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Trying or Surprise?

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Hey Ladies! I was just wondering how many of us were TTC and who was surprised?!
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Totally trying! I was on my 7th round of Clomid (#4 resulted in a pregnancy and early mc) and 9th month TTC and have been off the pill for two years.
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We were definitely trying, but I am still surprised! I don't think the shock has worn off yet.
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We were NTNP for about 2 years, and then actively trying for about 7 months. We were about to start fertility treatment, and then I got a BFP! It was such a huge relief.
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We were ttc - but surprised that it worked on the first month.
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NTNP this month, although I thought we had missed my fertile day. As this sinks in, I am more excited and I 'know' that this is the right time for us, but . I hope I start feeling like it is the right time more often than not, and less
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I'm not totally sure I am but I have a feeling I am and I'm shocked and very nervous.

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Wow, a lot of people TTC! Im soo happy for you gals! Thats got to be such an amazing feeling! My first was very unplanned. This one, well, DH and I were planning to start trying late-summer... then BOOM! We are still very confused as to how in the world it happened!
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I was honestly alittle bit of both. We had been tlaking about TTC in the next few months. We decided not to prevent this month just to see what happened and it worked.
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we were deliberately trying, and it worked the first time! this also happened when we conceived our 1st child. crazy!!
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We've been TTC for 5 years or so. I'd stopped being crazy about it though.

Seems to be a God thing.
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We were told that DD1 & 2 were "flukes" and we weren't supposed to be able to get pregnant on our own. :roll: So when we decided to TTC#3 5 weeks ago, we assume we would be long-haul not-preventing ... what a shocker to be successful the first month!
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A bit of both for us. We had been actively ttc since November and then halfway decided to TAB this month. I was soooo bad with my temping, so I bought OPKs just in case (was planning not to use them this cycle) we did get pregnant so I'd have an accurate DD. Good thing I did!
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We were trying! We have a history of infertility so I'm always nervous going into ttc so we were using the CBEFM and charting and got lucky

The initial plan had been to wait until my littlest man turned two and I raced in a marathon for our daughter but I suffered a third degree groin tear and had to drop out of the race so we bumped up ttc and now I see there was a reason
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Originally Posted by PixelGeek View Post
We were ttc - but surprised that it worked on the first month.

I'm in the same boat! We were thinking that we'd like a second kid (first one was a surprise baby), so I went off birth control thinking: this will happen in the next six months or so. Nope, first month. I'm still in a bit of shock. Were we really ready for this?
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Well, I wanted another but DH was not sure. I would say we were trying though
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Trying and having a great time too! At 40 I am still pretty shocked that it took only 3 tries to get a BFP!
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Trying!! DD was a big surprise as soon as I went off BCPs, so we thought we would get pregnant with another one on the first try. 7 cycles later, we had scheduled a consultation with a fertility clinic and I was going for an exploratory laparoscopic surgery on April 14th to check out suspected endometroisis, check my fallopian tubes and an ovarian cyst I'd had. Because I am almost 37, we didn't want to wait to figure out what was going on in there and whether we might need some help. So this BFP was great timing and a wonderful surprise!!
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We were using FAM and withdrawal.

I'd felt in my gut for the last few months though that this was coming.
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Originally Posted by Wildecat View Post
Well, I wanted another but DH was not sure. I would say we were trying though
We are in the same boat. DH wasn't trying but I told him "he knows how babies are made". So in my book he was trying.
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