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Natural heartburn help?

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Hi ladies,

The thing I hated most about my last pregnancy, heartburn, has decided to make an early and strong appearance in this pregnancy. I have heartburn every day. It comes on regardless of what I eat, drink, or do, and usually lasts the remainder of the day. It gets worse if I lay down, bend over, or in some other way get my head close to my tummy level. Since I never suffer from this when I'm not preggo, I don't deal with it very well.

I'm not a huge fan of drugs, and Tums didn't really help for more than about 20-30 minutes when I had this the last go round. A small glass (maybe a cup) of milk has a similar effect, making it fade for about 20-30 minutes. I've been drinking a lot of milk!

I'm wondering if any of you ladies out there have another dietary, herbal, or natural remedy for heartburn. Does acupuncture help? Even short term (20-30 min.) remedies would be welcome as I could mix them up with the milk and at least have a variety in my diet. After all, I've got another 20 weeks of burning to look forward to. Thanks!
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Acupuncture helped me a lot! As does eating an apple before bed (I chop it up in my blender with a little water and drink it). And my husband's acupuncturist said if it's still a problem then I should try apple cider vinegar, and I can mix it with water and honey if I can't get it down straight.
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Ooh thanks for reminding me about the apple cider vinegar! I've heard the apple cider vinegar trick works wonders. I've been having bad heartburn so I've just been doing the (chocolate) milk and having graham crackers by the bed. I still have woken up in the middle of the night with a feeling in my throat like I have just thrown up. (blech!)
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I used baking soda in about a cup of water
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Crashing from new posts. I was an Aug 09, mama. Almonds really helped w/ my heartburn. Just a handful before bed.
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an apple really helps me!
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My midwife recommended Papaya enzyme. She said it worked wonders for her, and from the research I've done fresh papaya works, too!
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papaya enzymes (I chugged those things) and digestive enzymes and laying off the spicy food really helped.
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Thanks for the advice ladies! I've tried the apples and that actually seems to tone it down to a tolerable level for about 30 minutes or so, which is great. And I much prefer apples to milk, so that is a big plus! How much vinegar are you supposed to drink? I think I could do a shot or so, but much more sounds a bit overwhelming. I might go and get some papaya enzyme, as that sounds pretty safe too, and I'll buy some almonds next time I'm at the store. Keep the ideas rolling! Ideally, I'd love to make a whole day where I just do each remedy once...
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Aloe Vera Juice! It burns a little going down and then soothes it. Also, sleep with two pillows so you are slighlty elevated...this keeps the acid down a bit better.
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Originally Posted by lunarlady View Post
How much vinegar are you supposed to drink? I think I could do a shot or so, but much more sounds a bit overwhelming.
I've always just done a tablespoon or so mixed with some honey and sometimes I'll dilute that with a bit of water. Honestly, though, it's never worked very well for me. Papaya enzymes are my magic pill. And I've also observed (totally anecdotal) that my heartburn eases a little when I start the Cal-Mag supplements for leg cramps (which is always about mid-way so far). Doesn't cure it, but it does ease it a bit. But, mostly I chug papaya enzymes and eat a lot of fresh, light things.
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I've used papaya enzymes, apple, mint or ginger tea, homeopathic remedies & almonds all of which seemed to help to different degrees at different times. The one thing that seems to help the most it baking soda in water! I want to say it was 2 teaspoons in 1/2 cup of water. Let it dissolve as best as possible & chug. It doesn't taste great & it will make you burp alot.
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