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Pushing on my cervix!

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Sometimes baby gets in some sort of position and presses hard on my cervix-- I feel like I need to keep my legs together or he / she will fall out (which I know is really silly since this isn't going to happen)! I can hardly walk when this happens, and it can go on for 20 minutes or so. The baby moves and nothing like that is happening after that and I am fine to go on my way. Anyone else have this happening? Makes me feel like sometime this is going to happen and my water will break....
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I've had this happen with all of my pregnancies. It's not a continuous thing for 20 minutes, but it feels like the baby's scratching or punching my cervix. It happens frequently, multiple times a day. It's very uncomfortable, especially when he does it while I'm peeing. I know it's not his head because my babies never engage until after labor starts. I asked an OB about it with my first, and she said it wasn't actually my cervix, it's a nerve thing, but whatever. *I* think it's my cervix, and like you said, it feels like my water's going to break and the baby's going to come gushing out or something.
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I get that several times a day! I keep thinking the baby is trying to push its way out before labor even starts. Its hard to keep a straight face when people are around but I don't want people to think im having contractions or anything exciting. I don't remember this with my last one so I am hoping this baby will come sooner. 37 weeks tomorrow
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the other day - and this might be more info than anyone wants, so be forewarned - i had pressure on my cervix and at the same time some sort of small muscle spasm in my vag.. combined it ended up feeling as though the baby was poking a finger out and wiggling it around.. very weird! hahaha
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I get this as well - and then they kick off my ribs which pushes them down even further along and it feels like they are trying to peck their way out! lmao

My waters broke as the first sign of labour with my DS - but he was breech, so I don't know how that happened lol - I keep wondering if this will happen too with this babe this time around.
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I've been having this as well, but not continuous, usually just for 5-10 seconds or so. In fact, I just posted on my FB status that if this baby gets any lower I feel like he/she will just slide right out, like in Monty Pythons "Meaning of Life" I seriously feel like it could stick it's hand out and wave... which my son did while he was crowning, by the way. Ouch!

It is totally uncomfortable!
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It's funny, I posted this and not one responded for a couple of days, and I was like "hmmmmm.....maybe no one else gets this!". Glad to see others do. It was very occasional for me before and for just a few seconds, but as I hit 40 weeks it started being longer and more frequent. The funny part is that is really freaks people out, including DH, because I can't walk when it happens and I am usually walking when it does, so I just stop and press my legs together and breathe-- looking very pregnant!
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