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~*February '08 Mamas and Toddlers*~ Spring Thread!! *April-June*

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Howdy mamas...I figured I'd make us a thread that can go a little longer since we all seem to be busy lately.

We're doing ok here. The kids have been getting outside a lot more which is great. We have another puppy, Cleo, (she's 7 mo) add to the mix. She's a walker hound and very sweet. The lady we got her from rescued her from her owner her was treating her like a hunting dog (horrible to say the least) and she evidently wasn't a good one. She fed her and got her fattened up and she's just sweet as pie Jamie (our husky/lab mix) is getting along with her famously and is definitely handling it better than we had Blue (the male Pit Bull.)

Steven is potty learning. He's doing really great about telling us although if they get playing outside too long sometimes he forgets or we forget to remind him to go (at one point he just took his pants off and peed on the concrete outside lol)

His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. I can really tell how much of a difference it makes having an older sibling because Austin wasn't nearly this literate at 2.

At our WIC apt. a week ago Steven was 35lbs and 35 inches tall. Austin was 42 lbs 42in...I have square children lol. Of course they were trying to tell me Steven is heavy...I'm like have you seen him?! He's a solid mass of little muscles. Yes he does eat alot, but we're not looking at lunchables and chips and cake and candy all day. The kid loves his veggies. He had 3 servings of mixed veggies on Easter. I have no worries about him.

Austin will be 4 on the 2nd of May. I can hardly believe its already been that long...next year he'll be ready for school of some sort although I'm wondering if Michael is gonna look to put him in Pre-K here. I think he'd enjoy it and do very well. Maybe not all day everyday, but a few times a week for a couple hours.

Tristyn is smiling and cooing a bit. She's 9 weeks old already and I can tell she is taking after my side of the family. She looks a lot like Austin did. We're still nursing and I'm still pumping when I can for work/school time. Just praying I can keep up with her demand (and keep schooling Michael not to OVERfeed her because he sometimes does that.)

I started school yesterday and I think I'll enjoy it although I miss being on the compound. Thankfully I get plenty of breaks during the day so I can pump. I'm hoping I'll be able to build up a stash to have on hand again when I go back to work in August.
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Yes, this DDC has quietened down a lot!!

In our news, I am preggers! At the moment anyway. The baby will be due on the 11th december, 3 days after my mum's birthday, so that is kind of neat. I am much more excited than I thought I would be.... but also still processing that...

Now I can obsess about how to have a homebirth again I seem to need something to obsess about, although I am trying to control that.

For now I am still nursing Hillel and I would like to for as long as is possible. (Sarah Lynne, I keep the image in my mind of you tandem nursing Steven and Tristyn after your last birth)

What happened to Helen?I see her on facebook when I remember to log in, but it's been ages since she posted here
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Originally Posted by ema-adama View Post
Yes, this DDC has quietened down a lot!!

In our news, I am preggers! At the moment anyway. The baby will be due on the 11th december, 3 days after my mum's birthday, so that is kind of neat. I am much more excited than I thought I would be.... but also still processing that...

Now I can obsess about how to have a homebirth again I seem to need something to obsess about, although I am trying to control that.

For now I am still nursing Hillel and I would like to for as long as is possible. (Sarah Lynne, I keep the image in my mind of you tandem nursing Steven and Tristyn after your last birth)

What happened to Helen?I see her on facebook when I remember to log in, but it's been ages since she posted here
Congrats Momma!! I would love a Dec. baby SOMEDAY...lol! As for the tandem nursing you can totally do it! We haven't tandem nursed in a while although Steven still nurses about once a day. He's such a big boy that it isn't easy to get everyone settled in a comfortable place to nurse together.

