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Raging hormones???

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I just hung up on the travel agent.... she was annoying the cr*p out of me, and I had had enough of her mumbling to me and not listening to me I feel like such an idiot. She was just trying to do her job and unfortunately mumbled and was not offering me the flights that I was asking for - but it totally annoyed me, enough to hang up on her.

Anyway, we'll get our flights sorted out, although DH might need to help out.... we are off to Berlin in July.
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I totally hear you on those hormones. Have fun on your trip! Do you have family in Berlin?
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Kind of.... it's a bit complicated. My dad is marrying someone who is originally from Berlin, and they are having the wedding in Berlin in July... it's a bitter sweet experience for me, as my mum passed very unexpectedly last year in June, and it has been quite shock getting used to the idea of another woman in my fathers life. But I very much want to be there to support and celebrate with him. It's just a mission finding flights at hours that will no ruin DS's sleep, or our bank account
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Im so sorry for the loss of your mom. I cant imagine how hard that must be. Don't feel bad about blowing up. I think all of us are on the edge right now. And we dont know how to control it just yet! We'll get better as the weeks go by! I hang up on people when Im not pregnant. hah.
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Hey Ema Adama!

We pmed a few times back and forth a while ago about waldorf in isreal!

Just wanted to say hi, I posted a raging hormones thread a few days ago

My father passed away 2 months ago (in israel), very hard, and strange creating life while dealing with loss.
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I've had a couple moments today myself.

First, we come home to a notice from the HOA that we were "in violation" with our lawn on March 17. They sent it to the landlord (we rent), who forwarded it to the property manager who sent us a letter saying we have 3 days to fix it or they will, and will bill us. Good thing I have a receipt from March 12 showing we paid $100 to have our lawn done, and have had it done two more times since then, including this Monday. I called both the property manager and the HOA company and went a little bit....let's just say I was firm I asked the HOA if they have photographic evidence b/c I certainly have evidence to dispute the violation, and would be happy to send it to them. The thing that makes this most annoying is that my neighbor's yard (and several others) look totally awful...I mean horrible. And I know for a fact that my neighbor is in good with the lady who is in charge of handing out violations, so she is playing favorites. Sorry, that's not going to happen on my watch. They messed with the wrong family! I also took pics of our lawn today with my phone so that I would have more proof.

I also got so uspet at DH when we walked in the door from picking him up from work and the first thing he tries to feed DS is a Nutrigrain bar
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My brother (whose a sophomore in HS and I practically raised) told me at dinner this evening, "You're no fun anymore. It's like your mad all the time for the past two weeks. What happened to you?" I was going to cry, but I didn't because we arent telling anyone yet, least of all my father, who was sitting right there. I just blamed it on home buying stress. But I really have been unusually mean to him. And he's such a sweet kid. But kids in general are bugging the heck out of me right now! Their erratic and emotional, which is fine, as long as Im not feeling erratic and emotional!!

AND, I flipped on DH for not finishing our tax return... i mean, hes done every clients and not ours! And we need it for our loan approval! We were supposed to send the stuff last night... and he went to play cards with the boys tonight... uh... i flew off... "do you want to have four kids in this town house? huh?" (meanwhile, we are only pregnant with #2)... "I hope you'll be happy, because you wont have a wife, just four kids, because I will have died from the stress." Its amazing to me now, but I was so serious when I said that delusional statement and of course, he just laughed at me. UGH!

Yep, totally hormonal! Like PMS x10!

And now my three year old should be sleeping and she is yelling to me for the third time that she has to poop... uuugh!!!
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Yeah, am definitely grumpy at the moment.... although excited too when I have a moment to myself. Poor DS, I am not my most patient at the moment, and got very grumpy yesterday when he spilt his prune juice all over my sofa.

It is weird being pregnant after my mums death. She was supposed to come and help me with my second child, so I have been quite scared of having a second child without her. Although, my EDD is 3 days after her birthday, which has been really reassuring for me in a sentimental way.

Yeah, yukookoo, your loss is much closer. It is so hard to be so far away from family at these times. My parents lived in South Africa (my father still does, in Cape Town) and it was so hard waiting to get there and then coming home and not being there. for your father

lawmama1984 - yeah, 'firm' is a good way of describing it. I told her that if she is not going to serve me in a way that I can understand her and get the information I need, I'm taking my business elsewhere, and then hung up when she insisted I book the ticket immediately - not in an hour after speaking with my husband. - maybe that is stnadard protocol now, , but it really did not suit me yesterday.

Bebegim - s
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okay, karma got me. my poor DD has terrible diarrhea! no wonder she kept saying she had to poop (she does this all the time to get out of sleeping, because shes knows ill let her try). she sure put me in my place! glad i only felt annoyed and didnt actually ACT annoyed! heh. Im going to work on this moodiness!
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Oh man, I'm just lurking because I haven't tested yet, but this all sounds familiar. We had a houseful of company on Monday and my dh was less than helpful w/my crazy 2yo. After everyone was in bed I unloaded on him, I mean unloaded - raised voice and sobbing. I'm really hoping I was justified and not just hormonal because I was really mad at him.

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Hormonal rollercoaster here too!
I went home at lunch today instead of going to class because I wanted to lay down. My husband was home having lunch and when he came into the bedroom I told him I was having a hard day at work. He started patting me on the head and asked why and I started sobbing "People keep asking me to do stuff!"

Uh... yeah, that's TERRIBLE of them
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