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raw egg yolks during pregnancy

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I have read before that it is ok to consume raw yolks from pastured chicken but to avoid eating raw yolks from conventionally raised chicken.
But what about organic "free range" eggs from the store? I usually try to buy pastured eggs but it's not always possible so I often buy Organic Valley eggs or Trader Joe's organic "free range" eggs.
Do you think it's risky to consume raw yolks from these eggs when pregnant?

And one more question...why is it that conventionally raised eggs can be contaminated with salmonella but not pastured eggs?
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I think that when you are pregnant, it is riskier to consume raw eggs from anything that isn't pastured eggs. That said, it's up to you. I grew up eating the occasional raw (commercial) egg and never worried about it. The reason salmonella is more prevalent in CAFO is the close quarters, and less healthy state of the chickens. AFAIK, "free range" chickens usually aren't that much better than regular. They probably don't actually spend a decent amount of time outside.

Anyways, the difference for pastured eggs is the hens are out and about in clean earth, in the sun and wind and elements, which are very cleansing. Plus the chickens are healthier.

I do think that salmonella is not as common as we think. However, for myself, I almost never eat even organic or "free range" eggs raw, and am pretty sure I wouldn't during pregnancy.
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I'm seven months pregnant and I've been regularly consuming raw and lightly cooked egg yolks throughout my pregnancy so far. Also I have been giving raw eggs yolks as a first food to my DS.

As I live in a big city I do not have easy access to pastured eggs so I buy my eggs from my local organic farmers' market. Many of the farmers claim that their eggs are pastured but I can never be sure, I suspect that they feed them grains as well.

I believe that the benefits of consuming raw and lightly cooked eggs far outweight the salmonella risk. That being said I'd never consume eggs from caged chickens even if they're hard-boiled, just the thought of it makes me sick...
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I am 14wks and happily eating raw yolks. They eggs are all from our spoiled, completely free-range chickens, but I would probably eat raw yolks even if I didn't have such an ideal source. I read recently that your risk of getting an active salmonella infection is considerably lower than your risk of being struck by lightning. I'm not 100% sure if that's true, but definitely feel the benefits outweigh the risks significantly.
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DH read that the risk of getting salmonella from raw egg yolk is 1 in 10,000... I don't know if that's pasteurized or not or if it even matters. But there ya go
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