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What gender myths were true for you?

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So since we're now at the point in our pregnancies that most of us have found out the gender, I thought it would be fun to have a little myth buster thread. Which old wives tales proved true for you, and which didn't?

I'll start, this babe is confirmed boy 100%.

I had similar morning sickness as I did with DD. It was pretty bad for the first tri. It ended a week or two sooner this time though. So 'no morning sickness with boys' = FALSE.

I'm having less cravings in general this time, but am craving sweets and meats evenly. No sweet cravings with boys = FALSE.

I'm definitely carrying lower this time. Feeling kicks in my cervix already. Belly looks lower, and my lungs and stomach are free....(so far). So this was true for me.

Also true - heart beat. DD was 167, this little guy is 141. Although the myth says under 140=boy, but I think that's a little extreme. I'd say under 145 is more a 50/50 split.

The ring/thread swinging over the belly test was accurate for boy.

The hair on my legs seems to be growing slower which is supposed to mean boy. But I'm not feeling any prettier and my hair seems limp and stringy. That usually indicates girl.

So, about 50/50 in accurate predictions.....LOL.

Who else wants to play?
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I wanna play!
I didn't have MS with my first boy but did with my second boy and this girl.
I looked terrible with my second boy but good with my first boy and this girl.
I have gained less with this girl than with either boy, and someone told me that means it's a girl (before we knew).
I'm carrying lower this time than with either boy. It's supposed to be the opposite, right?
My oldest son's HB was always in the 150s, I don't remember my second son's (whoops), and this girl has been in the 140s every time we've heard it, so that's the wrong way around too.
I've been craving meat and spicy food-- does that mean anything? With my first I had no cravings and with my second I craved carrots and ranch, to a degree where it was actually disgusting how many carrots I was eating.
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Okay so for us it's a girl! It took the tech like 2 seconds to tell us since she zoomed right in for a crotch shot on the first wave of the wand. So, I'm positive. hahah!

I had uh.. evening sickness. But yes, had "morning sickness" so TRUE.

I'm getting constantly kicked in the cervix (weird, btw!) so I guess that means i'm carrying low? I can't tell what the heck i'm carrying by looking at myself. I swear I'm a different shape everyday. Lets call that one FALSE since its definitely low feeling.

I have some "acne" going on so that one is TRUE for this girl.

I've been craving SALT and salty stuff like crazy. I don't even feel the same way about chocolate as I did before I was pregnant. Um, FALSE.

Chinese Gender Chart was TRUE for me.

My leg hair is growing surprisingly slow (compared to my armpits! haha) so FALSE.

And her heartrate is at 140 every single time. FALSE!

And a funny one that someone told me based on their experiences :
I was feeling super lazy most of the time so that was supposed to mean a boy. WHAT! Hahah! Don't we all feel lazy when we are growing a human?
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With DD #1, I craved sweets like mad (that followed the trend). With this one, DD #2, I've craved sour and fruit (backward, supposed to crave for a boy!)

With DD #1, no MS. With this DD, lots of MS.

With DD #1, heart rate 150. With this DD, heart rate 150 (so I guess that was correct!)

My hair and skin looked terrible for the first trimester with both, and great after that (glowing, some would say.) So I guess that is false for me.

I never actually pay attention to the hair on my legs, so I wouldn't know about that. I just run a razor over them whenever I remember to do so...

I am carrying higher and more out, which some said boy, but that was wrong.

So my two pregnancy's are very different, but they are both daughters. I think I'm going to stop listening to all those tales. I was so sure it was a boy that I had a name all picked out (Allesandro) and now it's back to square one for girl names. Ah well.

And the Chinese birth chart is FALSE for me.
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This boy is my first so no other pregnancies to compare to.

Chinese Gender Chart was true for me.
I had nausea throughout the 1st tri but managed to never throw up so I guess it was relatively mild?
No sweet cravings, actually not too many cravings of any kind but a slight preference for more spicy food.
Leg hair seems to be growing pretty slowly.
I don't know how to tell if I'm carrying high or low, but I'm still pretty small. Getting kicked everywhere, high and low.
My skin has been pretty good so far.
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Originally Posted by MissMorgan View Post
I have some "acne" going on so that one is TRUE for this girl.
Oh, I forgot about this one. I'm pretty acne free this time, and had some last time. So that was true for me as well.

Somegirl99 - Are you having a boy or girl? I'm sure it's on the gender thread, but I'm too lazy to go look....lol. And on the lazy note, MissMorgan I've never heard that one before, but I'm definitely lazier this time around with a boy.
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Originally Posted by somegirl99 View Post
This boy is my first so no other pregnancies to compare to.
Pregnancy brain made me miss this.
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Boy # 3 for me.
Chinese calendar wrong
Had sex 3 days before O
A staple in my diet is sugar of any kind
Random break outs
Baby's HR was 150's in the first trimester
worst heart burn in my life
I have gained more weight then I did with my other boys at the same point.
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We're pretty sure it's a boy. The tech said it was, and there is a penis shaped object on the ultrasound pic.

Every Chinese gender chart was wrong for me.

Morning sickness was way worse in this pregnancy than in my two girl pregnancies. It has also come back after being gone for 5 weeks.

I've been craving sweet and salty together (pickles and ice cream).

I'm carrying the same (high) as with previous pregnancies, although I'm way bigger sooner and am already having shortness of breath.

Heart rate for this boy is the same as it was for the girls (140's).

All my pregnancies are pretty much the same. The symptoms this time are just happening sooner and worse. It's likely a 4th pregnancy thing though rather than a gender thing.
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This baby is my second girl.

Myth: Morning sickness is worse for girls than for boys
-- Wrong. It was annoying but pretty mild I think for both of my girls. In my family, boys usually make us sicker, so that's consistent with something, at least.

Myth Girls steal your beauty.
-- Wrong.And I find this one very insulting on many levels, but I won't get into that. Although I have my ragged moments, I think I look pretty decent. No breakouts, and my hair and nails are strong and shiny, and my weight is pretty much all in my belly and breasts.

Myth Chinese calendar predictor.
-- Wrong for both of my babies.

Myth Carry low for girls, high for boys.
--True on both of my girl pregnancies. I'm hanging low.

Myth Hold a ring on a string over your belly or wrist. If it moves in a circle it's a girl, in a straight line, a boy. (though some people say the opposite)
-- True for both of my girls.

Myth You crave sweets with girls, meat with boys.
-- mixed. Although I couldn't stand sweets in my first trimester, I'm back to my normal consumption. I'm eating a lot of protein now because I need it. I haven't really had many cravings, but the few I've had have been for meat.

Myth Girl babies have higher heartrates.
-- True. Both of my girls have been in the 160s for the most part.
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Originally Posted by AmyKT View Post
Myth Carry low for girls, high for boys.
I've always heard the opposite for this.
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This pregnancy is completely different than the last two (boys) and it's a boy. The Chinese birth chart was WRONG! Not that I'm bitter or anything. I could have practically written momongeon's post for myself too.
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Originally Posted by MammaB21 View Post
Pregnancy brain made me miss this.
Completely understandable.
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I could have sworn we were having a girl because with my first son I had mild morning sickness and this time around I was soooo sick. But nope, another boy.
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