available for me to pick up.
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I have the excuse of not knowing dh's age or birthday. It's fun. We make up a different age every time we discuss the subject. Last time he was 67 and it was getting to be time for him to retire. Before that, he was my 28yo boy toy. Immigration gave him a bday, but it's lame (1/1).

Poppy, I thought I told you the news when he arrived. That was the inspiration for naming the goats S & T. It would be fun if your kids wanted to send a Flat Fellow this way. Our environs are SO different from one another. Might be a cool summer project? Your pain sounds so yucky, mama. I sure hope it can resolve quickly and completely.

Mandy, just looking at the snow in your pics made me seethe. That better not happen here again until December. Blech. I hope you handle it with more grace than I would.

Poor dh stayed up past 1030 tilling again last night so we might actually get all the stuff in the ground before he leaves for kuwait. Rain is on the docket for the weekend, though, so it's hard to say. Way too much in the way of strawberries and asparagus. Way too much of everything, really. But that is apparently how we roll.

Might have to make it hummus day here too. Going to do groceries with the kids when they come home from school. (Lucky, I know. ) I need to make a list of good veg meals to make for them over the month dh is in kuwait. They have requested spinach and cheese (indian), and also macaroni. Where is the magical list of simple-carb free, easy, kid-friendly veg food?

And even though I said I could do a rest day without guilt today, I am still going to try to get to the Y by 8 so I can work out before work. It can be easy (did 2 miles of speed yesterday in addition to 20 min on elliptical), but I just feel better with a workout.
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Jo, he really doesn't know his age?? wow!

my dh will be 49 next week!!
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
Jo, he really doesn't know his age?? wow!

my dh will be 49 next week!!
Jo, that really is amazing . And RM, your DH has mine beat ~ he'll be 47 in October!

So much to do today to get ready for DH's retirement ceremony tomorrow and party on Friday. He's not officially retiring until September 30, but the Air Force said he could do the formalities early so all his cadets could come too.

Poppy ~ ouch.... I hope they can figure it out for you. That sounds very uncomfortable.
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