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Anyone else planning--or thinking about planning--a homebirth?

I had mine "almost at home" last time. It's illegal--as in midwives have been jailed in my state, to hire a CPM here. CNM's JUST became legal in 2008 and I have yet to hear of anyone doing homebirths in my area. (I mean legal to attend HOMEBIRTHS, not in hospital!)

Since I live close to the border, I found a midwife who does births for people who want to cross to her--in a house at the border. I had a great waterbirth. Hoping to do it again!

(EDD by Google 11/27, hanging out on both Nov. and Dec. as DD was a natural birth 9 days pre-EDD and DS2 was a natural birth 1 week past EDD.)
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hey there! yay December-ish babies!
We're having our 5th baby, and 4th UC/UP. So far, and I am only 5 weeks, but I feel comfy about it.
all mine, with the acception of #1 in the hospital, were late. One was really late- like 44 weeks.
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We will be doing another Waterbirth at home. People thought I was crazy to have my first child at home but I just knew in my heart that it would be an amazing experience and it was.
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I am hoping to make an appt soon with a midwife or two in the area to see if I am a candidate for a homebirth. Other than age, (I am about to turn 40) I don't think I'll have anything against me this pregnancy so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I've had 4 hosipital births and they were a mix of inductions/pitocin/epidural/forceps/pulling on cord/placenta leading to heavy bleeding mixed with really dumb rules and an overall feeling of being a prisoner in a hospital. I really was just ignorant and didn't know how much of an option that homebirth was. Now I know, so I'm thinking "know better, do better".

I look forward to hearing everyone's experiences.

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Definitely planning another homebirth. The first two were at home. The first in California and the second in the Netherlands.

OP, are you in RI by any chance? I'm from there and your description of the legal situation sounds awfully familiar.
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We're absolutely having a homebirth. My first 5 were at home so I don't plan to do anything different this time.
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Planning a homebirth. Last time I had an OB overseeing my birth in a birthing cabin. It was an awesome awesome birth, however, he got too hands on in the 3rd stage of labour and ended up transferring me to hospital.... Yeah, I still get a bit angry about that. Anyway, I want a midwife to manage this birth in close partnership with me and my DH. Unless I really need a doctor, I am staying far away from them.

This time around DH is onboard for birthing in our home, not someone elses home.
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Originally Posted by rad View Post
We're absolutely having a homebirth. My first 5 were at home so I don't plan to do anything different this time.
Wow, that is awesome that you have had 5 homebiths
I see you also knit, I can't wait to get to know everyone more
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Add me to the list... at least tenatively!

I'm a little freaked out. I have had a nice dark BFP at 8 DPO! And this was first cycle after a MC. I"m REALLY nervous and hopeing this one is sticky this time.

Also nervous because of the super dark BFP for only being 8 DPO. I will be getting betas done monday and wednesday this week.
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I am, I am!! Had a horrible first birth that ended in a c/s. Hoping I can HB this time. I'm actually interviewing a midwife tomorrow afternoon. . My only concern is that I have had some high blood pressure issues in the past, but I have lost about 50 lbs in the last year and I've been able to come off medication so I won't risk out!
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I am on the fence about a HB, we recently bought our first home and this is the only place we have lived that I have thought "wow, having a baby here would be great!" My DD was delivered by midwife at a birthing centre. Because of that experience, which was excellent, I am considering doing it that way again. Birthing centres in Quebec have been referred to as B&Bs (birth and breakfast) because it's like being at a lovely B&B. However, the idea of birthing at home is very appealing and I just got my BFP yesterday and today, so I am just getting used to the idea that I am really pregnant! Very interested to get to know everyone, I am so excited!!!
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I just met the HB midwife and all I have to say is

She was amazing!! She brought someone who is studying to be a CPM and LM, and said they attend a lot of births together. The one who is studying is also really into herbs and natural remedies for things, as well as the importance of good nutrition, so we will be using that and exercise to control my BP. ALSO, her DH works at the same place my DH does!!!!

My BP readings have been pretty good the past few months and I know they will be better with the herbs and diet help. AND, they said they would not call me while I'm driving 60 on the highway and tell me I risked out if I do like the birthing center did with DS. Also, I found out that my PP doula with DS is working on becoming a midwife and loves to attend births with these two ladies and I LOVE her. I was like "she's more than welcome at my birth!" I have such a good feeling about this. They think I am a good candidate and I am going to visualize positive thoughts only (and low BP readings ) and keep my this works out!!!

So happy today!!! I booked her on the spot (I had interviewed some last year for preconception consultations and I never felt this connection with another MW), and she is going to email me in the next couple days and set up our first appointment between 8-10 weeks
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lawmama1984 what wonderful news. That is so reassuring to have found a team that you feel so comfortable with so quickly. that your BP stays down. I was just reading about vit D3 and keeping blood pressure down in pregnancy. I'm wanting to get my 25(OH)D leves checked.
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Megan, thank you! We chatted for an hour and a half without even realizing it! Time honestly flew and I'm generally a shyer person, but I bet these MWs wouldn't even know it b/c they put me so much at ease I was just a jabber jaw. I was so excited after they left, I POAS again (yes, I have a problem lol!)

Thank you for the tip on the vit D3. I'll definitely ask about that. This may be a dumb question, but what is "25 (OH) D?"
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It's the blood test done to test your vitD levels. I am fascinated with vit D at the moment - it is being linked to more and more health concerns, the lack of vit D that is. It's not just about calcium metabolism like they thought - it's connected to your overall immune system, amongst other things. And deficiency is far more widespread than was previously thought. Largely due to indoor living, sunscreen and some people not producing enough vit D when exposed to sunlight.

That is seriously so awesome about the MW's. That is the best start you can have for your care
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We are planning on a home water birth. I have my first midwife appt on Thursday. I don't think I would get ruled out for anything, but I keep having dreams that I do!
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Megan, thanks for the info. Looks like I need to add to my grocery list:
1) Nettles tea
2) Prenatals that aren't huge and won't make me puke
3) Fish oil (I'm vegetarian but MWs said this is really one of the best things I can take, so I will suck it up for 10 months)
4) Vit D3

And I'm sure much much more
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Melek, I just got the naturemade prenatals that are coated in the DHA. From walmart. They are HUGE but very easy to swallow and don't smell so bad. Now to see if I can keep them down because normally I cannot.
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Amanda, thanks for that info! Last time I tried 2 or 3 different kinds...Rainbow light from whole foods, target brand, a different whole foods one and they all made me sooooo sick!
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