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Roll Call!

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Welcome to the December 2010 DDC Roll Call!!!

Late November:

Melanie ~ peaceful mama ~ expecting #4 ~ It's a boy!
Alexis ~ PixelGeek ~ expecting #1
Ariana ~ fancyoats ~ expecting #2
Honey ~ honey-lilac ~ expecting #3
April ~ luvmi2kids ~ expecting #3 ~ It's a boy!

Mid December:

Lee-Ann ~ zalesmom ~ expecting #3

December 1st:

Kelly ~ KellyTTC#1 ~ expecting #1 and #2 ~ Twin Girls!
Jamyla ~ oyinmama ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a boy!
Emmecat ~ expecting #2
Elizabeth ~ Corysmilk ~ expecting #4 It's a girl!
Lori ~ Barefootgirl ~ expecting #1 ~ It's a boy!

December 2nd:

Megan ~ Megsamomeee ~ expecting #2

December 3rd:

Emily ~ ein328 ~ expecting #2
Becca ~ tinynyota ~ expecting #1 ~ It's a girl!
Rachel ~ TheDivineMrsM ~ expecting #1 It's a girl!
Janine ~ SactoSweetie ~ expecting #2
Coral Jean ~ coraljean ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a boy!
Lauren ~ Bebegim ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a boy!

December 4th:

Leslie ~ LeslieABS ~ expecting #1

December 5th:

Tracy ~ NeverBeenHappier ~ expecting #5
Sobranna ~ expecting #1
WifeofAnt ~ expecting #1
Niecey ~ Fat Scottish Gal ~ expecting #6
Amyjeans ~ amyjeans ~ expecting #5

December 6th:

GooeyRN ~ expecting #3
Rachel ~ rad ~ expecting #6 ~ It's a boy!
Danica ~ pinuchkin ~ expecting #3
Annette ~ annettemarie ~ expecting #5 and #6 ~ Twin boy and girl!
Adinkra ~ expecting #1

December 7th:

Jamie ~ Happy912 ~ expecting #1 ~ It's a boy!

December 8th:

Mindie ~ TyrantoftheWeek ~ expecting #3
Laura ~ laurata ~ expecting #5 ~ It's a girl!
Jaime ~ wildecat ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a boy!

December 9th:

Jamie ~ summersmama ~ expecting #2
Anne ~ wholebreath ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a boy!
Chloe ~ ZJmom ~ expecting #2

December 10th:

Kara ~ kara9080 ~ expecting #4
Jan ~ mamajan ~ expecting #2
Ivette ~ ivette74 ~ expecting #3

December 11th:

Aly ~ theirmommy ~ expecting #4
Megan ~ ema-adama ~ expecting #2
Jennifer ~ wolfmom ~ expecting #4
Jazzmin ~ expecting #4
Erika ~ DoomaYula ~ expecting #5
Brit ~ brittany.haper ~ expecting #2
Lisa ~ mtnlisa ~ expecting #1

December 12th:

Nancy ~ audeesmom ~ expecting #3
Jamie ~ sweetestday ~ expecting #4
Samantha ~ blankwhitepaper ~ expecting #2
AM ~ IBCLC ~ expecting #12
Connie ~ CSS ~ expecting #4 ~ It's a girl!

December 14th:

Lyn ~ lynsage ~ expecting #2
Brandy ~ brichole1214 ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a girl!
Abigayle Ferrer de Morais ~ sonrisa ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a girl!

December 15th:

hdeering~ expecting #1
Rachel ~ PrettyHippie ~ expecting #5
Vanessa ~ raspberry.swirl ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a boy!
Multimomma ~ expecting #9
Karen ~ soglad ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a boy!

