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Jo - Is it too prying to ask why he doesn't know his birthday?

Penelope - echoing the about your husband. Could you, at some calm point in the day point out that what your babysitter's husband did is what you "expected him to do?!" I'm glad it got worked out, but just dream of you being supported and nurtured to the extent that you deserve.

kerc - I hope this week goes easily and peacefully for you.

age - DH and I are still living in our glory days that are the mid-thirties. A few years ago, though, for my birthday, I had to instruct dh on what he was supposed to do. I wanted a surprise, but I gave some helpful guidelines (away from the house over night, no computers, somewhere pretty, nice dinner out, some form of entertainment). He took me to Galena, during an art fair. It was delightful. He was super nervous about it, but he did a great job!

I think I'm taking a rest day today. I'm tired, haven't had a rest day for well over a week, and can't decide what to do today, anyway. I might take the dog for a walk with Abby. Tomorrow, Katie is running the mile in gym, and wants me to come run it with her. I think I'll try it. The leg has been feeling pretty good. So, hopefully, this will give me a good clue as to how it is healing.
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Poppy! I didn't know you were having pain but I must have somehow tuned it in because last night I dreamed that I was cheering for you in the last mile of a marathon and as you ran past you were sort of hunched over like you were trying to deal with a stitch on your right side. How weird is that? for a simple resolution.

Kerc - Keep hanging in there mama, you're on a Dingo cushion.

Jo - That reminds me of someone's old siggie (Poppy's?) "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?" I love it.

I've got litterboxes to clean, swimming lessons to teach and TKD to hopefully kick my butt. I'm sure I'll manage to fill up the other hours with assorted puttering but my plan is to be PRODUCTIVE! More decluttering to happen!
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Another sleepless night last night. Except this time, I didn't get up to run and instead was able to get a few hours sleep. I think I would have felt better if I had run.

Dh went for a run last night. I hope he sticks with it. He did about 4 weeks of the C25K program last summer, but then got hurt and busy with work... It's exciting to think that we might be able to run together sometime!

Hmph. Gardening today. I am feeling crabby about our garden already. I was frustrated with the kids and not really paying attention yesterday and got some rows waay too close. I'm going to try and remedy the situation today. Not really sure how. Maybe just digging up and moving one row and hoping for the best.
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plady! and it's on my right side! thanks for the good vibes, sister. i don't know what's crazier: that you dreamt about my side pain or you dreamt i was running a marathon
that quote used to be in my siggy, you're right. it's from satchel paige

jo - oh! i didn't realize - if you posted it here, i probably just missed it. i've been trying to keep up with the thread and mostly failing. i'm glad he appeared! the kids don't have a flat stanley project for school but maybe this summer we can send one for fun? i know my kids would love that.
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Holy wind, batman! It's crazy windy here today, which made for an um...interesting...track workout. DS is a little hyper, and that should make my haircut (w/color) appt this afternoon fun.

rr~Track. We did a ladder: 1600, 1200, 800, 400 with 200 recoveries. It's seriously insanely windy, so she had a group of us who are around the same pace run it together to work on drafting. It's amazing how much of a difference drafting can make when it's windy! It was a great workout, and running with the group like that really makes me push myself when I would otherwise slow down. We did 8:40, 6:27, 4:13, and 1:53. Not too shabby! Being able to hold those paces actually kind of gives me a teeny glimmer of hope that I might be able to run semi-fast at the Bolder Boulder next month (which I finally officially registered for last night...I was debating b/c of the price and my burned-out legs, but it's just too much of a race NOT to run, ya know?). It's kind of sad that the fastest time I've run in the past year that I could use to get into a qualifying wave for this year was last year's BB. Sigh. Oh well. At least I'm still in a qualifying wave instead of back with the unwashed masses of humanity.

Some smilies from DS:
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bec, his people just never recorded that stuff. They're only second-generation with last names.

I ran 5mi and did abs and weights before work. I'm on a good trend, but I should probably stay away from the scale until AF shows up.
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It's too windy to garden, and I'm suppose to be making soap. I'm hoping the motivation kicks in after this cup of coffee.
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jooj, my friend's husband has the same birthday situation. He's decided he's going to change it every year based on when he feels like he needs a birthday. His wife had to limit him to one a year.

