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I'm so glad you're here Jess!
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Thanks, lady...you too!

And with TWINS nonetheless!!! HEALTHY TWINS! You must feel so awesome!
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Whew, just got done updating after being out of town for a few days... I think I got everyone added and I updated those of you who requested updates. I did add twins for annette and kelly, but those are the only ones I remembered off the top of my head. Anyone else expecting twins? Or more? Did I miss anyone?
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Can I be added?
I'm due with #2 Dec 22
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EDD: 12/19 but DS#2 was born at 41.5 weeks so probably after Christmas
Your Name: Donna
Age: 38
State or Country: Alaska
How long it took to you to get your BFP: 4 cycles (1st took 1.5 y and 2nd 6m so we're getting better at this)
What number child is this for you: 3
Birth Plans/Preferences: Home birth like #2, maybe in the water this time

My advice today - don't use expired pregnancy tests, they don't work! I used the last 2 tests from TTC#1 in 2002 and BFN. I got a 25-pack from saveontests today and immediately 2 big, fat purple lines. I guess I just needed 1, not 25...
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Due in Dec

Name: AM

EDD: December 12 +\-

Age: 42 until June!

Location: WA

How long it took to you to get your BFP:
started TTC last fall, conceived in Jan and m/c in Feb
conceived this babe in March

What number child is this for you: 12

Family: DH and seven bio children (living) plus one foster child; one cat, one dog, two rats

Gender preferences/inklings: DH says it's a boy; I'd love another daughter b/c it's been 10 years since we got that flavor
Wonder about twins but we'll wait and see on that

Names you like: Boy - Seamus, girl- Gianna Caeli, with others coming in often from sibling suggestions

Birth plans/preferences: planning another home waterbirth with or without MW

Anything else you'd like to share: This is our 12th pregnancy...three m/c 7/96, 6/02, 2/10, and one stillbirth 9/99;
Feeling exhausted with a general malaise/blah-blech-ness
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Name: Grace

EDD: December 24th

Age: 23

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Family (partner, other children, etc): Just me and DH (Sam, 25)

Gender preferences/inklings: Healthy. It's cheesy, but that's all I need.

Names you like: I have absolutely no ideas. I used my old favorite boys' name on my seven-year-old little brother.

Birth plans/preferences: I really would like to have a home birth, probably a water birth.

Anything else you'd like to share: This pregnancy wasn't exactly planned, but it wasn't an accident either. We didn't want 'trying to have a baby' to take over our lives, so we stopped using birth control and just adopted the attitude that we'd give it a while to happen and if after a significant period of time it didn't, then we'd start to worry. It ending up only taking two months.
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Okay, got an EDD of 12/21, though I heavily suspect a baby born somewhere around 12/12.
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Name: Cindy

EDD: December 20th

Age: 32

Location: New York

Family (partner, other children, etc): DH Dan and DS Bode (33 months)

Gender preferences/inklings: I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd like a girl this time around. DS is so pretty it's almost a sin he's not.lol. But of course top priority is health and happy baby.

Names you like: I like Sadie. That was my top girl choice when I was pregant with Bode. I also like Evie. For boys names I like Greyson and Jackson. I had a few others I liked but they must not have been that great cause I can't remember them.

Birth plans/preferences: would love to birth at a birthcenter but there are none in my area. DH (although he's tried to understand) is not comfortable with a home birth. So it will be another natual hospital birth for me.

Anything else you'd like to share'm excited to be expecting! Looking forward to making a few friends on here.
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Can you change me to expecting #4 AND #5 please? Just found out today we're having twins. Not sure yet if they're going to change my due date; will find out at my next appt.

It still doesn't feel quite real saying that. LOL
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Could I please be added? I just now feel comfortable with it all!

Name: Cindy

EDD: December 30th

Age: 30

Location: Canada

Family (partner, other children, etc): Just me and DH and a super fluffy cat Biscuit

Gender preferences/inklings: Can't decide!

Names you like: Not sure yet, I think I will save the fun of looking for that until I find out the sex! Probably something that is not common.

Birth plans/preferences: Not sure yet, I keep envisioning a hospital but to try and keep as natural as I can...we'll see...

Anything else you'd like to share: This pregnancy is the first after trying for 19 cycles. The first time I got pregnant was in July 2008 and ended in a missed miscarriage at 5 weeks. Finally saw a heartbeat today so I feel a lot more comfortable, although still cautious!
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Please add me too!!

Name: Sharon

Edd: December 25

Baby # 3
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Name: Laura

EDD: December 8th, but I'm thinking later.

Age: 28

Location: Washington State

Family (partner, other children, etc): Dh and I have four kids- My older girls are: J is 11, N is 8. They are homeschooling, but will be attending school next year (not related to the pregnancy). My son E is 5 1/2, and he attends developmental preschool for developmental delays/ ASD. My youngest daughter is M, a high needs 2 yo.

Gender preferences/inklings: To be honest, I am hoping for a boy. Even things out a little.

Names you like: No ideas yet.

Birth plans/preferences: Planning on a midwife-attended home waterbirth. I've had a hospital birth, a UC+hospital transport, a UC waterbirth, and UC land birth. Nothing like mixing things up!
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Name: Alisa

EDD: 12/21/10


Location: Oregon

Family: Me, my partner of 6.5 years and Cherise our kitty.

Gender Inklings: I have always felt a girl, so has my DP. I have had dreams. We don't plan on finding out so who knows? May have a trickster baby which is totally fine too.

Names you like: Nadia Madrone. Boy names not so clear on yet. I have had Nadia picked out my whole life. Madrone is my favorite tree.

Birth Plans/Preferences: We plan a homebirth with a Licensed Midwife I apprenticed for several years. I would love to have a water birth.

Anything else to share?? Super excited. Finally feel ready! As ready as I ever will that is!!
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Name: Brit

EDD: December 11th

Age: 22

Location: Missouri

Family (partner, other children, etc): Husband, Chris, step-daughter, Myla, and two dog children, Oliver and Molly.

Gender preferences/inklings: Hoping for a BOY!

Names you like: Boy - Jonas Elijah Girl-Unprepared!

Birth plans/preferences: Hoping for a hot water birth! Not exactly sure though, will be discussing options with the midwife soon!

Anything else you'd like to share: Unplanned, but we are excited. Daddy needs a fishing buddy!
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Please add me in...newbie! :)

hi, I"m new to the Mothering forums although not to the magazine...
We're expecting number 2, a happy suprise sibling for our 11 month old daughter Clodagh. We're due on the 1st December 2010 and live in NZ
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Just posting my info

Sedj (Climbergirl), expecting #2, on 12-28-10.
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Please remove me.
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Please remove me from Dec 3. thanks
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Please remove me from the list.
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