December 16th:

Allie ~ aurinia ~ expecting #4 AND #5 ~ Twin boys!
Melissa ~ NoraFlood ~ expecting #1 ~ It's a boy!
Erin ~ mckittre ~ expecting #2
Lee Ann ~ carolina~mom2be ~ expecting #3

December 17th:

Melek ~ lawmama1984 ~ expecting #2
Amanda ~ Turnquia ~ expecting #3 and #4 ~ Twin boy and girl!
Kellie ~ Qbear'smama ~ expecting #2
Amanda ~ nova22 ~ expecting #6

December 19th:

Holly ~ janerose ~ expecting #3
Emily ~ wholewheatchick ~ expecting #1

December 20th:

Funny Face ~ expecting #3
Michelle ~ ms.shell ~ expecting #3
Cindy ~ cindyleed ~ expecting #2
Sharon ~ Dichotomy ~ expecting #1
Sara ~ SaraCate ~ expecting #3
Jamie ~ JPM ~ expecting #1
Lia ~ Gucci&Granola ~ expecting #1

December 21st ~ Solstice:

Sarah ~ sarahn4639 ~ expecting #3
Sherryl ~ Sherryl ~ expecting #2
Charlie ~ lovesoup ~ expecting #1
Kim ~ kimmom ~ expecting #5
Katheryn ~ nightfall ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a boy!
Cindy ~ *GreenMama* ~ expecting #3
Alisa ~ owlgirl ~ expecting #1

December 22nd:

Enigo ~ expecting #2
Carrie ~ MyFullHouse ~ expecting #5 ~ It's a boy!
Natalya ~ expecting #2
Melissa ~ MomToEmerson ~ expecting #3 ~ It's a boy!

December 23rd:

Lisa ~ Splath ~ expecting #2
Childofthemoon ~ expecting #6 ~ It's a girl!
Jeska ~ moonstarfalling ~ expecting #3
Jamie ~ AndysQueen ~ expecting #3 ~ It's a girl!
Kinsey ~ sept04mama ~ expecting #4 ~ It's a boy!
Janet ~ the janet ~ expecting #1
Jeska ~ moonstarfalling ~ expecting #3 ~ It's a boy!

December 24th:

Kate ~ selkat ~ expecting #2
Sarah ~ wish5 ~ expecting #1
Seo Yeon ~ seoyeon ~ expecting #1
Mel ~ northcountrymamma ~ expecting #2
Fairydoula ~ expecting #5
Grace ~ felicitous ~ expecting #1
Jill ~ Owlet Mama ~ expecting #2
Melissa ~ IrishFlutterby ~ expecting #
Sam ~ Sam* ~ expecting #3 ~ It’s a girl!

December 25th:

Natalie ~ Moderngal ~ expecting #3
Sharon ~ stiles' mummy ~ expecting #3
Jessica ~ jwpsgurl ~ expecting #3
Kathymomof5 ~ Kathy ~ expecting #5
Svarupa ~ expecting #1 ~ It’s a surprise!
Jenn ~ JennyT ~ expecting #2 – It’s a surprise!

December 26th:

Jess ~ starshine1001 ~ expecting #3
Smusiak ~ expecting #4

December 27th:

Lindsey ~ lindsey8 ~ expecting #3

December 28th:

Roxane ~ babymango ~ expecting #2
Crystal ~ livinzoo ~ expecting #1
Grace ~ Grazy101 ~ expecting #1
Sedj ~ Climbergirl ~ expecting #2

December 30th:

Danielle ~ ready or not ~ expecting #4
Jo ~ HopefulJo ~ expecting #1 ~ It's a boy!

December 31st:

Iris ~ snugglebugmom ~ expecting #3
Nina ~ Aslmere ~ expecting #5
Lacy ~ Anouk ~ expecting #2 ~ It's a girl!
Rachel ~ rachel7628 ~ expecting #2
Amanda ~ SmtmsAlwys ~ expecting #4
Christine ~ PlunderBunny ~ expecting #2

Early January:

APMama ~ expecting #2

In Our Thoughts:

Cameleon 1701
ma Donna
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Hi everyone! I decided to start a December DDC roll call to have one place to introduce ourselves and post our due dates, etc. Please respond to this thread with your info and I'll add you to the list. I copied this from another DDC, but if there's anything y'all want to change or add, please let me know. Also - no pressure to share any info you don't want to share.

Name: Lori

EDD: December 4th

Age: 29

Location: Alabama

Family (partner, other children, etc): DH Travis and a bunch of pets - 2 large dogs, 2 fluffy shelter cats, and 3 Bengal cats

Gender preferences/inklings: No preference, but I have an inkling there's a boy in there. It would be awesome if there's a girl, too.

