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Oh yeah, and I'm a cloth diaper addict. I have decided to do just one-size pockets for both boys. But I am obsessed with prints and having variety. Right now my favorites are Blueberry, GoodMama the Ones, and Rainshine Designs custom one-size. I spend waaaaaay too much time online window shopping.
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Originally Posted by Burnindinner View Post
Oh yeah, and I'm a cloth diaper addict. I have decided to do just one-size pockets for both boys. But I am obsessed with prints and having variety. Right now my favorites are Blueberry, GoodMama the Ones, and Rainshine Designs custom one-size. I spend waaaaaay too much time online window shopping.
I ADORE blueberry! They were my faves with my last This time i'm trying to stick to a budget. Plus i realized it's not as much fun to buy CD when you don't know the sex. So i decided to wait to purchase any more until AFTER we have the baby. Hopefully i wont be as addicted as last time (spent WAY too much money), though we're broke so it's not really an option lol!
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Cloth diapering: I'm new to the CD-scene. We plan to mostly CD with baby Caleb... and I hope to mostly use prefolds (or contours) and covers. I did buy three size 0 KLO fitteds for that loose BF poop, and I would like a couple AIOs to have on hand for DH or another diaper changer. I'm excited to try it out. A little worried about the added laundry, but not enough to not do it.

Major "pregnant moment": Oh man, yesterday was a very overstimulating day. I was just worn out by time the kids and DH got home (from school/work) and then we had someplace to go last evening... by time everyone was settled and in bed it was well after 10:00 p.m. I finally told DH was either going to scream at someone or cry... and everyone really needed to settle down! That is so not my personality... but I felt better after just telling him how I was REALLY feeling. I'm just so stinkin' tired. I feel like I tell everyone that... "How are you?" "Oh, I'm tired." I'm like a big stinkin' whiner... :nana

Motherlove Rhoid Balm Pgcy is so ladylike and feminine!

*mama moose* - Sorry about the stress... added stress when PG is no fun, and not good for your b/p either!

I'm puffy today. Just my fingers, hands and feet. My rings would never fit today. Anyone else? Its rather discomforting. My b/p always runs low in pgcy, so I'm not concerned in that respect (and I have an appointment on Monday). I think its just the warmer/more humid weather... the office is a little toasty today! I'm trying to drink more, but I have consistent reflux-like symptoms... so too much water is kind of sickening after awhile.

I just feel so much more "broken" than I did when PG with DD .
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[QUOTE=Burnindinner;15276065]pepper-gina, I can't remember your story. You moved recently and are looking for a new doc?

Ya, we just moved at the end of February and I just found out about three weeks ago that my insurance isn't the same down here in this county, so I have to find new doctors. I'm just worried that I won't be able to see a new doctor for another month and I'm already starting to go back every two weeks. The good thing is, is I may be able to go back to Fort Worth in two weeks to see my old doctor one last time, but it's so expensive for us to travel for just one day.
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Originally Posted by lisko15 View Post
I'm puffy today. Just my fingers, hands and feet. My rings would never fit today. Anyone else?
YES !!! Me...It started today as well...and I'm due just days before you...weird hey?? It's mainly just my feet/ankles but I can't see much of my ankle bone right now which is unusual for me. I don't tend to swell until much later in pregnancy....hmmm

Anyway, my last appt was 2 weeks ago and my BP was 90/60 so I think I'll go into the drug store and self check today after my hubby gets home. Just to be on the safe side. Are you getting any high blood pressure symptoms? I'm feeling pretty good right now so I'm not too worried. It's hotter here today as well.

I hope that everything is ok
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Are you getting any high blood pressure symptoms?
Tulafina - Nope, no other symptoms. No headache or puffy face. Just the puffy-ish hands and feet. My ankles seem pretty normal, I can certainly see my ankle bone. It's my hands that are bothering me the most, they feel achy with the swelling. I do have low grade carpal tunnel from a work history of a whole lot of typing... so I think that's probably the case.

If my B/P had been running high, I'd be more concerned - but it is always quite low, under 110/70 at appts.

Tomorrow the weather will be cooler, I don't have to work (so I can NOT be stuck in my desk chair) and I'll see if it improves!

I hope your B/P is a'ok still. I'm really leaning on the idea that the humidity has something to do with it. DD was born in February, so I didn't deal with ANY hot weather in the 3rd trimester with her.
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Burnindinner I am so glad the spotting stopped!!!

Oh the puffyness we had a hot streak a week or so ago and that is when I had the puffy ankles. I think you are right with the warmer weather. Now that it is cool again they are back to normal. I also started chugging lots of water.
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I do have blood pressure issues but I wanted to chime in that I get puffy in the heat too! I'm not swelling any other time, and nowhere but my fingers and my ankles/feet, so I'm not worried about it. It goes down if I get some fresh cool air! I hope we don't have a massive heat wave in May though!!! I've had two middle of summer pregnancies so I'm shocked this time that my feet still fit in my shoes at 32 weeks this time

I haven't taken my BP since last tuesday at the store, but I'm going to my dad's house tomorrow and I'll do it there. And then I have a MW visit on Tuesday, but I like to have normal reading #s to bring in because it's been high there the last few visits but normal at home, and that's acceptable. I really really really don't want to go through this again. I was on this stupid roller coaster of trying anything to get it down in my last pregnancy and I almost lost my homebirth over it. It doesn't help my already lower than average self esteem to have your body essentially failing you Thinking about it is making me depressed, which I know doesn't help anything....
More whining from me, my 4 year anniversary with my DH is this Sat but we're broke so we can't do anything. I'm borrowing some gas $ from my dad so I can get to my MW visit on Tuesday, and I might take some of that to get picnic stuff and have a good day at the park with the kids at least.
Anyways, enough whining!

