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Newborn failure to thrive

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I have a heavy heart and sad news. I'm not going to talk about it too much right now because it is so painful. My newborn son is failure to thrive He has not gained in four weeks. Today I changed from normal formula supplement to a higher calorie supplement. Please pray for my little man.
So sad
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No advice, but I couldn't read without offering a .
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my little boy did not gain right away either. i added formula to his breastmilk so that he could eat whenever we needed him to- without aitig for my milk production to increase.

the good news? he gained back his birth weight and is now on track! it just took twice as long as the experts wanted him to.

the bad news? he's still on 1/2 breastmilk and 1/2 formula, because i haven't had the time to pump in between feedings (we were forced to move 2 weeks after he was born, and i'm in grad school) to get my milk production back up to where he needs it to be.

so, take heart. lots of love with that high calorie formula will do the trick!
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My first was a FTT baby as well. Its hard

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Both my LOs had a hard time gaining. The second one esp. (14.5 lbs at a year!!). That was such a hard period for us.

We found chiropractry very effective for increasing her appetite and improving digestion( a very gentle non-invasive technique called Toftness), as well as classical homeopathy (which, among other things, cleared up symptoms like a very sweaty head, cold extremities, poor skin texture, etc), and also when we began avoiding wheat and dairy, she began to gain and get that spark back in her eyes.

Good luck to you!
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Have you been fully evaluated by a good IBCLC Lactation Consultant? Has your DS been checked for a tongue-tie? How is his milk transfer at the breast? Are you supplementing at the breast? (see: http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...lips&Itemid=13)

If the FTT is caused by insufficient milk intake Jack Newman also has a good info sheet with lots of ideas: http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...tion&Itemid=17

Not gaining is scary, Mama I hope you get it sorted out soon! And I hope you get the real life support to maintain your breastfeeding relationship AND have your son gaining well. It can be done - we just need to support Mamas and their precious babies!
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