Names you like: Boy - Haven Scott, Girl - Charlotte Rose or Jocelyn Rose, but have a few others we like as well

Birth plans/preferences: would love a homebirth with midwife, but may not be possible in my state, so maybe natural birth in hospital? This is my first, so I don't think I'll be UCing.

Anything else you'd like to share: We are very excited, but I am also scared... We lost one in Nov and have been TTC since July. Hoping this little one sticks!!!
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Name: April

EDD: Nov 27th

Age: 26

Location: Indiana

Family (partner, other children, etc): Married to a wonderful man for 8 years, Home birthed my children Daughter 7/ Son 4 in the water.

Gender preferences/inklings: It's a BOY!!!

Names you like: Trevor Bear, and Lea Marie

Birth plans/preferences: having a homebirth with midwife, in the water!

We are very excited this was a surprise, but love it! I am looking forward to see my midwives again~
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Name: Sarah

EDD: December 9th

Age: 36 (I'll turn 37 on December 7th)

Location: Amsterdam

Family (partner, other children, etc): Married with a daughter who will be 5 in May and a son who just turned 2.

Gender preferences/inklings: Maybe a girl? I'm not at all sure and don't have a preference at the moment.

Birth plans/preferences: homebirth with midwife and doula, probably in the water like last time.
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Name: Emily

EDD: December 3rd

Age: 26

Location: Georgia (soon to be FL!)

Family (partner, other children, etc): DH Brett, DD Lucy (7 months), dogs Savannah and Charleston.

Gender preferences/inklings: No idea! Lucy's gender was a surprise, and we want to be surprised this time, too. With Lucy I was SURE she was a boy, so who knows? I would love little girls so close in age, but DH will be hoping for a boy FOR SURE!

Names you like: Girl- I've been thinking Charlotte, too! I think it goes well with Louisa (same time period), but I also like Adele.

Birth plans/preferences: I had an awesome hospital experience last time- as natural as possible (MW and doula, no iv/CFM/epi or anything). I was def. lucky. This time, since we'll be in a MUCH more homebirth-friendly state, I want a MW-attended homebirth.

Anything else you'd like to share: WOW do I feel a little overwhelmed right now! But I'm starting to move from extremely shocked to excited, which is a very good thing.
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Yay December 2010!

Name: Lauren

EDD: December 7th

Age: 25

Location: Maryland

Family (partner, other children, etc): DH: Yusuf, Baby#1: Charlotte ("Charlee" for short, 3 years)... sooo excited to have #2 on the way!!!

Gender preferences/inklings: I would be so happy if it was another girl, but I had a dream a week ago that it was a boy (before we even knew we were pregnant), so we're both feeling like this ones a boy... and DH is sooo hoping for a boy!

Names you like: Boy: NO IDEA! My DH is turkish, so we will pick one turkish and one english name... We picked the girl name a while ago "Neyla Jane"... Im just having a hard time finding a male turkish name I like

Birth plans/preferences: My DD was breach and I had to have a c-section... hoping to find a doc who will do a vbac at the very least...

Anything else you'd like to share: We are very excited! My DH was working from home but just got a new job... so, this will be a big transition period for us to not have daddy at home. My 3 year old is already upset and he hasnt started yet... I cant imagine how hard it will be without daddy plus with a little brother or sister taking mommy's attention!
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Name: Jaime

EDD: December 16th

Age: 28

Location: Arkansas

Family (partner, other children, etc): DH Bradley and 2.5 year old daughter, Autumn Jane. We have 2 big dogs and a chihuahua.

Gender preferences/inklings: No preference and no inkling yet.

Birth plans/preferences: Waterbirth at home, just like my 1st

Anything else you'd like to share: DH is really unsure about a 2nd child so I will be coming here for much needed support and just to chat with women experiencing similar changes.
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Hi Everyone!

Name: Kelly

EDD: December 1st

Age: 32

Location: Ontario, Canada

Family (partner, other children, etc): 1st baby to add to our family & 1 fur baby who can't wait to be a big brother

Gender preferences/inklings: No preference.

Names you like: Boy - not sure, Girl - Charlotte, Hilary, Vivian, off the top of my head but this will likely change.

Birth plans/preferences: we're not sure yet... a hospital birth but exploring midwife vs. doctor.

