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I almost never get a chance to dress up, but I do have a LBD, a little BROWN dress. Brown looks better on me than black, I think. It's chocolate brown satin with these kind of ruffly overlapped layers--hard to describe, but it's got a 1920's feel to it, which works for me because I'm really flat-chested! My dh and I went to on Oscar party in LA (we live in AZ) at the home of the audiobook producer he edits for. I got the dress at an outlet mall at the BCBG outlet for $50 on the WAY to CA--yep, last minute-- and found some cute shoes in LA a few hours before the party, which really, really hurt my feet by the end of the night, but we had a great time.
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Originally Posted by wookie View Post
The ubiquitous Little Black Dress. The one thing fashion gurus say is a must-have. I admit I don't, especially since I hardly wear formal clothes since kids and SAHMing. But I'm curious to know if other moms have one? Do you get to wear it often(ish)? Is it, in fact, black? Care to describe it?

I sure wish sometimes that I had more occasions that called for dressing up (more so when my legs are freshly waxed )
some people (me) actually look awful in black clothes near the face, so...
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I have three - sleeveless, short sleeved, and 3/4 length.
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I have at least 3. One is a silky sleeveless slip dress for summer. One is a sleeveless knit jersey, I wear it with a silky fine knit turtleneck. Another has a jewel neckline and empire bodice and long sleeves in a fine knit, and is more a day dress.

I may still have a sleeveless, velvet sheath that was great through the holiday season. I haven't seen it the last couple of times that I packed up my closet though, so I'm not sure.

Black is my basic. I love it and wear it all the time - too much! Last year I rebelled and bought a beautiful fine wool sheath dress in gorgeous crimson RED!
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wow. i'm impressed with the numbers...pretty much split down the middle. in fact, you hottie sirens may even outnumber us frumpy others

no matter, fellow non-LBDers, we're still sax-ay!

ETA: also, PPs with the brown and blue dresses...I personally think those two are MUCH better colours for formal attire!
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No, I don't. After buying everything that ds needs, there's usually no money left for me.
My clothes are pathetic.
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No, I don't have a LBD, but I do have a gorgeous paisley print maxi-dress that i wear when I feel like dressing up a bit to go out. Maxis suit my style more, especially colourful ones. I like black too, but I haven't worn much black since I moved to the tropics.
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I love a LBD and have 4. 2 for winter and 2 for summer.
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Nope, but I want one.
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I have 3. All in storage...so, not sure if that counts.
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I do, but I don't even remember the last time I wore it.
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Not at the moment. I did when I was preg, it was the best dress ever. I could dress it up for DH's work events or down for casual events.
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Nope. I never ever have a reason to wear a dress.
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No- I wear a nice black blouse and black skirt to funerals, and I don't wear black to weddings. I want a MBD (medium black dress-- like tea length), but I haven't found one I like as much as I liked the one I had back in college. I should get one made I guess.
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I do, but it's about one size two small (which is an improvement over the four sizes it was too small three months ago).
It doesn't hardly ever get out of the house, but I do try it on once a month to guauge my weight loss. Maybe I should put a disco light in my closet so I can feel like it's getting some action. Lol.

I do have an attractive black top that accentuates my waist too.
It gets thrown in with different size pants since my hips are where I gain all my weight.
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I have two little black dresses. They aren't particularly sexy or dressy, though. More classic.

I wouldn't mind having another one that was a bit dressier.

I also have a LBPS...a little black pant suit.

I don't wear them often, but when I need them they are nice to have and I feel good in any of them.

I have a pair of classic black heels and a pair of classic black flats I can wear with any of them.
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Yes! Awesome vintage 1950s style (though probably made in the 80s?) acetate. Ballerina neckline, spaghetti straps, full skirt to just below knees; funny you should ask, too, because I just tried it on this morning to see how it fits (I've been losing weight). It fits better than it did when I bought it for new year's 2 years before I had DS!!!!
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Yes. I think I currently have 3 LBDs----a 3/4 sleeve jersey knit, a sleeveless pleated number with a full skirt and a spaghetti strap cotton shift dress. I'm a dress and skirt girl, though.

eta: make that 4. I have a club-wear halter number too.
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I have several in varying sizes and styles, including maternity. The one I've worn the most is this one. The last few formals and military dining out's that my DH and I have went to weren't very formal so LBD's were suitable for them. Now we have more formal balls (one coming up at the end of May) so I'm about to invest in a more formal gown.
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Nope, I dont own a dress. I dont have anywhere to go
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