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Low-lying placenta / placenta previa

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Hiya folks,

I was wondering if anyone else in our DDC has a low-lying placenta confirmed at this stage of pregnancy (approx 18-22 weeks?).

In my 19 week scan, that was my result - measured 1.8 cm away from the cervical opening - and posterior, which according to my midwife makes it a little less likely to move up.

I've read a lot already - there are other threads here - and online, and it seems that many of them just simply grow upwards and stretch with the uterus and by 30+ weeks they are well out of the way. In fact, I just read somewhere that if the placenta is NOT covering the opening at 20 weeks, then it almost certainly will NOT be a problem later.

BUT - I thought I'd add this thread just in case my own doesn't resolve...and if there are other mama's that have recently found out about their non-perfectly positioned placenta's and wanted to share experiences (or anyone passing by as well of course!)

I have to go back and see what is happening with it, via a 32 week scan (approx 3 months away for me). Am hoping for it to resolve and move up - because partial placenta previa would, it seems, massively get in the way of any chance of a vaginal birth. C-section all the way in that scenario, for everyone's wellbeing.

(Edit to add: If anyone knows where there might be any stats on how many of them resolve by full term, having been spotted around this time...that would be interesting to read!)

Best to all,

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My SIL has had marginal previa with all three of her children at her 20 week scan. By her 32 week scan...they had all resolved and she had vaginal births.

I don't know about the stats as I've not researched it. Hopefully someone else will have additional information to give you.

Good luck!
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Thanks for that babycatcher
Interesting to know about your SIL!
I have read that most resolve...I suppose I'm just curious as to how many 'most' is - and also the one's that didn't...was there something about them....? (e.g. maybe its a matter of placenta's covering openings at the beginning, or not.)

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Hi Grover,

I'm totally DDC crashing. When I was initially diagnosed with complete previa at 18 weeks (NB: placenta was *not* centered on the cervix), my midwives told me that maybe 3 in a thousand of those fail to clear up. I feel like with a placenta that's merely low-lying, your odds of being in the clear by the end are extremely good.

I don't know why some previas and low-lying placentas fail to resolve. I mean, obviously, if the placenta is centered on the cervix, there's no expansion in the world that's going to move it a meaningful distance, but I don't know why some less-centered previas don't. I have a sneaking suspicion - only a suspicion - that time is a factor. The larger the overhang, the more time it takes to resolve, and the more likely it is that there will be some damage to the placental blood vessels before enough time has passed.
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Mine was low-lying at my 20-week u/s. In fact, it was exactly the same as yours -- 1.8 cm from the cervix and posterior. My m/w said it is very likely to move and everthing I've read indicates that it would be rare for it not to move up and out of the way. That's not to say that I didn't have a little freak-out at the time (and I posted about in this forum, too), but I'm trying to relax and wait until my 32 wk follow up u/s. However, I'm also allowing a tiny bit of doubt to stay in my head so that I'm not completely devastated if it doesn't resolve and my birth plans are altered.

Best of luck and placenta migrating vibes to you!
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I had a low lying placenta at 18 weeks. I'm not sure what the numbers were, but they did mention it, and mentioned it would probably move up.

I had another ultrasound last week at 22 weeks and they said it did in fact move up and out of the way.

I hope yours does too!
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I just found out yesterday that my placenta is covering my cervix...I didnt get any number thou, but I was told that I may have a c-section...which wasnt a total surprise because I had a myomectomy (sp) in 12/8 Im just worried about the bleeding and possibly delivering at 37 weeks.
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Thanks for all the thoughts ladies.

MeepyCat - that is what I'm reading, that low-lying almost always resolves. So that is very positive. And it very much makes sense that the more it's over, the less it will move...or the more time it will take.

AmyKT - I'm trying to relax too...but having odd moments where I get a bit paranoid about strange things (e.g. should I bend that way...exercise like that? etc) - but in theory it shouldn't make any difference right?
All power to your placenta too! "Move on up!" (as the song goes) - Perhaps we can check in again after our respective 32 weeks scans.

colorbywords - That's good news you had. Thanks for the thoughts!

Suka - Good luck for you too! Bleeding & early C-sections were mentioned by my midwife as well. Where I am (New Zealand) they will want to do a C-section if the placenta is still within 3-4 cm of the OS...so it doesn't need to cover it, but in my case just needs to not shift at all, or much. (Which apparently it will [smile]).


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An update of my own situation.

Had 32 week scan last wednesday to check on placenta position.

It is now positioned at 4.1cm away from the cervix. According to my midwife, this is not enough for the pregnancy/birth to be considered low risk still (low risk would be if it were 5cm+ away) - thus I may have to birth at a different hospital to the one I've booked in with, and which is also considerably closer than others.

My midwife wants me to have another location scan in two weeks (34/35 weeks) in the hope the placenta might have moved another cm.

But, my feelings are that even if it does (seems a little unlikely considering how little it's moved in three months) - you start wondering about what exactly is the difference between an arbitrary 5cm, and 4.5cm etc. Perhaps it might be an idea to think in terms of birthing at the hospitals that are better equipped anyway....?

ETA: I believe it hasn't moved terribly much because it's posterior.

Hope others that originally posted in this thread are doing well!


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