I thought of you on Monday- one of my goaty friends has had some escape issues and suspected pregnancy in her only female. Hear a ruckus at about 10, got out to the barn to find a stillborn. Realized that there was another coming but it was a dystocia, called around and found a vet willing to meet them at the office since our other good friend, the one we call the farm midwife, was out of town. Took Shirley in, put her under, with much hubub finally delivered another. The vet realized there was a third at pretty much exactly the same moment that baby 2, whom everyone assumed was also stillborn, raised his head. The two delivered at the vet came home with A with the assumption that they weren't going to make it as they had been oxygen deprived for too long, but the middle guy seems to be rallying. And today, A posted on FB "can milk a goat while wearing a baby on her back". I don't know how you guys do it!

FM- 3.28 in 33.02, plus the hike up the hill. Came home, vacuumed so I could lay down on my floor, then did my IT band stuff and some abs. Now have to shower so I can go pick up E in half an hour, but also just realized I haven't eaten today. This is a problem.
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Wow, Jo. I don't know if I would find that incredibly freeing, or anxiety ridden! Probably both. I like that he doesn't feel the need to go in any kind of chronological order, though!

Poppy - I really hope you get a good plan of treatment! Being in pain sucks.

FM - Well, I sort of took a rest day. A rest day that involved walking about three miles while my 4 year old rode her bike, went to the playground and rode home. It was nice.
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Dropping to say Hi.

Did not run today due to waking up with a cold--I jinxed myself the other day saying how long it had been since I was sick.

I did, however, really clean my house for the first time in I can't even tell you--it's actully kind of satisfying

No official word on DH interview. He spoke with one interviewer on Mon who told him they would be making the decision next week now we wait.
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to Dingoes in the world of job hunting/changing/interviewing. Bah.

Man, if I could get a grip on my diet I'd be done with all this weight loss already. My 5mi felt good this AM, but dang. Just wish I had more self-control. Can I get an amen?

memiles, what a goat story! We don't have a vet, so we're really on our own. I have a good deal of experience with on-farm vetting, so I am pretty comfortable with a lot of it, and there are times when things just won't be fixed, and I am pretty OK at recognizing those times, too. Birth is hard, but working in midwifery, you know that. Doesn't matter the species, there are births that go like butter, and then "other." I'm still AMAZED at my triplet mother who somehow did all that to a perfect result, unassisted. Or maybe assisted by other sheep, but no one is talking.
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It is just exactly just like human birth...usually we're totally unnecessary. They actually lost their other female in birth last year, so A was understandably freaked out by this- all she really cared about was Laverne being ok, which she is. The surviving baby is a bonus. They've also had a heck of a time with their ducks this year, with babies being snatched by predators right and left. The running joke is that they can push out human babies on their property no problem, but the animals are jinxed. I'm hoping that the bad juju passes over them soon.

Modmom- satisfying you say? If I really believed you I'd try it. Instead I'm going to go plant my butt on the couch with some coffee and some tivo.

I realized that I'm going to be at school on Friday during their mini-relay for life. I wonder if anyone would notice if I just ran laps during the hour that Courtney's class was walking? I could probably get the kids to take turns with me...
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NRR: Ugh mamas. I am feeling ganged up on at my church. DS will not be left alone in the nursery - he cries. In the beginning (the first 4 weeks or so) he would stay with no tears but would fall apart on the way home and scream until I would nurse him and he could fall instantly asleep, which made me feel it was stressful for him. Now he cries. Most Sundays one of us goes in there with him and even then he frequently stays very very close - one time he held on to DH's tie the whole time. We aren't bothered by this, but I am getting the vibe that certain church staff are very bothered. They would like DH and I to be available to do other things like sing in the choir or help with Children's Worship. I think they think we are pandering to him and we should just leave him and be done with it.

So... John Rosemond is coming to our town tomorrow and giving two separate talks. An email was sent to all parents by one of the church staff telling us about this "opportunity." Then just today, we got a personal invite to the John Rosemond thing from our pastor and further down in a bunch of forwarded/replied to emails it was clear that our family had been discussed between the pastor and the other church staff member. I have no idea what was said but I'm feeling a little paranoid.

If you had a just-turned 2 year old who did not want to be left, what would you do? UGH.
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EKsmom, I have had that two year old...three times. There's honestly nothing to be done, really. There were some situations where I could finesse it, but it was very rare and ONLY with people that we are close to (like my family). It just wasn't worth it.

