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Chicken Pox in Vancouver, WA!

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If anybody needs exposure please PM me. My son is going on day 7 of the pox, I forgot to come in here sooner and post about it, but he will be contagious for at least 2 or 3 more days I'm sure as he still has new spots showing up that haven't even turned into blisters yet.
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Any more chicken pox exposure?
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We have pox up in Vancouver. East side in Fisher's Landing. House is a mess but we'll take visitors. Day 2 for us.
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Aw, crud. Today was my last chance to make a road trip and it's a little late to run down there and back before t-ball practice. We're in Mount Vernon.

I hope more people get it and check back in here!
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Probably not the best place to ask....but does anyone know the ideal age to get chicken pox? Is 2 too young, or would the child still likely get lifelong immunity.

I'm tempted, especially because it took multiple exposures for both myself and my sister before we actually got chicken pox. I was 14, she was 17. I'd definitely like my son to get it sooner!!!
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well, we're in the middle of pox right now - my son is 2 - almost 3. He was exposed 5 times before he came down with pox.

I'm hoping it provides life long immunity - but we'll also probably hang out with other friends that catch the pox as he gets older just to bump his immunity.
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we don't have pox but if anyone in Vancouver gets them we would love to partake!
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We have them! Day 1/2 (noticed yesterday, she only has a few spots so far). We live in Vancouver on the west side in Felida. House is messy, just moved in a few weeks ago but we are open to guests! Pm me here for my email and we'll get this show on the road!
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sent you a pm Lileigh!
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Originally Posted by CourtneyinOregon View Post
sent you a pm Lileigh!
dare i hope you all keep it going until we get back from our upcoming trip?!?! June would be so dang awesome for the pox. keep it rolling ladies!
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Ooh, we are interested. Have a 6, and nearly 5, and nearly 3 year old who have never been exposed. I'm in Portland, but happy to make the trip over the bridge.
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Anyone bringing it up to the Seattle area?

How long is the contagious period? This would be a perfect time to get DD exposed... but a trip to Vancouver isn't very convenient for us right now.

Also- I'm curious how many ways there are to expose someone. DD has a bazillion food allergies, so sharing food (to get exposure) is probably not going to work.
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Did the pox make it to the Puget Sound? Come on, pox!
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