CDs! I registered for diaper service, and added it to our budget plan, so hopefully if we get gifted enough to cover the first month we can continue with it. I'm pretty excited about it, I did cloth with the first two for a few months but eventually gave up because of laundry issues. I really think this will help me stay commited to cloth this time! A friend is letting me borrow her XS and S covers, but I'd love to get some Thirsties wraps too if I can swing it. I have two of them in large and I love them! I love love love the tree print one they have in the Duo Wrap too
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Hahaha it finally happened to me, too. Totally soaked my undies and pajama pants running to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Ugh. I'm so thirsty all the time, I keep drinking large quantities of water and it hasn't really been a problem until last night. Definitely going to start wearing protection.
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Ah, bananabee, oh no! I told my friends I was going to start a twitter account called @isneezeddidipee and I was just going to say "yes" or "no". Maybe it's funnier when you're talking.

My hands and feet get puffier and itchier when it is hot. It's been hot this week, and last night my feet itched soooo bad. I have to keep the a/c up now. I know it's expensive and uses a lot of energy, but I turn into a bear.

Anyone else still bf'ing too? DS is going to town like it's his job. It kind of hurts right now.
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My DD weaned around 19 months, so a few months ago. I'm still too heartbroken to change my signature to show that I have no curent nurslings But it's probably for the best, it will be really nice to NOT tandem nurse this time. I tandem'ed when DD2 was born, it was ok but a lot of demand on my body and sanity!
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Hey guys, the week isn't over yet What's everyone's plans this weekend??

Today's my 4 year wedding anniversary, we are broke and have no babysitter but my dad gave me some gas money and a little extra so I think we're going to take DD1 (and DD2 of course but she doesn't care one way or another lol) to fly a kite at a park and I think we'll get some stuff to BBQ at a park grill and have a little picnic. I also need to get an apple pie because I slacked and didn't make one! We got married in Reno, totally vegas wedding style , and when we got back to the hotel everything food wise was closed except the 24 hr diner, which had a very limited dessert menu. So we ate apple pie ala mode instead of wedding cake. It's tradition now, every April 10th must include apple pie

Tomorrow I have church but I'm a "guest speaker" (read: token pregnant lady at church ) at the OWL program, which is like a sexuality education program for teens. I go to a UU church, but I guess United Church of Christ also does the OWL program. When I posted about it on Facebook people were a little confused about what it was, so I guess it's not very well known. Anyways, they wanted a pregnant person to come in and talk about pregnancy and birth and stuff like that, so I guess that's me. Which is actually pretty cool because I'm a doula (or will be...one day....) and I have homebirths and extended breastfeed and all that crunchy stuff, and they pretty much only picked me because I happen to be very pregnant and attending that church. So I get to share that with teens before their childbearing years, which is pretty awesome. I have social anxiety though so I keep telling myself this is going to be good so I don't pass out or something on Sunday.

On another note, I think I may also be getting my birth tub! She offered to rent it to me for just the cost of the filter (so, no profit for her, but she's not putting out her own $ either) and I think I still have my hose in the garage to fill it up, so I just need to come up with I think 35 dollars for the filter!! I can totally do that by May, and I'm going to bake her a big batch of muffins or something to thank her! I might be able to come up with some extra money too, it will make me feel better to be able to pay her for setting it up, etc. but it's a huge huge huge weight off to know that she's willing to do it for just the parts so to speak.

Oh, and my dad let me borrow his BP monitor, which gave me a reading of 115/67 yesterday, so I can stop stressing about it for now!
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Ha that is kind of funny/cute to have a pregnant woman come and talk about pregnancy, etc. Personally, if I were a teenager I would see it as a good reason to postpone sex. Maybe that is just because I feel so huge and UNsexy now. I hope you will feel great as you talk to them. What a good time to make birth and breastfeeding seem normal! My 18 year old sister has now attended 2 home births (mine and my sister's), and she got to talk in her college developmental psych class about how normal it is, why it's better for moms and babies, etc. Awesome!

Which reminds me, so our sex life is nonexistent now thanks to pelvic rest, but I'm also just not feeling sexy at all. With DS my sex drive was so high! This time around it's like I've forgotten what sex is. I think it is due to still bf'ing plus a little fear about the previa plus hemorrhoids. Nothing kills a mood like hemorrhoids... I have no idea why I felt it necessary to talk about that, except pregnant sex is very different from regular!

Weekend plans - my birthday is tomorrow - 30! Eek! Feeling relaxed and more slow than normal, so it's been a quieter weekend. DH cooked breakfast, we went to the farmer's market. We'll probably grill out with my sister and her husband later. Oh how different from college...
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PS - Happy anniversary! And hooray on the birth tub
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Happy anniversary Mama moose! We got married in Vegas, but did more of a destination wedding at the Venetian. It was awesome! And so much fun! Have fun speaking, im terrified of doing public speaking. Enjoy it though, its so cool talking about pregnancy and childbirth!

Happy birthday burnindinner. My 30th is at the end of the month. I was excited for 30, but not to be pregnant and celebrating it lol.
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