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Woot! Way to go, Katie!

Hey, we should get Dinglet t-shirts made. Double hey, are we doing a shirt this year? I am happy to volunteer to coordinate but I am hopeless with artwork/design.
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Bec- How fun! It sounds like a good time. I'm sorry about your leg.. I thought it was feeling better?


No FM for me today. I got two fenceposts put up before it started pouring rain, so my garden plans are cancelled for today.

I could use some No big deal, but I was suppose to hear about a pretty big festival by the 15th and I still haven't gotten any paperwork in the mail. Even if I didn't get in, I really need my money back. I've called and left a few messages and if I don't find out by Monday, then DH has to book tickets for a work trip that week and won't be able to help me.
It's probably the biggest street festival in our whole state. I'd really like to be there. Why is it so disorganized? People. Pfft.

Anyway.. hopefully lots of gardening stuff happening this weekend. I'm even debating doing a little planting in the rain, but I know I should wait.
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Nemesis - Call the organizers of the festival. My mom deals with this stuff all the time. It's really aggravating! I hope you get in, and that they get their act together!

The leg feels better when I don't run. The compression sleeve has been helping immensely, but it just doesn't seem to be progressing past a certain point. I should have new insurance on May 1, and intend to see a doctor next week.

I think I can officially say that there is no way I am going to be able to run this marathon. If I struggled with a single mile like this, and I haven't had a long run for over a month, no mileage to speak of, I just don't see it happening. Even a half at this point would be looking pretty darned iffy. So, Jen, would you please remove Grandma's from the race list. Kerc, when the time comes, can I send you some money and ask you to pick up my shirt and mail it to me?
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bec- thanks, I had called four times or more and left messages. I just got an email back with no sort of reason why they haven't gotten back, but that I didn't get in and my refund check would be in the mail soon. Blah.
At least I'll have that money to re-invest for the other shows I plan on doing. Right?
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Yes, if they aren't interested, fairs are all over the place! Have you thought of looking into some fiber festivals? It seems that every fiber festival I've been to with my mom has a soap/lotion maker there. It seems the two go hand in hand!
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nic~I um, was that 4 year old kid. Except in my case it lasted loooong past 4. I don't do it anymore, though, I swear!

Aw, bec. Bummer on the marathon. I'm sorry your leg isn't cooperating. But for Katie, that's awesome!

Drug screen, check. Homemade granola, check. Long swim, check. Kid free until tomorrow night or Saturday morning! I *must* go to bed early tonight, though...the group I'm running with tomorrow is going at 7 am from the other side of town. I am sooooo not a morning person.

rr~2500 yds in the pool, my longest swim of the year so far. I thought my arms might fall off the last 500 yds. And now I am starving and tired. What is it about swimming that always makes me so hungry?! I had some yogurt (with some of of my fresh homemade granola!) for a snack and am now desperately trying to hold off dinner for another hour or so or I'll be ready to eat again before bedtime. Eek.
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Monikita! Great to see you here!

RR: Nada! After having my plan all set dh actually said he needed help on the floor so I bagged my run to help and then he needed me for all of oh, 5 minutes. So yes, I could totally have gone out anyway but then I started puttering around and that was that. I'll make it up tomorrow though and I actually felt like I needed a rest day. Af has been making a very hesitant entrance and I think it's been sapping my mojo.

Bec - There will be more marathons, I think you're making the right decision.

Kerc - in' yet? Sometimes that helps time pass.

Gaye - I could have sworn I read your post to say you were going to go pee in the pool! I had to reread twice! Nice swim! I did read somewhere that swimming makes people hungrier than any other physical activity.

Poppy - That is totally weird that I had that dream. How are you hanging in there?

Thanks all for the vibes toward my mom. Nothing has closed yet but it does seem like the officials involved are optimistic that the sale will go through. So, still keeping : but I think the dingo vibe may have given it all the momentum it needed.

Nemesis - for getting in to the fair!

Jo - Feeling sad for Milo all day, it's just so unfair.

Why do I have ants all over my desk???? I suspect children, Nick's snot wiper is giving me ideas about what to look for. Eww.
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how pantyhose are made

okay, so this is what I was curious about today.
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This one is for EKS cake talk
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Jo--I'm so sorry about your kitty. What a lousy start to the morning. I hope your family will be okay and have a chance to grieve for Milo.

I'm injured. DH stayed home today (also and ) because his stomach hurt. Instead of being all snarky about him taking a day off, because he does that more often than I'd like, I took this as an opportunity to sleep a tiny bit in this morning and get a run later on. Not when DD got back from kindergarten at noon, of course, or before ballet, because that starts at 3:45 and DH slept until 2:30. I here because I refrained from it all day at home.

