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Need To Vent/Talk/Something

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I am sure you are all getting sick of hearing about my BP problems etc. so I am sorry you are reading about it again.

I took my week long at-home blood pressure results to the doctor today. She isn't happy with them. They aren't high but they are on the high end of normal. Her and I both know at this point in pregnancy they should be at their lowest point and so the chances of it going up in the next few weeks are really good. She knows it, I know it, it almost seems like a given.

Today we talked about delivery. I had a cesarean with DD 18 months ago and hospital protocal for VBAC delivery is the patient must wait 2 years from the cesarean to get pregnant again. I waited just over a year but she is still giving me the chance. She knows I know what the risks involved are so this is why she is going against hospital policy but she said that they will have extra paperwork waiting for me to sign when the time comes. I understand, totally. They need to cover their arses.

Then she brought up the fact that I *may* have to have another c/s due to the fact that she will not induce a cesarean patient. Totally understand. The risk of rupture rises from less that 1% to (up to, in some studies) 24%. I am glad she doesn't feel comfortable inducing me since I would not feel comfortable being induced and would decline it anyways. She said that if I had to be put on medication for BP it would likely be a higher dose than what normal people would be on and she does not want to harm the baby so, if my bp continues to rise on the medication she will take the baby early (36 weeks) by c/s. She is also worried about my huge incision from my gallbladder surgery. I had it at the very beginning of this pg and it has been hurting me (the muscle) because this new incision is being stretched. She is worried that if I get too big that I will rupture that incision as well. She said she will be keeping an eye on the size of the baby, the scar on my abdomen from my recent surgery and my bp.

Ugh I wish I didnt have to deal with all this stuff but I do. I really dont like the idea of BP meds, I dont like medication for myself period and I REALLY dont like my baby being on medication because I am. I am trying to be hopeful that I will get to have this baby the regular way but I just don't feel its going to go well.

One thing I was really impressed with is that she told me that if I do deliver this baby vaginally, that she would not allow an epidural (or any pain meds), just in case of rupture. I have heard of so many doctors handing out epidurals freely during VBAC and that really scares me so I am happy that she refuses to allow it!
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It sounds like your doc is taking good care of you. I'm sorry you're finding yourself in such a difficult and frustrating situation.

May I suggest looking into doing some scar tissue work on the gall bladder incision? There's so much adhesion after something like that, and it may be as simple as getting the layers to release to allow better cooperation during the stretching of pregnancy. (I work in sports medicine and do a lot of post-surgical rehab...not usually abdominal, but the healing issues apply. I was just talking to my chiropractor about how bad it is that most c-sections don't really get ANY rehab/follow up, and there are obvious implications for the musculature as a result.)
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Hang in there mama.
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Wow, that's rough! It does sound as if your ob? is informed and on board with you! That is good. We all do the best we can. Don't feel bad about ranting--we all do it and it's healthy to get it out, lol.
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Thanks so much girls. I just really don't want to be having to be making a bunch of decisions right now. But, what can you do, right?

Does anyone have any information (from personal experience) about bp meds and how they will affect my baby?
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Ugh, I totally get why you need to moan, what a pain! I hope someone can give you some stories about being on BP meds.
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