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DS is two feet away, and I miss him.

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I've been hanging out on this forum lately, gathering great advice about our nap challenges. Based on some advice and DH's encouragement, I decided to move DS's bed (it was shoved right up against our bed to create a bigger area) away from our mattress in an attempt to recreate his day care sleeping environment, where he falls asleep in mere minutes. I moved it, like, two feet. I made a big deal about His Own Bed, and we snuggled and nursed there, as we always do to fall asleep at night.

Now, he's sleeping over there, and I'm over here, sitting up in our bed, missing his little feet pressing against my legs. I'm longing for his first wake-up so he can join me over here and we can snuggle. Suddenly, I'm sad that he might now sleep through the night for the first time in his life.

Isn't that crazy.
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Not crazy at all mama. My ds has recently transitioned to being in his own bed in his own room. He does still usually wake once per night and instead of getting him to go back to sleep in his bed (which I could do easily by lying next to him for a few mins) I pick him up and carry him back to my bed because I miss the snuggles. There is something so wonderful and special about having your little one right next to you.
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Agreed! He woke and crawled into bed with us around 11:00. I think I may push the beds back together for now.
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LOL! This is what I struggle with - I think I'd sleep *better* all around if his bed wasn't shoved up against ours because his is a kicker at night (as was I, my sister tells me)...but oh, the thought of having him six feet away on the other side of the room! I may feel differently when our Wisconsin summer kicks in and I'm sandwiched between one big hot body and one little one...
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The first night DD1 slept in her own bed, I cried for like an hour. DH thought I was insane. It was what I knew I wanted, we'd been working towards it for weeks, and still, when it happened, I was so sad. I missed her so much, and I was mourning the "baby" stage that seemed like it was passing too quickly, and I worried that even though she was clearly happy with the new situation, that somehow I was harming her. It was a hard transition for me to make. It happened with my other kids, too. I don't think you're crazy at all.
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Shh! Don't tell my husband, but I'm secretly glad that my three-year-old doesn't sleep through the night yet! He's in his own room now, but I'm so glad that he needs "mama snuggles" to go back to sleep. After so many months of tears at his lack-of-sleeping habits, it's a strange feeling to *want* him to wake sometimes. But, even half-asleep, those snuggles help us connect after some crazy-busy days. It just gets a little tricky when it wakes up the baby. Then the three of us snuggle in his twin bed - crowded, but I love it.
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GISDiva, where in WI do you live??
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I totally understand, when my babies were little and had colic they would finally fall asleep and I would put them in the swing for movement so I could get some housework done and if they were still sleeping when I went to bed I would bring the swing into my room and try and go to sleep with them next to my bed, but I couldn't sleep and would end up bringing them into there "spot" so we ( I mean I) could get some sleep.
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