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wool diaper covers in the summer?

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Do wool diaper covers get too warm for your little one in the warmer months? We've been using longies and love them. I want to make some shorties, but wanted some advice first. Should I go for a thinner wool and just expect they wont be as water proof? Do shorties without leg bands leak? If I knit some would that be cooler? I look at those knit ones though and wonder if the wetness seeps through. How thick of a yarn should i use if I do knit?

lots of questions. Thanks for your help.
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Wool is perfect for all year--warm in the winter and cool in the summer due to the breathability of wool. I am about to make a whole bunch of nb soakers and shorties for the new bean as well.
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Wool is breathable so its great for summer too. Just imagine a CD butt all wrapped up in PUL... way less circulation there.

I would go for the heavier wool, it will hold in more of its weight in moisture thus less wicking. I just can't see myself taking the time to knit some shorties for them not to work very well and not be used.
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I do think that the breathability of wool is a big pro, but I'm skeptical about how cool it actually is in REALLY hot weather. I mean, when it's hot out, I don't exactly reach for my wool skirts, you know?

That said, I wouldn't go to a lighter weight of yarn than worsted. I have a recycled pair of longies from something closer to a fingering-weight of wool, and it just can't handle the pee. All my worst-weight or heavier wool is fine, though.
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I was JUST going to ask this question! I've made longies from wool sweaters during the winter, and now, I'm making shorties. I them.

This is my most recent pair of shorts.

I live in Houston, and I've know lots of mamas who use wool during the summer, but I think they mostly use crocheted or knitted shorties. I'm hoping that the sweater shorts aren't too hot, but maybe they will be in July/August ...

(even though this is my 3rd child, and I've only used cloth for all of them, this is my first foray into wool)
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Thanks, for the helpful hints!!! I am going to try and crochet a few since that seems a little cooler, but also make some felted shorties. Try a little of both.
I agree lalemma, its seems breathable but not very cool. My plan is to just use cloth, no cover, on days we're home and just playing outside. Use covers only when we have to. I love your shorties jrabbot. The frill around the bottom is so cute!
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Wool is definitely cooler in the summer than plastic/PUL. I make sweater soakers (and fleece soakers) since I'm such a slow knitter.
I made some from the Born To Love pattern (the triangle) without leg bands and those worked just fine for DD.
I also had some that I made out of lighter weight sweaters that didn't wick noticeably. They were made of very tight knit wool, and felted up really nicely, while staying thin. They had to be changed and aired out a bit more often than the thicker ones, but they worked just fine.
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