Same old same old here. DH and I are constantly fighting it seems. I wouldn't have a problem if he had a bad day with the kids and couldn't get something done. I get that! I've been there! However whenever he starts projects (like cleaning the yard up) and makes it *worse* than it was and leaves it, I mean what am I supposed to do? It's a freaking obstacle course trying to get to my front door. If I don't keep up on laundry none of it gets done. I did 1 load a day, as long as I had soap to wash it. I also had the livingroom/diningroom and kitchen cleaned up. Dishes may not have been done, but they were rinsed up so they didn't smell to high heaven or attract bugs. He goes on these cooking tangents and leaves the kitchen covered in flour, grease, and everything else. It's beyond my ability to comprehend. It's definately putting a strain on us to have the roles reversed. He has this grand plan to run off to TN and buy some land and homestead forever more. I'm ok with that. I'd love to do that, but not right now. Not when I'm just starting this job and training. And that's all he talks about. "Do you hate your job yet?" "Ready to move?" "How's TN looking now?" All.The.Time. How is that supposed to make me feel? I told him the other night if he was so dead set on TN that he could go on his way, because I'm tired of being made to feel like I'm the horrible thing holding him back.
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Congrats to Ema!

Our family is complete at 3 little people. Maybe if I had met DH earlier, I might have considered having a large brood. At 37 yrs now, I don't think I want to push fate to see if we could have another healthy baby, and another...

DS2 talks up a storm. I love to hear his little voice chatter away. Every moment is slightly bitter-sweet, as this will be the last time there will be a child this young in the house. When he is nakey-bum, he knows exactly what to do, and I don't even need to remind him. He tells me when he has a #2 because he knows that wiping is involved.

We put an offer on a house this past Good Friday, and it was accepted, conditional to financing and inspection. Inspection was yesterday, and we see the bank tomorrow. We anxiously await the inspection report, as it will give us ammo to reopen negotiations regarding the price. The ground floor of the 100 yr triplex is in fantastic shape, and the stone foundations in the basement are built solid. All we have to do is keep moisture and humidity at bay to preserve the foundations.

Mommy2Austin, that's great that you are resuming your studies, getting time to do your own thing not related to being a mom. I'll gradually ease myself into more paid employment by the time DS2 is in school full time, a few years from now.
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Hi mommies!! I think since no one linked to the new thread, some of us got lost? Anyway -- glad to find you.

Things are ok here. One minute everything feels fine, the next I feel completely overwhelmed and like a total failure. Robin has been... DIFFICULT. She is so emotional. She can be very hard to deal with. I feel terrible about how unhappy she seems to be much of the time. I need more local friends.

Holly is 10 weeks, a total gem. She sleeps better than Robin .

Trying to get my head in the school game... meh. Need a vacation, and a good nights' rest.
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megan! congrats!!

sarah lynne thanks for the thread.

felixmom- i hope your house bid goes through!! you must be really excited!

lauren- i just registered for classes and i'm nervous about my schedule. i'm sorry robin is having a rough go of it, is it her 2-year molars?

i'm pretty sure helen is just busy. i see her around on another board i'm on so i know she is around.

we're trying to start pl. i think it's mostly lagging because my dh is really comfortable with diapers and he watches her during the day. i'm promising myself to work on it as i can.

okay, off to do dishes with the meep!

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Congratulations, Megan!
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Congrats, Megan!

I think I have PPD . It sucks.

Robin woke up 4 times last night. I need to get her to sleep better but I don't know how without lots of screaming .
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Lauren- I know how ya feel. I stopped taking my meds because of $$ and I'm back to having anxiety and depression. It sucks.

My first class test is tomorrow. It's an easy one so it shouldn't be a problem. If I ever get a chance to study

I got sunburned yesterday. Not too bad, but its still makes for yucky sleep.
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Lauren. s That is a very hard place to be. I hope you are able to find the support you need now. You have such a lot going on at the moment.

Thanks all for the well wishes. I am still getting my head around this. One day excited and then one day irritable and anxious.... Hoping it will settle down.

Carrie, when do you move, or have you already moved?

NOS - I would love to cyber chat.... I keep missing you.

