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Its been awhile since I was last on here....my last child was born in Oct. 07. I had a tubal ligation done at that time...we were done.

Thing is...I am almost certain I miscarried last month. Period was a week early and I felt like I should test, mainly because the week before I had been so tired I could barely function, which is not like me. 2nd day of bleeding and I got a faint bfp. And hpt's after that day were bfn. I am very very regular...every 28 days. Only time I have missed is when I was pregnant.

And now...for the last two weeks, I have been tired...in the last week my boobs are sore....I have been cramping on and off....I have had some slight nausea after I eat or drink coffee...I threw up yesterday...lower back ache last three days...nasty crabbiness...just snapping at the littlest thing and I guess my main thing...I just feel pregnant. I knew I was pregnant with both my boys..and a couple of miscarriages before that. I got pregnant with my first son 2 weeks after a miscarriage. My period is not due until 04/06...five more days. Can't test till then.

I guess my question is...is there anyone on here that has gotten pregnant after a tubal? Thanks...I really appreciate any comments or help.
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My mom did!! My mom had 4 children, had her tubes tied and then remarried when I was a teen and he had no kids. She had a tubal reversal, had a couple of miscarriages, got pg with my brother. After him she got pg again and it was ectopic so she had a ligation and they told her chances were super slim but alon came my brother Isaiah!! She did get pg 1 more time after that with twins but miscarried (she was also in her 40's by this time). Now her only tube is blocked and she can't get pg but yes it is definitely possible! I have a wonderful little brother after a tubal.

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Uh-oh. That sounds a bit scary, actually. Yes, you can certainly be pregnant after a tubal - but if you are, your chances of an ectopic are rather high.

I actually think you can get a BFP up to 5 days before you expect AF, with something like a 72% detection rate that goes up to like 95% on the day you expect AF. (Don't quote me on those percentages though.)

I would test again, and if you get a clear BFP I would call your OB or midwife pronto. Even if you get a BFN I would retest in a few days unless you get AF.
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