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20 mo DD just staring blank...no response

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OK I will take DD to the pediatrician but I just wanted to hear some opinions from you mamas.

I have first noticed DD stare off into nowhere about two weeks ago. We were in the car and I had stopped at a store and went to unbuckle DS. I look over to her and say "Hey mama" No response so I called her name but still no response. I called her name again, getting panic-y, but she still wouldn't respond. I kinda lost it there and jumped over DS's seat and just kinda grabbed DD and shook her seat while unbuckling her. That's when she came back, crying and srcreaming. I was a mess, she was a mess and we all needed a minute or two until we could keep going.

So now today we were in the car again and she's talking and playing back there with DS and suddenly it's quiet. I asked DS (he's 3) if sister was sleeping and he said "No, baby is awake" and I look back and see her head just bobbing around but yet she must have had her eyes open. Also, her thumb wasn't in her mouth and she ALWAYS does that when she's going to sleep or sleeping. So I started to shake her seat a little bit (we were driving over a bridge so there was no way to stop for me) but no response. I had to shake it quite a bit and then she came back crying again.

I don't know what to make of it. Both incidents happened in the car, while driving. Both times she might have been tired but it wasn't around naptime or anything.

Other than that DD is normal. I haven't seen any weird behaviour, she talks, plays, laughs etc a lot so this staring thing just seems kind of off to me.

Maybe someone here has made a similar experience.
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DD sometimes gets the stares but she snaps right out of it and is never upset like that. I'd get it checked out pronto. Hope it's nothing!
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I'd get her checked out, but is there any chance sometimes in the car the motion of the car puts her to sleep with her eyes open and no sucking?

I'm hoping it's something weird like that, one of those oddly deep sleeps that you can get with naps when things line up just right.

if it is a problem may it be figured out fast with an easy solution!
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I do have to mention, not to scare you

I worked with a teenage boy who was having seizures, and that was the only symptom. He would sit there and get an strange vacant look in his eyes for a minute or two and would be unresponsive. He never had a memory of it.

The fact that she is crying/upset when she comes out of it is what would make me worry a little.

Does she do it at any other times? If it's a new thing, keep an eye out and see if it's happening at home when she's tired, eating, playing etc.

Is there anyway you could have your vid. camera ready to record it? - it would help show the dr.

That does sound very scary and I hope it's nothing.
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I have known 2 people (adults) who had this issue. It was a type of seizure. They would both just stop what they were doing (even in the middle of a sentence), stare blankly for a couple minutes, then come back and never know what they missed. Even picking up in their sentence right where they dropped off.
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Thank you mamas. My husband mentioned that it might be seizures, too. I'm still hoping that it's just a phase but I will go have her checked out anyway.

She only did it in the car so far. I have never noticed it at home or anywhere else.
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seizures was my first thought too. Curious how things are? Is everything ok???
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Another one who thought seizures too. I had them when I was little and the only indication was I would just stare at nothing for about a minute. If they are seizures, there could be something about being in the car that sets them off, such as light flashing (i.e. sunlight being blocked out by the trees intermittently).
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I have seizures and these sound like seizures... so sorry! hope you get answers soon!
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Thinking positive thoughts for your little girl. Sure everything will turn out just fine
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I know it has been some years since this post.  Did you find out what the blank stares were? My daughter just did this and when searching for information, your post came up.  I am freaked out by it and thought I had lost my daughter when she wasn't responding.  Thank you!

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