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Breaking Bad

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Oh, it's back & I'm dying to know what happens next already! The preview for next week looked like that's when all hell is going to break loose. The actors on this show are so real, it's great.

Anyone else in love with it?
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I only watched the first season of this online. Then I didn't have time to watch the rest. What season are they on now? I wouldn't even know what was going on. It is a good show.
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It's in the third season now. It's truly one of the best shows on tv. It has really grown since the first season, which seemed novel. Now it's very deep & thought provoking. The story line of him cooking meth to provide a life for his children after he dies is a very interesting dilemma. Now they've added in a storyline about another ancillary character who embezzles money and the way they examine how it's different than cooking meth is very provoking. We really like it.
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This is the best show ever! It's the only show I've ever been addicted to like this. Anyone else still watching this season? Any complaints about it being slow or boring? (I don't think it has been at all, but I've seen a lot of complaints about it online). Anyone else wonder where the baby is all the time? lol

I can't believe this thread isn't bigger.
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