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New to Single-ness

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It's been a month tomorrow. Or two? Feb 7th, dh asked for a divorce. I told him I knew we were in trouble, but please let's stay together. I had started the "Love Dare" book and thought it would make a difference. The 8th, he said no, it would just be postponing the end. We told the kids. The 9th, he came home from work so upset. He said no, he wasn't leaving, our family would stay under one roof, and ideally we'd get our marriage back. One month latter, one of his best friend's called me to tell me my husband and his wife are having an affair and are "in love". I called dh at work (his don't bother me with problems place) and told him to come home or meet me somewhere. He asked why. I told him he'd been lying the whole time and was having an affair. He came home, I asked him so many questions, he had no answer for. He didn't sleep at home that night. Now I know he was at a hotel with her. He came home the next day to tell me he was moving out. He signed a lease with her that day. We have three kids: dd 16, ds, 14, and dd,8
So in one day, he signed a lease with his friend's wife and told his kids he was moving out with her. Did I mention he cleared out our joint bank account to start his new life? And that I have been primarily a sahm and homeschooling two of our kids? Did I mention she had been my friend? Did I mention for months she has been taking my 8yr old with her every friday night for a few hours as a "favor" to me? Did I mention he moved his things out on our 17th anniversary?
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I am so so sorry. How heartbreaking for you. I don't really have any advice. I hope that you have some support around you right now. It makes me so angry - so furious! - that people can do this to their loved ones. I don't understand at all

to you, I'm so sorry
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I am so sorry that you and your children are going through this right now. I can't begin to imagine your pain.

I have no advice or sage wisdom to offer you, just my empathy.

People suck.
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Wow. I am so sorry.
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