Sarah Lynne - you get your study time and ace your test.
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I had a post typed this morning and then my computer decided to restart so I lost it. And then this happened

and then a few hours later it happened again

I'm not sure how I feel yet, we want another one, were not preventing, but I've been doing really well losing weight and I want to keep going! I also kind of wanted a spring or summer baby next. I haven't told anyone, I'll tell DH tonight, I'm just sort of nervous and we just had a miscarriage so I'm feeling very cautious and nervous and I just don't know......

So I had to put this somewhere so here I am with my favorite ladies, I am not sharing this with anyone else (other than DH of course) for a while so mums the word on Facebook, okay?

And to top it off, I have no idea when it happened. I'm on cycle day 64 and was just testing for the heck of it, I don't have any symptoms and was really surprised when it was positive. I last tested negative 16 days ago and had some increased CM at that time so I'm guessing I'm at about 4.5 weeks in.

you all
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vibes for you Sarah. That would be so cool to share a DDC with you again. I am 5w 4d

I too am ambivilant - and have been loosing weight, which now will not be happening.

I hope to see you soon in the Dec 2010 DDC
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Thanks Megan, I am excited about sharing a DDC with an already DDC sister! I'm sorry about your grandma, I hope you are adjusting to your pregnancy. I think it's going to take me a little time this time.
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Wow, congrats Sarah & Megan. I've actually been thinking about more babies. Seriously though... I think I'd like to have one in May or September of 2012. Have I completely lost my mind? I'm in love, though, and my new lover wants to have a baby with me and damn if it doesn't feel like a brilliant idea. I told him that if I was ever to have another child it would have to be entirely unassisted, and his response was, "I'm your man." He's a really great guy, have I mentioned? They all are... Anyhow, it's insane of me to even let the thought cross my mind, but we figure a year and a half will give us time to let reality settle in, if things are going to change.

I thought about it just today, though, because despite the fact that I'm 99% certain that I've already ovulated I'm still having fertile mucous. I was in the shower this morning puzzling over it, it's a bit strange for me to have so much going on down there at this point in my cycle. No, I'm not pregnant, it was just weird and I've got babies on the brain. Ugh. What am I thinking?

Bear ate some regular pretzels last night. He just got hivey on his face, neck, and belly this time, there was no coughing or wheezing, and he got his benadryl right away. He was not pleased, but he was fine when he woke up. Silly baby.

My brother is bringing his kids in from out of state this week, so over the weekend all ten of my mom's grandchildren will be together for pictures. I'm very excited about seeing them all together.
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Sarah and hooray for unexpected miracles.
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Congrats Sarah! I know exactly how you are feeling about being pregnant. I felt that way when I found out I was pregnant with Tristyn. Pregnancy sometimes feels like a 10-12 month sentence of your life being out of sync. The end result is worht it, but the journey there is not always a cake walk.

I scored 96 on my test (I missed 2.) No problems there PT is kicking my tail, but I'm not giving up. I need to get a better pair of shoes and a bra of mass purportions to hold the girls down because they don't want to stay hunkard down in the bra I have.

The anxiety is getting worse...I don't know what I'm going to do about it because we have NO money...However I'm back to feeling panicked for no reason to the point I'm nauseas. If I happen to be able to get back on medication I'm not sure I want the citalopram. The side effects on Zoloft aren't desirable though so I might just settle...
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Oh my word! All the newly pregnant mommas! Wow and congrats! You all are better women than I! I could never do it again, just not. But then we've got enough kids in our family that I"m plenty busy. Every once in a while I feel badly that DD will never have a partner in crime the way DSS and DSD are, but I could just not have another kid, even if DH hadn't been snipped. I honestly don't know how one gets through more than one post-partumy baby year(s). I just don't. You all are amazing women, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
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I am squad leader for our class (Paramilitary) Yeah I feel special....

some oatmeal to make sure my supply is up. Tristyn seems to be taking in quite a bit some nights while I'm in class (one night she had near 15 ounces from 11:30a-9pm) and other nights barely any (last night only 5 ounces until I got home.) I usually can get one good 20 minute (30 minutes with 5 minutes to set up and take down) double pumping session a night and occasionally a second rushed 15 minute session if I'm lucky. Michael is being really good about holding off the last hour to hour and a half before I get home.

