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embarrassing - falling off bed

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I've discovered that the few times my little one has fallen off our king size bed...it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, it's terrible. Yesterday I left the bed for a second to grab a toy off a nearby piece of furniture, and he fell flat on his back to the floor. There was a lot of crying from both of us for a little bit, but then he was OK and playing again. Whew, plastic flexible baby.

That said, I am still searching for things to help our bed! Unfortunately we don't have a headboard or footboard. I haven't found any rails that would work on a king size bed. The only thing that would work is for the bed to be completely surrounded (head of the bed is against the wall).

Ideas? Any WAHM make a product yet? I'd rather not buy a crib or wrestle with the crib mattress issue. We have a chemical, flame retardant free latex king size bed.
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We just put our mattresses on the floor. Less falling distance.
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I second bed on the floor. My son has fallen a few times, but never when he was little, little and living in the place without carpet. Here, the carpet is very soft so the few times he did fall off, it wasn't an issue, he was more in shock, no tears . Now with two in bed, my bed is on the floor (with box spring) and in a corner, then my hubby's twin is right next to us, so there is no chance of falling. Well unless my husband falls out of bed, but I don't think that has ever happened!

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Originally Posted by nudnik View Post
We just put our mattresses on the floor. Less falling distance.
Ended up doing this after our baby fell off twice in two weeks.
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Putting the mattress on the floor is great.

We have one of these on our very low king-sized bed (also a latex mattress, like yours):


Works with any mattress, fully customizable and non-toxic.
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Another cosleeping family with a mattress on the floor.

I've seen these bumpers talked about around here before: http://www.gobedbug.com/.
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Another vote for putting the mattress on the floor.
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Our mattress is on the floor, but we also put up a bed rail on the side I sleep on. My husband's on one side, and my son and I switch between the middle and the other side depending on what side he has nursed on.
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On the floor, with a latex mattress? I would love to, but the man with the bed shop said it needs to be off the floor for air circulation. This is a little more work - we'd have to get a different bed frame. Right now it's on a low box provided by the bed shop, on a metal frame. Not too high, but not low enough. At least the carpet cushions the fall.
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Thank you To-fu and allisonrose for the pillow ideas.
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Those pillows would never work for us... because she's not rolling off the bed, she's deliberately CRAWLING off the bed, rotfl.
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We put our bed on the floor, but we also use a pillow rail. I didn't buy a new one though; I just used the body pillow I had from pregnancy and tucked it under the fitted sheet. It works great!
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We put ours on the floor and it has a low profile boxspring. I also have an Extra Tall, Extra Long bed rail. This is working great!
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We have our mattress on the floor, but it's ridiculously thick (18"), so it's still a short distance for a baby to fall. You know, hypothetically. :P Actually, DS has fallen off several times (4 or 5?). He squirms around in his sleep sometimes and has rolled or crawled off a few times since he started crawling. At least there's carpet on the floor! Sometimes we put our pillows on the floor for extra padding just in case. :
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Another mattress on the floor (not something I ever thought I would say!) While it is horrible when it happens (even with carpet and even on the floor) it is (looking back now) a relatively short period of time that it is a real issue - for us anyway. Depending on how old your baby is you can put a pool noodle (or several) under the sheet to prevent rolling and falling. It doesn't prevent crawlers or playing babies from taking a nose dive but by that age you can teach them to slide off backwards. And a pool noodle could still prevent an older baby rolling in their sleep.
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We've been on the floor for so long, I don't even remember what our bed frame looks like.

We also have put TG's bed next to ours and she knows and loves her own special place. She still loves to sleep in our bed but she naturally moves herself to her own bed during the night.
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