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Just Hired a Doula

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I just had to share. I have been feeling a lot of anxiety about this delivery since things were not exactly how I had planned the last time (although given what a lot of women go through, I know I don't have a right to complain). The last time, I felt like things go out of control and I was kind of a passenger on an airplane and had no idea what was going on and what to do - it was frustrating and scary. I wanted to do things differently this time and between my wonderful naturopath and now, our new doula, I am feeling so much better about everything.
It just feels so good to have such a great resource, both before delivery and during! She isn't cheap but I think it will be worth every cent!
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That is wonderful news! I hope she is able to give you the support you need.
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Yeah! We have a doula this time around, and we are hoping it helps keep things calmer and more in our control, unlike last time. I hope that hiring the doula helps calm you, both before and as birth approaches. I think it feels good to know that someone who has been through this before will be there to help us. :-)
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Originally Posted by azdaisy View Post
I think it feels good to know that someone who has been through this before will be there to help us. :-)
That's it exactly. Just to know that we have someone to ask and someone who has seen it all before AND who is committed to helping us have a good experience... I was a bit nervous that hiring a doula, I would be bringing in someone else who had an agenda of how things "should" be and, at least in the case of the doula we have hired, she just wants to support us and the information she gave last night when we asked questions seems so balanced. I feel so much better!
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That is so awesome! And she will be able to talk with you beforehand about what you do and do not want, so you won't have to decide things in labor. Great!
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Congrats and hurrah!

We have our first pre-natal meeting with our doula on the 23rd. This will be my first natural birth - I'm really looking forward to it too!

I also just socked away her entire fee - it's a lot (we live in NYC metro area, so prices here are high) but I also feel it will be worth every penny!
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I'm glad you will have somoene there to advocate for you. We hired a doula as well. I just want this first experience to be the best it can be, and she can "buck" the system for us if need be.

If you all don't mind sharing, how much are you paying for a doula? Just curious. We are paying $500, but she said we caught her off guard when we first called, because she usually charges $750.
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I'm in Canada, just outside a major city, so the price may be higher. I am paying $800 and this doula is charging more than some of the others I checked out (but she has a LOT of experience so personally, I felt she was worth it). Most of what I have seen is in the $500 - $700 range.
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