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Ideas for "Mystery Reader" book?

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I'm the mystery reader for my son's first grade class next week, and despite having tons of books and constantly checking out books and looking for books to read...I drawing a blank. I need a good book for reading aloud as well as some sort of clever idea for a costume or something to go along with it.

Any favorites to suggest, that lend themselves to reading aloud, with extra ideas? Looking for something spring related.
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My sitter was reading these to the 'little' kids this week and DS 9 thought they were cute.
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I've been mystery reader for my first graders class several times now. I have read-

My Little Sister Hugged an Ape
Anansi and the Melon
The Napping House
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Milo's Hat Trick
and one more that I can't remember now.

The kids tended to like the funny books.
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Well, nothing funny about this one, but the first thing that popped into my mind was

Encyclopedia Brown, by Donald Sobel

I think I read them in second grade, so maybe first graders will appreciate it? Not sure about the costume though.
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We do read encyclopedia brown at home, but I have a feeling that would be too long.

Oh the real story of the three little pigs- that is funny. I might do that one!

But the costume idea is really throwing me. I wish they didn't even make that an option. And I hate when ds comes home with crappy candy handed out by the mystery reader, too. I wonder what I could possibly do with that book to be creative.
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We just read True story of the three little pigs this morning and the kids always get a kick out of the little pig bottoms sticking up out of the ground with the little curly tail sticking up.
Maybe you could make some pink play dough, enough for everyone to have a golf ball size ball, and cut some pink pipe cleaners in half or fourths, and show the class how they can roll the dough, flatten the bottom and curl the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make a curly tail. Maybe little desert size paper plates to put them on.
Their very own little piggy butts.
Or maybe not.

Strega Nona by Tomi Depoala would be a cute book also. You could dress up like Strega Nona and take in a big pasta pot.
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Caps for Sale is a fun one. You could wear a cap.

Also, you're coming up on Earth Day--what about The Lorax? You could wear that crazy yellow mustache?
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I recommend Tacky the Penguin

It's a very funny book and it would be an easy costume- just wear a loud shirt.
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Tar Beach is a beautiful and interesting book, and it's always a hit.

In one of the most visually exciting books to appear in a long time, artist Faith Ringgold has created a picture book based on her story quilt, "Tar Beach."... Ringgold's boldly imaginative acrylic paintings brilliantly capture the power of a child's soaring imagination on the twilight edge of dream.
My son's first grade class has also enjoyed The Hello Goodbye Window and Moongirl. And Abuela.

I also recommend checking out The Peace Book and Whoever You are too.
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