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sending thoughts of peace to you and your family as you process this information and come to accept the changes to come. May your fears be transformed to joys as the days unfold.
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Wow! I can only imagine your mind is a whirlwind right now! But wow what a blessing of kiddos!! Congratulations and I hope you find the peace and solutions you need to on your new journey!!
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Wow! Congrats! I hope you find peace and can enjoy the journey with these three precious little ones.
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Wow - that's so amazing that that happens.

Good luck with the pregnancy. I hope everything goes well
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Wow.. I hope the adjusting and processing goes over well and speedy for you.

And congratulations times 3! Triple the love.
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Holy moly, mama!! Wow! Congrats x 3!!

Thanks for updating us....we've all been waiting to hear your news!
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Oh wow! Echoing what everybody else has said - congratulations and give yourself time to process it all. Be easy on yourself!
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congratulations! my thoughts are with you as you adjust and I hope you have a beautiful pregnancy and birth!
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Wow!! Congratulations, what extraordinary news! Wishing you and your little ones (x3) much health and happiness!
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ddcc...just to say I've been following this post (nosy, I know) and I wish you and your family the best. More than doubling your current brood is a huge adjustment--mentally and logicistally. HH9 months, well, with triplets it's more like HH7. ;-)
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Congrats! How exciting!
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ddcc to say congrats and wow! I couldnt read and not post anything. What a surprise!
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How amazing! 3 babies at once... a blessing and a challenge for sure. I only wish I was your neighbor, I would want to be on your support team for sure with 3 little darlings to cuddle. Hoping for peace about your circumstances, and for a large contingent of friends and neighbors and family willing and wanting to help out. Blessings!
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Wow! Congratulations and wishing you peace as you process this big news.
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Oh my gosh, congratulations! I hope that you're able to process and have peace about this big news!
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Wow! Be kind to yourself, I'm sure it will take some time to process.
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Congrats! I'm sure that this is hard to wrap your mind around, but I'm sure that these little ones will add triple the joy and love to your family!
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Congrats! You are triple lucky
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