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Stroller forum on MDC?

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Is there a forum for discussing strollers/stroller reviews on MDC? I tried looking around in Parenting and doing a google search, but didn't find anything.

I'm still debating whether or not to get a stroller, since we plan to mostly babywear, but wanted to look into the BOB and Baby Joggers more, as I can foresee us using it on the 1 1/2 hour loop we do around the golf course.

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I've never seen one (stroller forum, that is... I've seen a stroller ). It seems like lot's of folks around here don't use them much. We use ours, a babyjogger, when the babies are about 6-9 months. We live in the city with bumpy sidewalks so only a real jogging stroller cuts it. Plus, I walk A LOT and they've always been happy in it. For lazy strolls, toddler walks or stores/zoo/etc we've always just used baby carriers. hth!
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Hi! You might try the Life With a Babe forum for stroller ideas, if you're curious. We don't have a specific forum devoted to the topic, but it seems to come up there a fair bit. I bet you could get plenty of info.
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We use our stroller pretty regularly for walks and such. I would highly recommend getting a lightweight jogging stroller that folds up easily over any of the big travel system strollers. We have one and it just sits in our basement. But, the jogging stroller gets used almost every day now that it's warm out for walks to the park and such. The one we have does have an attachment that allows you to put an infant seat on it, we just never used it.

Things I like about it and would recommend looking for in a stroller:
- Has a basket underneath to put stuff
- Folds up easily
- Lightweight
- Front wheel can either swivel or lock in place
- Tray for the front
- Baby's seat can recline

Here's the one we have.
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You might also want to consider a stroller which allows the baby to face you. They're usually the bigger, heavier kind unfortunately but I much prefer them to forward facing strollers (I have one of each) as I miss talking to her when she's forward facing. Not that toddler seems bothered which way she faces.

Although if you're not going to be using it much then a lightweight forward facing (and cheaper one) might be a better option.

Definitely go and try a few out in stores before buying, even if you intend to buy online or secondhand. Also check they'll fit in your car (if you have one) easily. I know someone who ended up having to buy a new car as she couldn't fit the stroller in. even with the wheels removed. Expensive mistake!
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I think I've seen some chat about it in Family Safety too-like with the car seat chat?

We have a double Bob and love it but like the PP said, my babes didn't really like the stroller for longer than 10 minutes until 5 or so months. We did end up getting the infant attachment bar for the car seat. We only used it for a month but it converts to a snack tray.
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Thanks, ladies, I'll check out those forums. And thanks also for the stroller advice, and for the stroller suggestions!
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We own a Snap N Go, a Peg Perego (hand-me-down from my sister), a Baby Trend jogging stroller (on clearance at Target for $20), and most recently a Phil & Teds with doubles kit.

I used the SNG a little bit when DD was really little, but then I mostly put her in a carrier for outings after that.

We didn't start using the PP for mall outings until much later - which made trying on clothes for myself much easier. The PP allows the handle bar to switch sides so you're facing the baby if you want. It was expensive when my mom bought it for my sister - I definitely wouldn't have put down the money for one myself.

I have used the BT stroller the most for walks around the neighborhood and for a couple of 5Ks - by far our best baby gear investment for the price!

The P&T is to prepare for the new little one. I'll mostly use it in the mall and for traveling.

A friend of mine is serious about running and recently bought a BOB double jogging stroller for her two little boys. She has been raving about it.
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