Anything else you'd like to share: 1st baby for us... we are so excited, it's been a long journey TTC for us
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Name: Aly

EDD: December 11th

Age: 28

Location: Indiana

Family (partner, other children, etc)- DH, 2 babies at home, 1 baby in Heaven, baby #4 on the way, 1 dog at my feet

Gender preferences/inklings: No preference, no idea. I would say I feel like it's a boy but I've said that everytime and have been right 2 out of 3

Birth plans/preferences: We're high risk since my daughter's stillbirth and will be induced in a hospital but I'll go free of pain meds. I was actually induced with all of my children and have been able to go pain med free and have found them all to be very peaceful births. With my oldest, my water broke on its own but I had to have pitocin to kickstart contractions. With the other two, I was induced from the start.

Other tidbits: I work from home as an oil portrait artist and photographer and we're hoping to move 2.5 hours north soon (house is on the market!) but we'll stay close to here until delivery- I'm very attached to my doctor and hospital!
I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone! Belly pats!!
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Funny, one of us already has a Charlotte, and several of us are thinking about that name! I've always liked the name. My maternal grandmother's name was Charlotte. She passed last year of cancer. My paternal grandmother is Ruby. I'm not a huge fan of the name Ruby, but she grew roses and made beautiful arrangements for her church and for events for years...so I am likely going to use Rose as a middle name in honor of her. So there's my Charlotte Rose. DH thinks it may be too traditional, but I really like it.
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Oh, I am sooo happy I picked the name Charlotte for my first! I love it. We dont know any other charlotte's at all. Kids nor adults. Its a really beautiful name. Her middle name is Lynne, my mothers middle name. Very southern sounding. I like Ruby, charlotte is definitely more formal sounding. I also love Isabelle, but I got my dog before I had my daughter and gave her that name. haha. Kicking myself now!
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Name: Shawnna

EDD: December 6th

Age: 42 in May!!

Location: SE Michigan

Family (partner, other children, etc): DH Rick, DS Lucas 7, DS Wyatt4, 2 ancient cats (19 & 21)

Gender preferences/inklings: No preference, I'd love to add a girl to our family, but I am already fluent in "boy"

Names you like: can't even think that far ahead

Birth plans/preferences: midwife birth in a birthing center or hospital

Anything else you'd like to share: I have PCOS, so was unable to conceive either of my boys without meds. I had a surprise pregnancy this time last year and had a miscarriage, so am really anxious this time around. I will breathe a little easier once I make it past 12 weeks. I am being monitored my a RE b/c of my history.
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Name: Annette

EDD: December 6th

Age: 37

Location: Pennsylvania

Family (partner, other children, etc): DH Chip, 4 kids--Michael (11), Katie Grace (8), Nicholas (6) and Daniel (turning 3 in April), 2 fish (Ben and Sushi) and 3 little saints in heaven (Mary Elizabeth, Samuel Paul, and Maria Hope)

Gender preferences/inklings: I'd really like one more girl.

Names you like: Boy - ???? Girl - Mary Beatrice, and we'd call her Molly

Birth plans/preferences: Not sure. Due to circumstances explained below, I plan on being carefully monitored by an OB for the first trimester. After that I might switch to a homebirth midwife. We'll see.

Anything else you'd like to share: I'm going to be very quiet here for a bit. We lost a baby in late July, got pregnant right away, and lost another baby in October. I felt very strongly that God was telling me to wait and we would have a baby in our arms at Christmas, and the fact that it seems to be coming true frightens me even more. We lost the babies fairly early-- one at 13 weeks and the other at 7-- so I will be a complete Nervous Nellie for these first few months.

ETA: We just found out-- TWINS!!!
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Add me, actually Nov. 27th but with the last one, he was a Halloween EDD and an 11/7 b-day....so I'll hang around both clubs. This is #4.

Oh and I'm Melanie, 32, married 6 years...like I said, this is #4. I think it's another girl. Though I love my boys and wouldn't object either way. But it would be great to have 2 and 2!
This baby was a complete surprise. Hoping for another almost-home (long story) out-of-hospital waterbirth!
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Name: Megan

EDD: December 11th

Age: 32

Location: Israel

Family (partner, other children, etc): DH, DS (he turned 2 in Feb), our mad cat and our equally mad, but now ailing golden retriever

Gender preferences/inklings: DH would love a girl, as would I. I dreamed I gave birth to a baby girl.... so who knows last time I dreamed I gave birth to a boy - but I will be happy with a healthy baby

Birth plans/preferences: Homebirth with a midwife. I homebirthed with an OB last time, and would prefer to keep doctors uninvolved, where possible.