Anyway, on the drive home from ballet, my knee felt sort of funky. Not my usual knee issue; this was behind my knee instead of my kneecap. I mentioned it to DH on my way out, told him I was going to try to do 7 miles, so I'd be back in an hour and fifteen minutes or so, but if my knee didn't hold out, I'd be back earlier and grouchy.


I got to the end of my road and decided to do the short loop instead of the long loop. What I should have done is turned right around and walked back home. 3 miles in, I had terrible shooting pain from behind my kneecap down into my calf. I walked for three minutes and it went away. This pattern repeated twice more on the rest of my time home. And now, six hours later, it still hurts to completely straighten my leg, and it hurts to walk on it. Sometimes I make myself so . I let my distance goal be more important than the ultimate goal of keeping my body healthy.

Dare I hope it will feel better tomorrow?
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
Jand the choir director has his separation anxiety on her prayer list
Can she put R on her prayer list for separation anxiety instead? I wouldn't mind prayers most days.

to all those who still need them here.

Got in a run today. I was hoping for a solo run but R was desperately pleading to come along after dinner so I brought her along. She was too tired to do much running so I carried her up the hill on my back and suggested she have DH read her a story while I went for another 10 minutes. Instead, she collapsed into a crying heap outside our gate, telling me she could keep going and please not to leave her. I ended up carrying her inside and handing her off to DH who had to physically restrain her while she screamed "mama" as if I was running away for good and not just for 10 minutes. She was still screaming when I got back, from the confines of her room because DH got tired of hearing it and he couldn't help her calm down.

Methinks I'm going to be looking for a tandem jogger so she can run when she wants and ride the rest of the time, while still allowing me to get my run in. Meanwhile (until J is cleared to run with us), I'm going to bring the single jogger when I think she's tired so she can sit in it when she gets too tired. I'm not sure if that counts as enabling or a creative solution to separation anxiety, but I'm too tired to care tonight.
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Morning, dingo mamas!

RR: 3m last night during the beginning of a thunderstorm - it was pretty cool. I ran the last mile in the rain, and the last half mile in the dark. Really fun to be out. I'm not feeling super confident for my first half (in two weeks) but am going to stretch for the next two weeks and hope for a really good long run on Saturday and then just do my best.

I got nominated for teacher of the year (an award given by students). I was nominated last year, too, and even if I don't win I'm really happy to be nominated. It turns out to be a big deal on my campus.

Upthread, re: the shirts - I can neither design nor be project manager, but I will totally buy a shirt!

Off to grade exams...
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Penelope, that has to feel great.

I had a crazy day, needless to say. First thanks for the s and s and thoughts for poor Milo. What a good cat. We all took it hard. It all went down right before school, and I just couldn't keep the kids here and work around them to do what I needed to do. Their teachers handled it GREAT. Ds's teacher called me to ask about handling him and we came up with a plan (writing, of course!). So he wrote for an hour or so and got himself together. Dd's teacher and classmates, in her words, "cheered her up," and the librarian sent her home with a reader called Barn Cats.

Then poor ds got his expanders in. So he is in some pain, but he is such a trooper. I made them garlic smashed potatoes with cheddar for dinner with chives from the yard, and ice cream for dessert.

Dh and I buried poor Milo out next to our beloved goat. He handles death with far more outward emotion than I do, and this is exhausting, but we did it. Then a friend came by and found us all miserable and could not believe we were in this shape (ALL of us) over a kitty. We are misunderstood.

In between all this, I worked 5.5 hours in the office (!) and got some really good creative work done. I have to go in and finish it up today. I also got some very good and supportive feedback for my work from all the way up the food chain, and that is always nice. I wish I knew how to design. I'd be all over the shirts.

But yesterday turned out to be a "rest day," so I will go in and run before work this morning. The weekend is here, at least. Poor dh has just a couple days left at home. He plans to plant strawberries, muck out the barn, and I don't know what else. Last night, he put in grapes and raspberries.
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DH is home today "sick" So I am going to take advantage and try to run soon. Maybe in the next half-hour when he gets back from Starbucks. So sick, huh?

Don't think, just run. Got it. I am so not ready for this 10K. I wish I was. Would it be silly of me to think that I can do another 10K later in the summer? I have not been able to successfully train for two races in a row... I don't know if it's a waste of money or what. I was pretty much on track until the never-ending sickness hit us. Hmm.. Maybe to start looking. I have high hopes for next year, I'd like to be doing a 10K by this fall fairly easily.

