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Originally Posted by Blessed7 View Post
Having some questions about whether to vac or not. Could you please write if you have or haven't vaxed and if your LO ended up getting any diseases. Thanks for you help!
My DS is not vaccinated and will be 5 this December. He has not had a VPD (to my knowledge, suspected or confirmed).
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DD is (almost) 1 y/o, not vaccinated and so far, no illnesses whatsoever.

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DS1-Fully vaxed to age 2.  Has had rotovirus and is currently sick with Pertussis, Pink Eye AND an ear infection.


DS2-No vax and is currently sick with a much milder form of Pertussis than his older, vaccinated brother, and no secondary infections.

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My youngest is almost 4 and is unvaxed -had chicken pox -did ok -occ coughing /colds that last 3-4 days --about 1 a year .Did have a bad upper respiratory cough /mucus /yuck (so diod I ) for over 2  1/2 weeks -got antibiotics for us both .Only time for antibiotics!!



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DD (will be 3 in December) is fully vaxed except for Hep A, rotavirus and flu.  However, I spread out the vaccines over 2 years.  At 2 months, she got everything, then I waited until she was 6 months and only allowed 2 shots.  From there, she got vaxed every 3-5 months.  She was breastfed for 6 months.  Did not get her first cold until she was 13 months.  Has had 4 colds since then, that's it.  Had a few episodes of 3-day fevers with no other symptoms last year.  I think this was part of teething.


DS (6 months old) got everything at 2 months like my DD, and I waited again until 6 months of age to resume vaxes.  He only had Dtap and Prevnar a few weeks back.  I will do the same schedule I did with DD.  He will also not get Hep A, rotavirus or flu vaccines.  Had minor cold in September.  Is still being EBF. 


Both kids were born full-term.  No daycare or outside schooling.  Neither child has ever had an antibiotic.  Son is intact.  Plan on homeschooling kiddos.

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My older 2 boys are now 22 and 19 and both were vaxed according to that schedule used then -less thank God --

Both have had many ear infections ,natural chicken pox and roseola-

my 22 yo hadvaxes till age 11- many antibiotics for ear infections then quit drinking milk and they got better -he has had the most vaxes and the most illnesses --

my 19 yo had vaxes till age 6 or so then no more -had some antibiotics for strep throat and an ear infection -

my 11 yo had a few vaxes till age 1-then no more -had antibiotics x 1 for pneumonia after a rash ?fever illness I thought was a mild case of measles -is VERY healthy and responds well to homeopathic remedies and herbal teas -

see above for child # 4 -


short story -less vaxes = healthier child ??

Interesting how I have learned more healthy eating /alternative remedies used --healthier kids !!

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My 7, 5, and 2 year old are all fully vaxed.  No VPDs, none of them have even had an ear infection.  Baby hasn't had any shots yet, but he'll be fully vaxed (we delay the hep b until the 2 month shot and then vax on schedule after that).  No adverse vax reactions, either.

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mine are 5, 3.5 & 9 mo, the older two received only Dt (Diphtheria & tetanus)

They've each had colds and ear infections here and there. They attend a public preschool so get little colds often.


They did have a *minor* adverse reaction to Dt - just major emotional upset for about a week after, which is "common".


No regrets, and no plans to change course. I actually may  not get Dt for the littlest one at all, we got that because of travel to UK where I was told Diphtheria is more common-place?? Blamed on immigrants, of course...

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DS1 had three doses (2, 4, 6 mos) of DTaP and Hib. He has had the chicken pox, no complications, and the flu last winter (probably not H1N1). 


DS2 has had same vaxes. No VPD.


Both have been in child care since 6 weeks and exclusively BF.

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4.5 year old twins, completely unvaxed, no VPD's.

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DD1 is 7, DD2 is 4, DS is 1, no vaxs. All have had rotavirus, H1N1, and seasonal influenza once The girls had pertussis, chicken pox, and another seasonal influenza. DD2 was exposed to HiB but didn't get it, Just about the only illness she has ever been exposed to and didn't get. eyesroll.gif We are sick a lot, and it really is a lot, DD2 has very poor lungs from a serious illness as a newborn, she gets every germ she comes in contact with. Going 1.5 weeks between illnesses is really the most time off she gets. DD1 doesn't always get everything, but usually DS does. Many a cold, stomach bug, pneumonia,etc.. has come through my house. 

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DD 5 yo, fully vaxed until 12mo. She had once stomach bug before her second b-day and a very mild cold.She still nursing every once in a while.

DS 2 yo,non-vaxed. We suspect a percussis but was not a huge deal. Other that than both super healthy.They both CLW, we eats lot probiotics  and non processed food.

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DD is a few months shy of three. Completely unvaxed. She's never had a VPD that I know of - a cold or two here and there, but those were very mild (due to breastfeeding, I suspect). She doesn't go to daycare, but is exposed to kids who do on a regular basis.

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Mine are 20 months and 4 months, both vaxed, no VPD, no ear infections or any serious illness.  20-month old has had a few colds here and there, and once she had a 24-hour stomach bug.  EBF and very healthy.

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Both kids are fully vaccinated according to the typical schedule (2 YO and 4 month old).  DH and I are both fully vaxed as well, to avoid us being able to pass things to the kids.


Neither of them have been ill with anything.  The 2 YO had sniffles for one day - that's it.  


After a playdate, we found out one of 2 YO's friends had pertussis.  My kid did not get it.  It has killed 10 babies here recently so I was worried about our then newborn, but my son did not get sick so he did not expose her.

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My oldest had pertussis right before she turned 2. She was not vaccinated at the time.  She was exposed to Chicken Pox at 3 and didn't get that. She wasn't vaccinated for it.


My youngest has never had a VPD.


Both are currently fully vaxed with IPV and DTaP.

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