Anything else you'd like to share: I am still in shock, and keeping checking the test. The line is not going away. We were not really trying, but not really preventing either. It has been a very intense year for me personally, and I have been very nervous about being pregnant again. At the moment I am vacillating between excitement and anxiety. DH is impressed with our fertility. Both times we had sex with fertile mucus, we conceived.

I am so happy to be here. I really wanted to be part of a DDC from the beginning. I joined in my last one only after the birth.

To a healthy and happy 9 months to everyone here

ETA: Annette, your way for a sticky baby.
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Me! I will be 32 at delivery... Due Dec 6th. This will be baby #3! I am still nursing my 28 month old, so this should be interesting!
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Please add me!

Name: Tracy

EDD: Dec. 5th

Age: 39

Location: Arizona

Family (partner, other children, etc): Married to Kevin this past October, but we've been together for 3 years. We have a DD 18, DD 9, DS 7, and DS 2

Gender preferences/inklings: I really have no real preference. Our little boy we have together is the most perfect little human so a little buddy for him would be fine, but maybe a little girl so my DH can experience that and the girl clothes always call my name.... we'll see!

Names you like: I can think of a 101 girl names, never any boy names and no matter what I suggest I usually get shot down by DH! I'm leaning toward Ava if it's a girl, but I have a lot of time ahead of me to get bored by that.

Birth plans/preferences: I've had 4 hospital births, all with less than stellar experiences, so I'm really hoping for a homebirth, possibly even in the water if it works out that way. I will do everything I can to stay out of the hospital.

So excited that we are on this journey again. I am always a happy and optimistic person and this has just put me over the happy edge!
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Name: Alexis (aka Preggersaurus Lex)

EDD: Nov 27th (Our FIRST!)

Age: 30 (31 in May!)

Location: Pittsburgh (it's not PA, it's not WV it's not OH - it's Pittsburgh!)

Family (partner, other children, etc):Married David 02/2010; we have 2 dogs - Layla and Jericho, and 2 cats - Trilla and Troubles. All rescue. Layla is a 100 lb malamute, Jericho is a 100 lb malamute/chow.

Sex preferences/inklings: Don't care! lol. Hubby would like a boy first. Then another boy, then a girl. We will see! We will find out at the earliest point, per Hubby's wishes cause again - doesn't matter to me! lol

Names you like: We throw a lot around. Currently Collin, Brandon, Montgomery for a boy, Emily, Emma, Elizabeth for a girl.

Birth plans/preferences: Hospital due to some high risk issues (past thyroid and vitamin def. , hypoglycemia). However, we have an awesome Woman's hospital that offers hydrotherapy during labor (no water birthing done in Pittsburgh at all!) I am very attached to water for it's calming/emotional healing quality - so I know I want to have hydrotherapy available during labor. My hubby wants to be my advocate, and birthing partner! Also looking at doing that hypnotherapy pregnancy classes as well - as I have had hypnotherapy work for me before!

Each week everything becomes more real! Tomorrow will be the middle of the first Trimester!
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Name: Megan

EDD: Dec 11th (though if they insist on going by LMP it'll be more like the 8th)

Age: 33

Location: Southern Maryland

Family (partner, other children, etc): DH of 4 years Kevin, DD Chloe 31 mos

Gender preferences/inklings: None yet....would be nice to have a boy but I'd have no idea what to do with one LOL! I'm the oldest of 4 girls and have a daughter...

Names you like: Not there yet. Just got the BFP this morning!

Birth plans/preferences: Most likely in the Birth Center with same Midwife practice I went to for DD. I'd love a homebirth but we're living pretty "out there" on a farm now and DH is really skittish about it.

Anything else you'd like to share: I too am very excited to be in a DDC from the beginning! And also still very nervous, since it's so early....But trying very hard to keep the anxiety at bay and have a calm, joyful pg! DD is still nursing night and day and cosleeping.
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