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Sorry for the TMI... I'm pretty sure my colostrum's coming in- I got a few clear drops from one boob... So I'm assuming this is connected. Most mornings, I've been waking up with my areolas completely swollen- the "little bumps" on them are completely inverted, my nipples are totally flat, and they're, like, hard on the underside. As the day goes on, they go back to normal, and then the next morning they may or may not do it again.

Worth asking the doctor? Normal?
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Normal, I have it too
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I think anything in the boobs leaking/not leaking, during pregnancy is perfectly normal.

I've been pregnant lots of times, and never once have I noticed any colostrum leaking before delivery. However, my milk fully comes in on the 2nd PP day, and then I have oversupply and overactive letdown...go figure...

In my first couple of pregnancies, I saw a lack of colostrum that "the books" tell you will happen, and thought I was abnormal..but now I see my body just doesn't do it-or release anything beforehand!
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I never leaked pre-partum with my first, but I agree that it's all normal. My breasts are much, much bigger this time than they were the first, so I've been expecting to be leaky, but I've been squeezing and so far, nada.

I've seen lots of early leaking threads though, so you're totally normal, holz.
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it's not leaking for me yet, but if i squeeze it's there, and ahem DH has said he has noticed it too during fun times

I asked my dr since I don't remember it so early with DS and she said it was perfectly normal
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I'm still nursing my first, so my experience may be a little different. My milk was pretty much dried up a few weeks ago, but now my DD is swallowing a little bit again and has and strong renewed interest in nursing for long sessions. I would assume that means my colostrum has come in as well. There does seem to be more in the morning as well.

When I was pregnant with DD I remember it coming in sometime during the second trimester. In the third it would occasionally leak out as well as I would notice dried up spots on my bra.
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Mine came in about a week ago. It comes out if I squeeze, but they're also leaking. They feel really engorged as well, and sometimes tingly almost as if they're threatening a let down. It's weird. I remember having colostrum with DD around 24 weeks, but I don't recall the tingly feeling and the feeling of actually being full of milk. I'm probably just more aware this time, and I'd say it's normal. The colostrum will hang around until after babe is born, so there is no negative outcome of getting it in early.
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I'm still nursing my 2.5 year old so he let me know when my colostrum came in lol. According to him it's very sweet. I haven't leaked , but I didn't wih my first pregnancy either.
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My milk has pretty much dried up around 8-10 weeks. My 2 year old still nurses and last week he was nursing, stopped and looked at me with a funny face...that's when I realized something had changed. He's gotten used to the taste I guess because he has MORE of an interest in nursing now and if he hasn't my boobs feel engorged. I'm 22 weeks.
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I've been having a little colostrum in my breasts (mostly only my right one though) for about 2 weeks (I'm 22 1/2 weeks). It doesn't leak, but if I very lightly press or even hold my breast, a little will appear on the nipple. It happened during my first pregnancy as well, and from what I understand it's quite common!
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I have been checking and no colostrum yet. When is the latest you should notice it?
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Originally Posted by megan sacha View Post
I have been checking and no colostrum yet. When is the latest you should notice it?
When the baby is born. No seriously though, I don't think there is any set time. Everyone is different.
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With my last pregnancy, I leaked blood. It was weird and scary. Like I got out of the shower and blood was dripping out. The dr. said it was a clogged duct and it never happened again. So, i think colostrum would be ok.
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