She is getting so big already! I really need to get on Michael to take pictures during the day. She's smiling and cooing and just on the cusp of giggling. She can turn from her back to front and front to back for the most part and is getting the action of pushing up on her arms to look up.

Well I must be off to shine my boots. I had to fix my uniform last night because 4 buttons came off my shirt and my zipper seam had partially come undone...

Ooooo boy the oatmeal is already helping lol...
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Sarah, Megan, - congrats and sticky baby vibes to you!

Lauren - sorry to hear about the PPD, and the struggles you are going through with Robin. I read an article in Mothering the other day about the mama-guilt that comes with bringing a new baby home when there is already one in the house...I was crying after a paragraph (hormonal)...it's gotta be a hard adjustment, plus you are in school - a lot going on, go easy on yourself, ok?

Sarah Lynne, good luck figuring out the whole DH/TN thing, and I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your classes!

Things are ok here. Baby is growing away, I think s/he spun around this evening and I *think* is now head down. But I'm only 28 weeks, so it could change again.

I had a cold for 10 days that turned into a sinus infection, and I've had severe sinus pain and felt overall like crap for 2 additional weeks. After trying kinesiology, chiropractor, acupuncture, and some funky sinus-draining techniques, I finally gave in and started antibiotics for the first time in 10 years. I have to say, a mere 24 hours in, I am already feeling better.

The big news is that I just learned tonight that my dad has prostate cancer. I have trouble even typing/saying the word - it feels so foreign, so unreal. They don't yet know how aggressive it is; his pathology is unclear, so they are sending it to Johns Hopkins for further review and it will be another 2 weeks or so before they get a report back and can determine a course of action. I'm a bit numb, desperately wishing that they'd been able to give him some clear answers today. Other than, "you have cancer". It may be a highly aggressive form, or a very mildly aggressive form - they just can't tell.

Signing off on that happy note...DH just got home so giving him the news.
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HI everyone!
We just got back from a 3 week holiday to New Zealand and Australia, it was fun, but I'm exhausted. We didn't take a stroller and wore both children the whole time. It was okay in New Zealand because we rented a car, but in Australia it was horrible. Trixie didn't want to walk anywhere so we were carrying her and Hudson. I was dreaming of my lovely stroller. (and I am not a stroller girl at all, although I've managed to collect 4!)
Hudson is a wee moose. He's absolutely huge! Well considering what I'm used to. He's getting sweeter and sweeter by the day. He cooed and gurgled for everyone while on vacation and made quite an impact. Trixie was sweet and trying. I refuse to let people label her as being in the terrible twos, but she had some moments. She was just out of sorts, and I know it was hard on her, she had fun though. So many zoos and cultural centers, she had a great time.

Sarah and Megan, congrats! YAY for babies.

(OH and about babies! I ovulated and had EWCM!!! and we had sex, not meaning to coincide, but it happened. so I'm in a TWW, I'll let you all know if it's worth knowing!)

Sarah Lynn, thanks for the thread, I like the idea of multiple months! Also you've mentioned before that you don't want Trysten to overfeed. How can a baby overfeed? Won't they just take as much as they want? I ask because Hudson's bottles are getting bigger and bigger and I let him drink until he stops, but could I be overfeeding him? (I hate bottle feeding!!!)

Lauren, I"m sorry that you feel low. I wish I could help! lots and lots of virtual hugs.

Rynna-- hi!


Carrie-- hi! when do you move?

Oh and I forgot! Hudson giggles now. It's awfully sweet!
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