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Mama! I'm sorry you are being pressured into doing something that is not recommened for your child. The facts are clearly on your side, the AAP recomends rear-facing to the maximum weight limit of your seat. Could you find a good CPST and take your DD in to see them, with your MIL, so that she can hear someone in authority explain why your DD should still be rear facing? I would call ahead though, honestly, there are many CPST's that would just say, "Oh, 2 1/2, she's fine, just turn her!"And you don't want to add fuel to that fire! You could use the list on car seat.org to find a CPST that is practicing according to the guidelines (ie- advocating extended rear-facing). In the end though, although we would all love to see her rear-faing still, and she is unequivocaly safer, she is 2 1/2 and not 10 months. You have done great keeping her rear-facing this long. So if you have custody issues and other big sticks being swung at you, take heart that you have done well getting her this far.
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I got lots of comments from my in-laws too for keeping my DD RF as long as I did (4y3m). I just recently turned her so that we could get a better install for 3 across the back seat as we just had a new baby in January, plus she had already made it to age 4 (the critical age for the bones to be strong enough), and was within about 3-4 lb of the weight limit, so I felt okay to turn her. If she had been 2.5 though, I definitely would have waited longer. My DD could not even LEGALLY FF till past 2 as she was only 19 lb at age 2.

BTW, tell your MIL there is nothing "esoteric" about trying to avoid a broken neck!
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I wouldn't turn my dc around because of the pressure of others opinions. My MIL constantly told me I should turn my DS around because he was to old to be rfing. I ignored her (I gave her my speel though) and he rf until he maxed out his seat weight wise and I HAD to turn him. He was 3 1/2yo then.

So I would keep her rfing until her head is one inch from the top of the shell or she hits the weight limit for rfing in her seat.
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FYI - not sure what seat you have, but all Dorel seats require children to be 34" before riding FF. ALL Dorel seats, no exception. So depending on your seat, you can't turn her yet anyway!
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