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Paranoia ever time you go to the washroom?

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Am I the only one who goes to the washroom, wipes and thinks "please God let there be nothing there..." going pee is getting stressful! Also, I had spotting with DD so I think I am concerned about seeing it again. Anyone else?
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ooooh yeah! I have to pee more with this pregnancy than the last one. But with the last one, I swear I went to the bathroom every hour just to check. I think I posted this somewhere else, but I started joking that pregnant women dont actually have to pee more, we are just going to make sure the baby is still okay. You are sooo not alone!!! If I feel any moisture, Im telling DH, pull over at the next gas station, I have to pee. Totally a lie, I dont have to pee, I just keep getting scared.

The other day we stopped to get food and he turned me around and looked at my butt (like there was something on it), and (even though there was people around), I blurted, "omg, am i bleeding?" and he was like, "what? no! you have a piece of grass on your skirt." Then he just hugged me and said, "dont worry, if it happens will get through it together." I couldnt believe I blurted it out so loud, but I was so scared!

I'll feel better once we get to 12 weeks each week will get a little harder, until 8, then it will get a little easier, until 12 and I'll stop obsessing. MC doesnt run in my family, so I have no idea why Im so worried. I just know so many people who have experienced it and I see how much it hurts and Im terrified!

Sticky vibes!!!!
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Edited to clarify that my yes was in reference to the question "anyone else?" When I re-read it, I sounded awful! Sorry!

Everytime I go to the bathroom, I check and everytime I feel I need to check, I go to the bathroom
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Definitely not the only one! LOL. I check every time. Trying not to worry, but it's hard when I know so many people who have miscarried.

As my mother in law says, "Just keep thinking positively, that everything will be good and right!"
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Thanks, ladies, I did a FRER today, just to confirm Saturday and Sunday's tests . Yup,. got a line. Pixel, I agree, just keep thinking positive! And trying to have faith that the little bean will be sticky!!

Bebegim, your story made me feel better. I agree that the stress will lessen with time. Sigh!
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Me, me, me!! I was so naïve with DS's pregnancy. I was announcing it all over facebook as soon as I POAS (probably around 4 or 5 weeks). When I had my first appt with the MW, I didn't understand why she got flustered and assured me I may just not be as far along as they thought when she couldn't find his HB with doppler. Now that I am so, so much more informed, I am also nervous, but trying really, really hard to stay positive (and yes, I peed on 2 sticks today lol). Plus I have 3 FRER tests left and will probably pee on those from 11-13DPO. I plan to stop temping sometime this week after missed AF. I just don't see the point and don't want to get freaked.

One thing I've done is set mini-milestones for myself, since I tend to be a natural worrier and I have to work hard not to constantly stress. The first was get a BFP. Check. Second is miss my period. That is sometime this week, Friday or Saturday. Next is hear HB. A few weeks off, but still in the near future. And finally, make it to 2nd tri
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Was paranoid with DS until about week 10, and I have been having dark brown spotting all day today, so definitely paranoid right now. Trying not to go and check every 30 minutes.....
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You are NOT the only one. The only one I don't remember having spotting with is DD. I don't know with these two if it's somehow related to nursing a toddler? (DS1 did not nurse, DS2, DD1 was nursing, currently nursing DS2.)
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Yep, that's me, too! Saturday I felt a little damp while I was shopping with my mom, so I excused myself to the bathroom, and was quite relieved there was nothing there when I wiped. No reason to think baby isn't sticky, but still a little nervous!

wholebreath. I hope you get some answers soon.
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I can totally relate and yes, I worry each time! Two years ago I had a miscarriage at 5w5d and up until that point I was totally clueless and ignorant as to how often early miscarriages happen. After knowing what the statistics were I was actually surprised it had never happened to me before. So I'm hoping with that one under my belt (and possibly another chemical pregnancy a month or so ago) that I've paid my dues and will never have to go thru that again!

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No spotting for 24 hours, and nothing was ever red, so hopefully I'm good. Still paranoid though!
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Count me in! I was pregnant at this exact time last year and m/c on Mother's Day. So I am keeping pretty quiet this time and lots of praying.
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Believe me I am nervous. We lost our 2 baby in January and I was 11w5d pregnant. I thought I was in the clear Now I am so scared because this pregnancy is nothing like the last two. I still don't believe that I am pregnant. I am counting down to June 6th... the second trimester!
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