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Do I NEED to dilute it?

Couldnt really find anything on the internet about diluting vs. taking it straight. Does anyone know?
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I've seen clients drinking it by adding to water (proportions done by taste preference). I've tried it and the brand had spearmint in it, so it was a minty, fresh drink (I added ice to it). Other brands aren't so tasty, so if you don't like the taste, you can play around with adding it to juices or smoothies.

Note: Careful, it STAINS! A minor inconvenience, liquid chlorophyll will turn everything...and I mean everything a nice green hue...including your teeth! The trick is to drink then brush your teeth right away.

Hope that helps.
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Ahhh, that's why they say to dilute it!! Ok, to save myself green teeth I will continue to put it in water.

Thanks so much
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You don't have to dilute it, it's just a taste preference. Last time around, I put it in oj but had to gag it down each day. This time it's much more palatable in plain ol water.
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Why are you all taking this?
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Originally Posted by graciegal View Post
Why are you all taking this?
I've heard this mentioned a couple of times before but I'm not recalling why it's used. Someone care to fill me in?
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I took it last time I was pregnant, but a bit later on. I think it was reccomended because I was a bit anemic, and it is supposed to help your body convert iron from food into the form needed to make blood cells. I bought the minty kind, but didn't like it much. I would fill a shot glass about 3/4 full, top off with water, and shoot it. I knew all those poor decisions in college would pay off in some sort of useful way.
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I took it with my last pregnancy for low hemoglobin count. It did the trick!
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