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I love seeing what all the babies are eating. It's fun to see the variety of food and more or less what quantity they eat
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I love this!

My DD is almost 9 months.

Today she had:
Breakfast - handful of cheerios, maybe a total of 2 grapes (cut in 1/4's), about 1/2 avocado
Snack - one oat cracker
Lunch - toast with tahini spread on it, most of a banana, and we gave her some egg but she didn't really eat it
Dinner - homemade mac and cheese, peas, 2 asparagus spears

Also at least 6-7 boob sessions
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My son is 8.5 months old.

It being Easter today and given that we are visiting family, my son had some "treats" today he does not normally eat. But here was his day:

Breakfast/stuff from Easter basket:
-a few Cheerios
-part of an animal cracker
-a few sips of apple juice

Lunch/Easter dinner:
-sweet potato
-white potato
-banana from fruit salad
-bits of crescent roll
-tiny piece of ham
-bite of chocolate ice cream given by his great grandmother (I was not happy about that one....)

-fried okra
-bit of bread
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DD is 11 months old and not much into solids. But this what she's eaten today:

Breakfast - 1 or 2 tsp weetbix with milk
Morning tea - a bite of my cranberry muffin
Lunch - half a cream cheese sandwich and some shaved ham
6 boob sessions

She won't eat dinner, except to snack on whatever is on DH and my plate at about 9.30pm, after her first 'nap' for the evening.

This is such a fun thread!
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My eight month old had breast milk all day.

Breakfast - 2-3 Trader Joe-O's (I offer him a small amount of these every morning to practice his not yet mastered pincer grasp and feed a couple to him if he wants me to.)

Lunch - Banana and yoghurt

Dinner - Steamed carrots and broccoli (what a mess!!!)
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My DD is 9.5 months -

Breakfast -
one whole banana
3 handfuls of Cheerio's
a couple bites of egg yolk

Lunch -
2 slices of avocado
1 slice of tomato
about 1/2 cup of cottage cheese
couple bites of potato salad
handful of Cheerio's

Dinner -
3 cubes of parsnip
3 cubes of butternut squash
1/4 cup steamed green beans
1 strawberry
handful of Cheerio's

This was in addition to nursing 4x.
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DD is 5 months- 1 slice of advocado in a mesh teether she loves it
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DS is almost a year

So far today (at nap time) he's had:

- puffed cereal
- egg & toast & sausage
- apple slice
- orange segment (hated it)
- cheese
- squash/chicken puree

& lots of BM.

Later he'll probably have black beans, macaroni & peas w/ turkey and some pear sauce w/ rice cereal before bed.
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