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pregnancy yeast infection, group b strep

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I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and got the results back from some tests, I've tested positive for a vaginal yeast infection, as well as group b strep in the urine (which means it's also in the vagina). The midwifes want to treat the group b strep with 3 days of antibiotics, which will make the yeast infection worse. Anyone with any ideas of how to get rid of both naturally? I'm already on probiotics, & eat healthy.
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Gbs in urine can be a big deal and it means you have a high colonization vaginally. I'd treat the gbs with the antibiotics and then treat the yeast with whatever OTC or natural treatment has worked for you in the past.
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At this point I honestly wouldnt worry about the GBS in your urine. I have tested positive for GBS in my urine for 12 years whether they treat me for it or not. From what I've read, and my own experience, some women just have it. It doesnt cause me any problems, nor have I had issues with either of my pregnancies because of it. The only time I had it treated was at the beginning of my pregnancy and by 36 weeks when they tested again, I still had it.
There are many first world countries with better models of obstetric care than ours that dont bother with GBS testing at all.

In your shoes, I'd treat the yeast infection, work on probiotics, etc and not stress too much about GBS at this point.
Theres a terrific article about GBS here:

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There are so many great at-home remedies for yeast infections that AFAIK don't interfere at all with pregnancy. You may want to double check with your MW, though.
  • Gentian Violet (works on vaginal yeast just as well as on other types of yeast)
  • Garlic suppositories
  • Acidophilus (orally or vaginally)
  • Plain yogurt with active cultures
  • Avoiding douches/sprays/soaps in the vagina/vulva
  • Wear only cotton undies/pants/skirts or nothing at all (yeast incubates in moist, hot environments)

I'll PM you with a link to a site that list out specific how-tos for each of those methods.

Hope you get some relief soon!
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Yeasts natural enemey is Acidophilus. Lots of it.
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