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Crate training

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Ok so we got a puppy (9 week old Weimaraner) on Saturday. We've started crate training and it's going really really well. She cried in it the first day and night and now she's great about going in there. I lost her yesterday completely and found that she'd climbed in the crate and was sleeping. We're trying to keep her routine basically the same every day so she knows what to expect. She sleeps all night in there, except for one trip out to go potty.

Is it really this easy? Is there going to be some regression at some point? I'm just amazed that it's been so simple so far.

Of course, we thought she was such a mellow, lazy puppy at first and now her true puppiness is coming out as I knew it would, so I guess I'm thinking she'll decide she doesn't like the crate at some point.
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No, it really is that easy. Dogs respond to crate training because it meets their needs, they feel safe, and provided the crate is used responsibly (not crated too long or used as punishment) your dog should love it.

As I said in my post in the thread about how long to leave your dog crated, my dog (not quite 2, 70 lb high energy dog) loves her crate. If she feels ready for bed (for her, that means one last time outside, then prowl the house, then crate) she will "wuff" quietly at me, asking to go in her crate. (Obviously, she can go in, but she asks me for the treat and to shut the door.) She will also go in and nap on her own at times.
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That's great to hear! Now if only teaching what she can and can't chew on were so easy.
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I wish I had some encouragement for you there - at nearly two, mine is only just getting that one figured out. I can see some progress...
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