Be back with a FM report soon!
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jo - I'm so sorry about Milo and that you are misunderstood. Pets are definitely family members in our house so I totally get it, but I guess it's not that way for everyone? sweet kitty.

nemesis - late summer for a 10k sounds good to me. If you're concerned about throwing $$ away maybe you could wait and see how your training goes before you register unless it's in danger of selling out.

Almost all d up and ready to head out for my run, but Fri. is DHs day to run first and he isn't even up yet. I wish he didn't stay up so dang late all the time. When this happens it really tests the limits of my ability to Don't Think, Just Run.
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Happy Friday, dingos!

As painful as it was to be up at the crack of dawn today, there is definitely something to this having your workout done by 8 thing. We ran just a smidge under 10k. Of hills. And hills. And did I mention the hills? This girl does not run hills. Except I did today. Ow. It was good, though. Except for the aching knees on the drive home. I just hit the ice bath. After running 10k. I said there were hills, right?

Time for a shower, and then off to the financial aid office. That should be fun...
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You're right cfg. How are you doing?

I think around 3 miles (maybe 2.7?) in alleys in the rain. It was beautiful and I only took 1 walk break for 1 minute!! So that's great. I was running really slow (like 14min/mile) but it felt good so I just kept on.
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Hey mamas,

Jo - We get it.

I ran something between 4.5 and 5 today. For some reason googlemaps has erased the road that I ran on today which is weird since they used to have it going through, now there's a big curvy section that's missing in the middle. Whatever, it's just buggin' my OCD side that wants to know how far I ran to the foot but since my cheapskate side prevents me from spending money on a Garmin I guess I'll just live with it. Anyway, it was a nice run. But I made a decision that I hate to announce but here goes:

Poppy, Memiles, any other Ragnar runners - I'm not going to run the Ragnar. I'm sorry!!! I've been trying to figure out childcare and get myself psyched up for it and I'm striking out on both fronts. Apparently from what I've heard from a Ragnar veteran it's impossible if not also prohibited to keep kids in the vans. So that is a big bummer and then I've had only the tiniest flickers of interest for filling out the team. And there are just all these other things I feel pulled to do this summer. So, I'm out. But I feel bad about it, if that's any consolation.

I do have a booby prize idea though. There is going to be an inaugural women's-only Half Marathon held here, on my gorgeous island, on October 3. I cordially invite any and all dingos to come and run it with me. It will be lovely weather I'm sure and we have plenty of room for a big Dingo get-together so no hotels needed. I know it's not quite the same as a big-time event but we could frame it as a pre-Holiday season spa weekend for Dingos, Big Chill style with a nice long run thrown in.
So think about that and again, I am sorry to be the big loser pulling out of the relay because a Dingo relay still is on my all-time wish list. This one just isn't going to work out on my end though.
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Jo ~ Sorry to hear about Milo. I know how a pet is part of the family, and I getcha!

Monikita ~ Will you be sticking around?

Nemesis ~ on your run! Did you get your vffs yet?

to all the mamas who need it. for the missed hours of shut eye. for all the things you got accomplished today. if you squeezed in a run or a moment to yourselves. I needed to come here and read today... it's been one of those days with a teething dd.

Still haven't been out to run. Where the H do my days go? Today it has been consumed by decluttering and organizing clothes. Seriously, do they multiply like rabbits? Why did I ever feel I needed so many?

Back to my water and my work. Someday soon, I hope to be a running Dingo again.
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Plady, I would so love to get out there for that half. Hmmm. Gonna think on that one (and have to check the dates of the high holidays).

So...I'm official. Got my offer today for next year. The money is not very good, but it's enough to make it worthwhile, at least for a year or so. Then we may end up homeschooling, or perhaps not. Going to play it by ear and try to take things one step at a time (not normal for me...who tends to catastrophize and try and do a 5-year plan which never seems to work out as, uh...planned. ).

Had a good run today, the kind that puts the mind and body back in the same gear. The first mile sucked, and then I just told myself to relax, let myself sweat (it was extremely humid pre-rain kind of heat) and let myself run all out. RP didn't seem to mind too much and I found that 'sweet spot' place where I was letting my body work as hard as it seemed to want and need to. Too bad I didn't have time for a couple more miles but I had to get back to the kids. I'm really hoping I can find that place again soon, I needed it. I do have to cut my nails apparently, though -- I got a bloody sock from one of my nails digging into its neighbor toe. Ouchie.

Van is fixed, rental is returned, and we are down $1200 but hopefully this repair will hold us for a while. It's cheaper than a new van, for sure.

Kids are watching Magic School Bus and I have to marinate the shwarma meat (chicken tonight). TGIF!
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