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SLC Playgroup?

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Hi Mamas,

I'm relatively new to SLC, and just moved to the East Millcreek area (specifically, east of Wasatch). I really want to find a few playmates for my eldest DD (3 years old). Does anyone here have kiddos of similar ages and would like to get together? Any existing playgroups that you would recommend?

TIA, Mel
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Hi! I live in Farmington and have an almost 3 yr old. I think there is a playgroup that meets around Murray, but I'm not sure. Good Luck!!
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Hi Ecomamato, we have a weekly chat thread that I bumped up, you're welcome to join us there plus anytime we meet up. It's been kind of hard at first with the weather and all but now I imagine it'll be easier. We used to live up there by the millcreek area but just recently moved to Riverton. Since we all live kind of everywhere in Salt Lake we try to choose one place that's kind of in the center. Anyway welcome
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