There was one situation where I went against my instincts...when ds (my 3rd kid) was nearly a year old, I took a job working in day camp so my girls could go for free. I was down the hall from the nursery room with my own bunk full of 5 year old girls, and I could hear him screaming for entire days on end. :cry I still really regret that experience (not that your situation is anywhere near that intensity in terms of length!) and worry that I damaged him. I didn't listen to my mama instincts and I definitely regret it.

I'm sorry you're feeling persecuted at church. That should be a safe place.

FM: I did get in 3 miles today. I'm not sure what is going on, but I have no mojo in my early a.m. runs anymore. It might be boredom, it might be that when I do those with RP it is just way too slow, or it might be because I seem to be constantly exhausted. But I can't remember the last time I felt that great feeling on my early a.m. run. I'm going to try and get out tomorrow after I drop my van at the garage and see if that's better.
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Eks...just happened to swing by the dingo cafe after bedtime and see your post. Perhaps you know how I feel about AP and churches?? Don't leave him if he is not ready! he is only TWO and soon he will be all "see ya, I'm playing with the trucks" but for now don't do it. (rant alert) I can't BELIEVE that they are pressuring you about doing more....you are coming to church with your two small children which is very hard to do! grr. please do what you need to do for your family; I would be willing to bet that in a year or so G will love the nursery and be willing to stay there because he's been taught it's a safe and fun place. (/rant) sorry mama. is there another church that might work for you all? UCC? ELCA Lutheran with crunchy people? I know it's tough but wow that does not sound healthy at all.

I get to run tomorrow! and I totally hate that it's an event now. I thought I could run on Thurs and Sat mornings (and actually run longer than 3 miles on Sat!) but dh just sprang on me that he has to work sat a.m. so I am running longer tomorrow, and everyone can just deal. okay? anybody got a problem with that????

:vibes for job changes and interviewing! hope it goes well, what a stressful time.
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Yup, and eks, in a couple years when ds is all "later, Mom," no one will even remember the clingy times. Or they will, but in a sort of fond way. Do what you need to do for your family. Paranoia, OK, but no guilt.
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
If you had a just-turned 2 year old who did not want to be left, what would you do? UGH.
I'd find a different church. But I'm just like that. We left a church where we felt like the freak parents. And joined a church that if you sing in the choir and have small children you're automatically assigned a spot on the end because you might need to slip out. If you're a reader and have a wee baby you bring the baby up to the microphone (and if baby's fussing then someone will step in).

Not so aggressive (passive aggressive?): speak to the pastor and tell him/her that you "get" they want you back but that little G is still little (i.e. back off! and you'll be back).

and finally FWIW: Leah is 4.5 she still wants to sit on my lap at church (with her hand on my tummy).
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The kid in church thing--I don't really EXPECT cooperation in church until they are at least 4 but that's just me. I am just very impressed when parents of such little children reach out and contribute in the Choir. I love the idea of putting them on the end so they can leave if needed.

I am way crabby hormonal tonight. I actaually put on c-span so my kids would leave the room and it worked!!!!

Looking forward to a longish run tomorrow
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Originally Posted by modmom View Post

i am way crabby hormonal tonight. I actaually put on c-span so my kids would leave the room and it worked!!!!
omg love it!
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modmom~ That's awesome!


So, I went out of my way this afternoon after my hair appointment to go do my pee-in-a-cup drug test that I have to do for school, only to find out that I couldn't do it because DS wasn't allowed to go back with me. Now, I totally get not allowing him to go in while I actually pee in the cup, and I was a-ok with having him stand right outside the door for the 45 seconds it would take me to do that, but noooooo. They don't even allow kids past the waiting room. Really? And then the lady who informed me of this (would have been nice if it had been somewhere on the paperwork I had to bring, btw) just looked at me, waiting for me to tell her what I wanted to do. Um, I will be leaving, thank you. I'm not going to leave my 3 year old sitting in this completely wide open and large waiting room full of strangers. Grrr. So now I have to go back tomorrow when I'm kid-free, I guess.

And then DS was excruciating for dinner. As in, it took him an hour to eat about 7-8 bites each of salmon and asparagus. While pronouncing repeatedly "I'm eating slow. Really slow." Ya think?

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