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Birthday ideas for small house & even smaller budget

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My DD is about to turn 5 & we are broke. Just a bad time, it will pass but I usually rent a place because our house is so small & there is no outdoor dry area. Being in Oregon means weather is completely unpredictable. (Her first birthday it was sunny & nice, her 3rd it snowed)

I am just out of ideas & not experienced with birthdays. Her favorite thing right now is Tinkerbell. Any ideas? do I just cram (& I mean CRAM) people in? I just can't fork over the $150 minimum it takes to rent a place.

Thanks in advance!!
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Is she about to turn four? Could you do something really simple like have a family dinner with cake or whatever on the day and then let her take one or two friends to the movies? Or have a small sleepover? Does it have to be a BIG party with lots of people?
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Could you let her invite five friends because she is five?

There are a tonne of ideas for the Tinkerbell theme....I will share some if you like!
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How many people?

Could you do a small dinner for relatives like grandparents/aunts/uncles then a get-together another day for her little friends that only involved cake/ice cream and games?

Is there anyone whose house you could "borrow"? My sister does that because her house is small.

For the kids you could do a scavenger hunt maybe plant easy picture clues around the house (or outside if it is nice that day) and each participant gets a sticker or something? Also a dressing race where they have to put on stuff like a bead necklace, hat, mommy's shoes and race each other to do it.

I'm sure your daughter will love whatever you do!
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A friend of my daughters just invited one friend (my daughter) to go bowling and have cake and pizza with their family. My son was also invited (the birthday girl has a little brother is age too) but didn't end up going. Seems like a cheap birthday party (and I think I might end up stealing it with ds's birthday at some point.)
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Thanks those things are already helping! I would like to hear your Tinkerbell ideas!!

I think my biggest problem is there are more adults than kids. Family & friends that would get their feelings hurt if not invited. She will love whatever I do so I can see that I am trying to please everyone when it's about her. She doesn't really have a lot of friends in her age group. They range from 4 to 13. I'm so new to this & I wasn't raised celebrating birthdays to I'm kind of dumb about it.

I love the scavenger hunt idea!! I have a couple acres & I could even do an "adult" one.
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We are in a similar situation - our house is tiny and the weather unpredictable. I think we've decided to split the party in two halves - relatives over for coffee and cake on the actual birthday and a few friends over on the weekend for a kids party. We have always had very simple parties around here with a few games, a little craft some cake and not much else. WE also reuqest no gifts to the friends party as we don't have much room to store endless toys. This year dd wants to make sushi for her birthday.
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I don't have a ton of Tinkerbell ideas. Wands and tutus are pretty easy to make. Cupcakes with sprinkles seem pretty fairy-ish.
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DH and I made a decision early on that we wouldn't go over the top on birthdays. Some years we do a typical kiddy party, others have been close friends, one was just dinner at home with a simple present. I think setting the bar low makes it easier on everyone. That way, friends and family don't always expect a big to do and neither does your DC.

This year my DD (7) wanted to go to the mall play area. Afterwards we went to Build-A-Bear ($25) and then had dinner at home. Her menu choice: homemade mac n' cheese, watermelon and strawberries. She had fun, I didn't have to plan anything or buy a present in advance and she's still talking about!

It's tempting to go over the top on birthdays, but I think at the end of the day it's about acknowledging another year in your child's life. Do it in a way that she enjoys and you can afford. Who cares if people are offended? It's her day, not theirs.
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