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What has your baby eaten today?

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I always see this in other forums that I go to. Adults say what they have eaten today, so I thought it'd be fun to do it with our LOs.

My DD is (about to be) 11 Months.

Today for breakfast she had a little bit of greek yogurt and some cheerios.
Then she ate some crackers for a snack.
For lunch she had some homemade Mac & Cheese, some banana, some pineapple and some honeydew.

And of course a lot of BM

Edit: Dinner we were babysitting for my SILs and BIL (they're 12-8) and my MIL got us subs. DD ate some bread, cheese, onion and tomato. She basically got out whatever she wanted from mine lol
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Today my son had:
- prune and pear puree for breakfast + BM all morning
- lunch: mixed grains & fruit cereal + BM
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seems like my one year old has a huge appetite....

milk all morning....
an omlette (am i spelling that wrong?) with one egg, diced zucchini and onion, and montery jack cheese.
most of a slice of wheat toast
half a clementine
half a kiwi

some licks of hummus off mommy's pretzels for snack

edit: and of course, more milk
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Well the baby baby lots of BM from the tap and 2.5oz expressed from daddy while i picked up grocceries..

The bigger 7 year old baby
orange juice this morning
corn chips
a bannana
easy mac
Yea shes made her own lunch...
In my defense baby baby above is just 3 weeks so takes up a lot pf mamies time!

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Nearly 1 year old...

-a banana
-a teething biscuit
-a kiwi
-4 oz jar of pureed pears
-4 oz jar of pureed apple/blueberry blend
-a whole bunch of shredded cheddar cheese
-some more cheerios
-some strawberries
-half of a 4 oz jar of banana/strawberry blend
-wheat pasta with tomato sauce, mozz cheese, and ground beef (with her fingers--messy)
-4 oz bottle of water with a bit of pear juice
-4 oz bottle of water
-2 nursing sessions

I am pregnant and probably not making a whole lot of milk. She is a bottomless pit, though. She is sleeping/nursing on me right now, and will likely eat more when she wakes up. The crazy thing is that she is SKINNY, it all goes into her height (yep, genetic).
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6 months old

a few little bites of mashed banana mixed with BM and a ton of BM. She has my supply up so much from her nurse-a-thons lately that we have moved to block feeding-- trying to even things out again.
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my 3 mo - had lots of BM and tried eating his bib.
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My 7.5mo DD has eaten..

2 bites of bagel, chewed on a slice of apple, 2-3 bites of red bell pepper, 4-5 bites of chicken tamale, and maybe 2 garbanzo beans.. Plus lots of BM.
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My 10 mo DS has nursed like it's been going out of style.

For breakfast, he had some Cheerios while I made pancakes, then ate three small pancakes.

It's only 10:30 am here, so breakfast is all we've had!
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this is so cute!


we've had a rough day which started with a couple bites of truly rancid avocado which looked perfectly fine, followed by some BM and banana to wash the taste down and finished with puking it all up all over the freshly bathed both of us.

lunch was mashed potato and chopped liver at bubbe's and another upchucked meal.

it's going to be BM only the rest of the day!
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8 mo DS

He has had nothing but breastmilk all day long.

I might let him try some sweet potato in a bit though.

He hasn't been too impressed with solids so far.
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my 13month old has had oatmeal for breakfast (with raisins, cinnamon and peanut butter stirred in)
snacked on some yogurt melts somewhere in the morning
potatoes mashed with green beans and a little bit of homemade herb butter for lunch
more potatoes along with some sweet potatoes with molasses (trying to get lots of iron in him) and red quinoa and brown rice and kale (out of our bowls)
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Great thread! 8 month DD:

BM all day long

lunch: yogurt mixed with diced peach, pumpkin pancakes, sugar snap peas

dinner: roasted sweet potato "fries", baked chicken fingers, steamed zucchini
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DS is 11.5mos

Today he had:
Breakfast - handful of blueberries, oat/rice puffs
Lunch - pear, pineapple, homemade bread with almond butter, cheese, a little yogurt (he ate just a little of everything, cut into chunks)
Snack - dried mango
Dinner - turkey meatloaf, baked beans, sauteed spinach
lots of BM in between all the meals
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All my 8 mo dd has had is boob juice straight from the tap. Not everyday is a solids day.
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DD (just about 10 months) has had:

a few slices of banana
a piece of my banana nut muffin
green apple slices
more bread
half a french fry off my dinner plate

lots and lots of BM and a few sips of water
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Today for breakfast she had

1 strawberry, a few slices of a nectarine, cheerios, a little piece of whole wheat toast with butter.

For lunch she ate some pizza, mostly the crust. Then she ate half a banana and some sesame crackers.

Edit: More crackers! and dinner was some salmon, a lot of a very cheesy mashed potatoes and she ate a bit of green pepper and onion.
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11.5 months old

Breakfast: whole milk yogurt and most of a pancake
Lunch: applesauce and cheese raviolis, same as his 6 year old sis
Dinner: black beans, avocados, brown rice

Snacks: cheerios, 1/2 rice cake, 2 animal crackers

Breastmilk: nursed 3X (does MUCH more nursing overnight)
Water: about 6 ounces from morning until bedtime
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8.5 month old DS had:

Breakfast: oatmeal & banana
Lunch: Egg salad, a couple crackers & some veggie booty, and a couple cheerios
Lots of mama milk & a couple sips of water
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Today is DS' first birthday.

He had:
1/2 banana
a small handful of Cheerios
a large handful of Gerber cheese curls
a few strawberries
2-3 bites of roast beef
1 broccoli "tree"
1/2 a string cheese
about 8oz vanilla soy milk
about 2oz water
3 boob sessions
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