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Don't know what to do.. Wait or TTC..??

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I am currently trying to decide right now whether or not to put off TTC to get my amalgam fillings removed and then wait 1 year (don't plan to do chelation at least not yet - maybe much later in life)

How do you feel better about your decision..? How do you make the time pass by faster..? I think it is very hard for me because this will be my first baby and so the desire to TTC is *VERY* strong plus I don't know how long it will take me to TTC once it IS time.. I have always had an irregular/sporadic cycle so I am worried of waiting 1 year for the amalgams and then it taking 1 year or so to conceive + the 9 months = 3 years before I am a mom..!! Ugh..!!

Or is there anything I can do now to regulate..? Will removing the amalgams help..?

I still have no idea what I am going to do I have been going back & forth for about 3 months now.. wasting valuable time I'm sure.. =*(

Our original plan was to TTC in January of 2010 after we moved into our first house. Feels weird now being in our own house but having no solid plans to TTC because that was the "next step" for us .. i.e. "once we get the house we can TTC..!"
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I can't imagine how hard it would be to wait to TTC and I am a totally "God is planning our family" person, but if your amalgam's are a concern for you I would have them removed first. My best friend has 2 children who are mercury toxic from her amalgam fillings. Her DS is autistic (he was vaxed a little) but her DD is def. on the autism spectrum with NO VAX's or anything else, her problems are totally from the amalgams. They are both being chelated.
I say if you have super irregular periods then go and have the amalgams removed asap wait 6 months and then start TTC. Seeing 1st hand what a friend is going through, I personally wouldn't risk it, but I do understand your concerns. Hugs!! I hope you figure it out!
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Yeah that was going to be our plan too - get them out and wait up to 6 months max. But I have since learned that you are supposed to wait longer, like a year to 18 months... and even then it's still not all out if you don't chelate..
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Well, I've seen a lot of reasons to debate a delay in TTCing, but this is the first time dental work has been the main driver! Are your fillings in good shape or are they starting to deteriorate?

It really becomes a question of work works best for you and your family. Personally, there are several environmental/toxic/pollutant/health-hazard exposure concerns I rank higher on my list of worries than mercury from amalgam fillings, particularly the higher exposure risks in diet and medications. I, myself, would likely base my TTC decision on my overall health and wellness and how that may change (for better or worse) over the coming years.
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