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I am going to school in Florida at the moment where XDH and I both live. I have always planned on moving to the west coast after school and now I am divorced with a court document saying I can't move more than 50 miles away from my ex.

The problem is, he has told me many times that he doesn't really care if I take DS and he will just do summers and holidays with him. But then when we went to go sign the papers, he started saying how great of a dad he is and he will never give up DS. He asked me to leave when I was pregnant and then again when DS was 4 months. While we were going through the separation he told me I could move closer to my family and he didn't really care.

I still have 2 years until I am done school. I am over my ex and moving on but the thought of living in Florida for another 16 years is really wearing me down. I don't want to live here.

I feel like I am being selfish and I know DS deserves his dad in his life but he is just not a good person. I talked to my lawyer and she said that I should have called the cops when abuse was going on in the house but I was scared. Now I have no proof or anything really to get full custody. DH has never harmed DS but he has been abusive towards me. We have a 50/50 time split atm.

My ex and I discussed me moving a couple weeks ago and he said he will think about it when the time comes.

Has anyone been in this type of situation? I am wondering how it all works out in the end. My lawyer said if he isn't really interested then he will most likely allow me to move.

I am so torn over this!!! I want DS to be involved with his dad but his dad isn't showing much interest. But at the same time he keeps changing his stance on how involved he wants to be......

Guess this is more of a vent to people who understand my situation. Thanks for listening.